Thursday, September 21, 2006

Here we go again...

all the qabgaat .. 3azayim .. dinners .. then graishat !!
whats with ramadan and FOOD!

why is it the only thing any can think of?

so basically Allah said ill give u a Holy month where you can do three gloriuos things:

1-( watch pathetic harmful full of %^&% tv shows )
2-( sleep sleep and then get more sleep when ur tiered of sleeping )
3-( then eat eat eat all u can, stretch ur stomaches and pamper ur tummies with unhealthy food)

then you can go have a nice walk bl mamsha, read a few pages of the "quraan", just to release some guilt :)

wow!! what a productive amazing very holy month it has become!!!

i truely admire most of us.. im not saying all but most do this ,, MOST .
ok the MAJORITY!
"i do".
thats why i wrote this post, im really hoping it wont be like every year! i really want to change.
it saddens me that every year people seem to forget all about the true meaning of this month. now its parties dressing up with fancy expensive "dara`as" getting "girge3an" again its now fancy and expensive... ramadan is more of a showoff. we do not feel its spirit anymore, i dont think we do.

ps. the top cat! my baby "ba6ala" (as in unemployed) cat .. is me now ;* dont u just love me!
pps. embarak 3laikum al shahar moqadaman all ;)


do0da said...


*does the victory dance*

do0da said...

the victory dance has to go with this >>

=P ne ways ..

well i stopped watching the shows minzimaaan, i dunno i have to say here in uni kilish maku i7sas ramadan bes back home it wasnt that bad, we used to have alot of family meetings and sij ina we dont do it now bes awal '3air yam3at ilfu6oor yadity had a tent where we all gathered later and stayed layn isu7oor i miss those days..

No3iK said...


i loved the victory dance!!

and the video !! omg i loved it ;)

im sure ur family misses u to!
;) inshalah mabuga shay and ull be back home.

and good thing u stopped watching them! theyre crap, they stuff people heads with crap thats what they do.

ScarlO said...

I love the cat.
Don't sleep, burn your pillow.
Eat healthy food. For fo6oor, have bran cereal & green apples and skimmed milk and .. wait, that's not so healthy is it? bleh ..

DiiGMaa said...

I feel bloated already ;P

Extinct Dodo said...

so true, rama'9an's lost its meaning. now its all about fitting as many soaps into your schedule as possible, gaining as much weight as you can, and wearing as many dararee3 in the shortest time you can. the spirit of rama'9an's vanished with this new generation, sadly..

Fuzzy said...

Food Food Food :)

when do we it ?

scarlo !!!

Cats are healthy food ??


um-miT3ib said...

god bless q8ties:P

Yazeed said...

lol 3ala il "pps"
chinna il mafrooth it would be on top.

anyways, i know i will most of those things, espcially the food!!

hope everyone enjoys the "holy" month

Atinzad said...

The things we should get out of ramadan are the following.

1. Get closer to God. i.e get intouch with our spirtiual side.
2. Treat each other better. (7assen a'7laa"9na).
3. Visit relatives. (9elat elra7em, verrrrryyyyy important, 6awel el-3omer, itzeed elmaal, elle yeg6a3a ra7mah '7al yensa el jannah)
4. Make it a habit to read Quran.
5. du3aa2 (point 1)

The above things should be carreid out even after ramadan. Ramadan is a good start where Gods mercy is bestowed on his subjects.
The important thing is not only to do it during ramadan and stop with ramadan...but continue after ramadan.

Ramadan is a good opertunity to improve on ourselves in all matters.. we should learn to eat less, sleep less, and even say less if our saying is of no use. we should not do '3eeba during our fasting and after our fasting, well as after ramadan.

ta"9abal Allah 6aa3etkom fee hatha elshaher el fa'9eel.

Sorry for the long comment

FREEQ8 said...

So You Know, What You Should Do In Ramadan.....!!!
So Do It. And Change This Year ...!!
Enjoy The Holy Month

wkel 3am wanty ba`7er

No3iK said...

burn my pillow!! :`( poor thing, i love her maskeena why burn her!
and i dont eat already so dont worry bout that ;p bleh :* entay.

:* sorry hon ..!

yes liked how u summerized it!
but arent we the third gen?

that was a scary comment!!
u want to eat my big couchpotato cat !!!!! @@

*om mit3ib:
god bless ;)

"holy" ! yeh i get that ;p
and bout the pps, top bottom
everyone knows, so what difference does it make? :p

first of all welcome to my blog ;)
i really liked ur comment! useful .. moffeeed lil9i7a ;p
i mean u made it sound very simple the things .. the way things are supposed to go!
if theyre that simple and good, why cant people just do them?
again thanks for the comment,
and hope ill see u again ;p

and ur comment is sure long
i was thinking i might copy paste and post it ;p heheheheh ...
albait baitik write all u want ;)

No3iK said...

i hope i do ..
thanks ... ill try my best ;)
and kl 3am wnt b9i7a o salama inshalah.

