Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thingeyat No3ik 2


post no secret papi`s tag, blog ppl again
this time dedicated to a blogger ex-friend (A**) ;) hope u likey.

and bujwais (m7amad) thanks for the help ;)
ur great :)

im a glasses girl now yes i wear glasses,
im so lovin it ;) i love u my glasses :** umwah umwah.
thanks to bella for helping me pick them ;*


oooooook ehne the heart break ( 3awar al galb )
i was shopping for a shoe wearing my fav shoes ever :* my babies check
so i took one off, trying some other one. girls come in wga63aw my poor shoe tigi6i3 STARING!!
then rudely asking for how much? ( esti3baaaaaaaaaaaaa6) as if mayadron ana not from this shop!!!
almuhim shoooof 3ainkum !! 6la3t mn al ma7al mn hnee
i swear to god im not fat lol i swear i wasnt jumping or dancing or even walking!!!
i was standing up then CLICK!! madre 6OBOM,,
almuhim ,, al heel broke, enkisar :```( i cried as my brother was trying to walk me back to my car !! thanks bro for being so supportive and understanding :**
a3oooooooooozzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooo billlah mn hl 3yon @@

this is the sequal for the letuce !!
yes victory for nosa she ate it finally lol
7bebty full of joy!! :*********** 7ubi hl kisha wallah ;)
waaaaaaaaaaay hampster mo nosaa !!! shawigny zoqa ;**

OMG!! this is getting worst....
wallah im trying my best :(
anyways specialt thanks to zizo :) for ur no.400 email!! ;)
scarlo mn gadich enty 6al3a m3a spleak ;p

finally!!! :`````````(
girls superman propposed to his girlfriend :((((
- ouch - my heart my heart ..... !!
mabrook alah ehanekum ya rub x``*
- bs wallah 7aram!! jaikaaaaraaa ya nas ! -

me go sneep :)


ZiZoTiMe said...

El Qe6a el Moftaresaaaaaaaaa:


ZiZoTiMe said...

Ok that was a nice post! Bs el connection malech 7ada athbt ena shino?????????? ;) U say it :P

400 e-mails! o tbeny adezlech ba3ad!? :) hehe bada3tay

15/09 said...

a7777777 3ala el jooty ;p----nice glasses ;)----and dont worry, fe other superman's in the sky ;p

ScarlO said...

Me and spleak, hunh? you slut!
And get the newer version already

Common_Sense said...

"i swear to god im not fat",, honey don't blame ur self .. its probably just cheeeeeeeeeeeeap ;p

SpiKeY said...

am telling u no3ik to change ur email..go for gmail ... :) ...

Transparently II said...

Cute kid! :) Sad to hear about the shoes :P

Carlsb3rg said...

thingy 1:
Thats a scary post a no secret!

thingy 2:
Your new glasses are lovely :)

thingy 3:
awww.. well you can always fix them! They say the 'shoe fixer' (I forgot what they're called) in Mishref Co-op is good.

thingy 4:
heyyaa! victory for nosa ;D 7adha cute :)

thingy 5:
hmmm... no comment ;p

thingy 6:
heyyaa! no more superman for you ;p

do0da said...

Thingy 2: Me likey em glasses.

Thingy 3: Sorry bout the shoe, well atleast its not lost its just borken now all you have to do is get some superglue min iljam3iya LOL

Thingy 5: Shrayich you start by deleting all those emails which are over a month old thats if u really wana read them. bes 9ara7a i think ur friends will understand if u just delete them all now and try and keep up with the new batch =P

Princess said...

ohhhh that sucks abt the shoes hun 3ad they were so cute!! and nice glasses, and ya 7ilooha ur neice im glad she got the lettuce :p

No3iK said...

lol i have to give for ya! enta mogahid!! fe sabel al shot guns lol
7aaadik u earned it this time ;p

looooooooool im not saying ALL the emails are from u :p but email 400 was from u so u get a prize ;)

6ol 3mre embad3a shasawi!

thatssssssssssss a very very sweet way in puting it! thak you

my baby shoe im taking to the shoe hospital soon inshalah :_(
and the glasses!! well ill just say wow!

maby al newere version ma midani sawait load 7g this version o already e7inon 3l newere version!! shako @@
im not gonna do it.
anyways u and spleak (sluts) enjoy ;p bet she makes y feel very special.