Carlsb3rg said...

Ramadan for me is basically just another month, except that i'll wake up for work later, and go on a diet. The rest of the things remain the same routine.

In any case, you're totally right no3ik, and happy ramadan in advance :)

PS: You should go on a diet too :P:P

AyKay said...

follow my 5 things to avoid, and u'll b fine ;r

phoenix said...

As usual No3ik, you're right. But you also forgot the people who see this month as an exuse to eat!
Do your thing this year sweetheart, change to whatever seems better to you!
Imbarak 3laich ill shahar.

No3iK said...

MEE !! A DIET !! lol
whats wrong with u !! :p
anyways... mbarak 3laik al shahar ;)

i sure will ;p

thanks dear :**
mbarak 3laich al shahar dear.

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ay shy! 3yal laish en7eb Ramadan e7na

Akel O nooooooom! Fe a7la men chethy!

O ba3dain shino y3ny moqadaman! bacher Ramadan a9lan?! wely entaw daiman et7ebon etkonon later :P

Embarak 3alaich el shahar too ;)

Common_Sense said...

kel 3am wa antooom b'7aair ..

ha 9yaam wala leesa :p~

Marzouq said...

I think Ramadan is nice since I get to see my family a lot, and play with my baby cousins! Its nice! And I dont mind the food.. and I hate sleeping so much! Thats just rediculous!

O Embaraak 3alaich el shahar! :)

Tinkerbell said...

ramadan is my christmas!! tis the season to be jolly ppl!

Dandoon said...

Imbarak 3alaich ilshahar!

Do0da's right, awal ilfamily gatherings ghair birmuthan:( It didn't feel like a chore, we actually enjoyed it!

No3ik, his family doesn't miss him, his family wants him to get here so he suffers with us and goes to the obligatory gatherings!:p

Si7LeYa said...

كل عام وانتي بخيييير

وعيدج مبارك

اقصد مبارك عليج الشهر


SpiKeY said...

umm all i can say...embarak 3alaich el shahar No3ik...ow bel 3afya :)

Bloo said...

yes im proud of my self so far... i will enjoy the spirit of religion.. and life.

No3iK said...

aham shay entaw!! laish madre ent mino :p heheheheheh
ee i didt this before ramadan b one day shdrani ! o thought al nas ebarkon al shahr during not before :p
almuhim , roooo7 ef6is akil o 5ees nom as long as its ur choice ;) 3laik bl 3afya..

lol ma ba`3aina ;)
o mbarak 3laik u to o tqabal allah inshalah.

3laina o 3laik
o inshalah dom mityami3 with ur family ;)
that was a nice thought.

yeah! ur right thats a nice way to put it ;)

lol 7aram 3laich
im sure his family misses him to ;p
wl obligatory gatherings!! inshalah awal cham yon and theyll be over
bs t9adgen rm`6an is very hectic! always have someone to call or go to !! mashalah.

7adich mst3yela 3l 3ed widich tsakben rm`6an shaklich :p
hehehehe 3laina o 3laich ya albi

3laina o 3laik
thanks wallah ;)

thats great! good for u ;)
o embarak 3laik al shahar.

A Daydreamer said...

youre soo right.. ramadan is not the same as it used to be when we were little... and those shows!! uggghhh! those annoying shows! acutlaly i stopped watching them cause they are the same every year...

i hope this ramadan is the best for you hon :) wa imbarak 3alyeech alshahar...

Bella Color said...

Mubarak 3alich ilshahar hon :)

oooooh Ramadan is my fav month! I just love every single thing about it... :)

This Ramadan for sure wont be the same... remember b/c some of ur 'friends' wont b there to share it with u... ;) just teasing :)

Inshallah this ramadan will be the best Ramadan ever :)

and, Stop it with the moderation!

Honey™ said...

mbarak 3lech il shahar dear !!
3asach men 3awada :***

No3iK said...

*aday dreamer:
oooohhhh boy!
thanks .. someone who actually knows what im talking about :**
thanks albi
o mbarak 3laich al shahar to ;)

OMG!! @@ ur actually here!!!
i miss u 7ail 7ail
mabrok u have internet now :*
rama`6an ofcourse not the same with out u guys!!! 7bebty walalh 9ig 9ig wanasteeny:*
ps. moderation sh*t well lets say im starting to get used to it..heheheheh

3laina o 3laich 3mre thanks :*