*common :
HOW DARE U !!! (red angry face from msn)
these are my babies and TRUST me theyre not CHEAP !!! laish u think zizo bought them y3ny ;p hehehehehe

yeh thats what my sis told me to
im tooo lazy to do it man! ;(

*trasparently ii:
welcome to my blog man
and thanks :))) kiddo is sure cute adorable b3d
the shoes :( unfortunate but shit happens.

wow! more long comments .!! impressed
and ur the only one who commented on all my thingiyat :) SHANK U ;)

1- it is i know but believe me it didnt come from now where.
2-shanks ;)
3-they told me mal al rodah b3d but ill try both :)
4-yeeeeeeeh u kept teling me im evil!! see at the end i gave it to her :)
5-:````( now ur being evil!!

glasses look much better than the pic btw ;)
and the shoe looool yeh at least i didnt lose it! but i wish i could hunt those girls down and show them how evil their eye is!!! 9ig 9ig kan al wa`63 scary!!
doooooooda lol delete all !!
mn 9igik that would be mean
coz i swear everyday i get to check like from 9-15 one .. then i get 20 new
so bl 3arabi (mo emla7ga) !!

thanks 7bebty :*
my shoes are still cute!! why are u saying (were) im gonna fix`em and wear`em :_( never leave a ashoe behind ;p

jiji said...

aaaaah!! @@ ur shooessssyyyy!!! mamaaaaa 3awaaar gaaalb walla! akheeeeeh... yabeelich tsaween 3aza 3ala roo7 elfaqed eljooty elshaheeed :S

ow we3 we3 we333 suppies fiancee jeeeeeeeeeeeeekaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

G.Q.™ said...

Ana agool update ur MSN messenger :P

O Superman ma3inda salfa 3egob ma inshahar ra7 kha6ab!! ...elnaas etsawi el3aks o hal idiot ra7 yakh6eb!

Si7LeYa said...

ياااااااامعفنه صج صج صج مجرمه

thanks to bella for helping me pick them

وانا اللي دوختيني معاج ذاك اليوم

كل شوي تقولين لي ها هذي لأ هذي

ومادري شنوو

آخر شي تروحين مع


وتختارين وحده

ماقول الا اكيد يننتيها مسكينه

مثل ماسويتي فيني

صج مجرررمه مامنج فايده



وجووتيج صج صج عور قلبي

حسيت فيج



حبيبتي نوووسه تهبل عليها بالعافيه

يالمجرمه ياللي قطعتي قلبها على ماعطيتيها الخس



ايميلاتج لا تعليق

بس تدرين ماقمت ادز لج شي لاني ادري فيج مينونه

اييييه على ايام قبل

اذا طاف يوم واحد مادزيت لج قلبتي الدنيا علي




مبروك سووبر مان

فكيتنا من المينونه اللي عندنا اللي ميته عليك

خلاص عاد عسى الحين لمن درت انك ماتبيها تفج عنك شوي


بس مالت عليك ادري فيك وادري بذوقك دام سوبر مان اكيد بتختار جيكره



عالعموم يسلموو حبي

شنسوي فيج بنت خالي ولازم احبج


NuNu™ said...

LOL!! Poor thing.. you had your heels broken =(

3ain ma 9allat 3ala el nebi

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ana ashterelech jowaty cheap!! Meno ely 3enda cheap connection 7ata one song mo gadra edezen and u spent more than 4 days to load the pics :P


Hal bent Cheaaaaap... Takhayal elzegat el joty ely ekserta eb lazag o ra7at feh el dawam! just imagine :P

9adooooooooooooooooooooooh ;)

Bloo said...

have no fear... i found a shoe similar in print with this, different layout (im so bad at describing shoes i know) but its DG. and its in the warehouse of villa moda.

go get ur self a present for .... for what?

pick a reason, its ur unbirthday !!

Chai-7aleeb said...




Òrange Juice™ said...

cabbage Lol! she's cutelicious

This is wierd I was looking at my face in mirror this morning thinking about how my face really needed glasses....
the glasses would make me look very techy

Anonymous said...

i want to marry nosa.

Common_Sense said...

looool men9eejek ra7at blaazag @@ .. yam3awda she's our blogger friend lazem net7a6a6 oo neshterelaha joty zain.

mmmm, I am thinking bo lazag 3shan la yenge6e3 kelesh ? shrayek ;)

carlsb3rg said...

eeh khalas.. im comfortable with your blog now, not shy anymore ;p

entay 62% evil ana bas 20%!

Bella Color said...

ai charaba!!!! hot glasses baby! hehehe e7m e7m akeeeed ;p

ambaaaaay laaaa eshlooon sar chethi eb ur shoes!! cant u fix them!! oo ba3adian shakooo u were wearing them while u were shopping?!?!!

7abebti nooooosa! bas shakoooo u r comparing her to a hampster?! LoooooooooooL..!!

LadyBug said...

400 !! 9akketay 3alay .. mie reached 100 o ekhtara3t !

next time bakhray ur choe before wearing'em :*** salamaat

No3iK said...

e wallah enty 7asa feeeni!!
u know how much i love them :``(
shfty shlon masken!!
he loves her whcih shows u ani manlam fee hes a great guy wallah
instead of dumping her and getting a hot chick, hes marrying her!

awal shay al msn mali 5ilg alawid!!
9ig 9ig mali 5ilg lol

thany shay superman athbat anah honrable man gentleman !! u name it ana 9ig enqathaaaait!! bs hm kubar b3ainy al rayal ;)

shino em3afna em3afna :S
we3 lol almuhim enty a9lan knty tbeni buy the black frames!!!
fa chub! i wanted the pinkish purple ones and 7aba6teny :) so bella galatly no take them they look sexy ;p
nosa al7en baradt chabdkum feha 5ala9 ;)
o al goti walah kl mn kan e5iza masken bs hl banat kamiloha 3laih :)

superman will always be my man :*

shfty shlon !!! alnas egraaam fehum :((

aham shay yl shammmaaaaaaat!!!
my connection zain :p a7iba o mar`6a 3laih ... :*
aham shay al tiblli !!! ay lazaag
lol zain b3d ma glt 3looch ;p

wow u know shoes i mean notice them!!
i like that ;)
well ive been to wear house recently and ive seen the ones ur reffering to.well ur correct mine is D&G but they dont have it anymore. it wasnt in the wear house when i bought it and it never got there :( soo its the only babe i have thats why ill try and save it :(

but thanks anyways ;)
and i loved the unbirthday prez!! wow :) thanks...!

*chai 7aleeb:
well the frames i got kan fe black and this color
and trus me i cant go any more trendier than this!! theyre really something ;) bl pic it doesnt show.
but thanks for the advice anyways :)

heheeh la 3adi girls do this all the time
i think even guys do it ;)
anyways glasses are so in.
but u should be careful and try on everything .... EVERYTHING
go to Hassans optics they have got a fine collection ;)

ull have to wait atleast 25 yrs?
that ok :p

aham shay estalamtony ent o zizo
mabi shay lalazga wala `7ai6 :p
just go strip some more and have fun with ziz :p make some money ;p hehehehe
lol and get glow in the dark **o**s
hehehehehe recommended by scarlo ana mali sh`3l ;p

FINALLY!! all this time and u just got comfy ;)
ur cute man!! anyways actually 20% makes u an angel ;p

lol i know thooqich o thooq the a77mmad flirt guy 7ilo ;p
i was wearing them coz im not as tall as u r :p so i need them baby lol u wouldnt understand
nosa is as cute and tiny and adorable and squishable as a hamster ;p thats why :*


i_live_in_Q8 said...

looooooooooooooooooooooooooool!! tha77akteeni wallah!

Fuchsia Spunk said... agdar ashoof thingiyatik =(
Bs bdawir 3n a proxy website.
L2an the blogger pics are blocked 3ndana :s

albandry said...

2\go glasses grl elegant !
vat is dis
vy vy it looks in good quality o mo madhoooch sho elly 7asal
ouch i dont wana b in ur broken shoes
4 bel3afia nosa
5 maly sho3el
6 gameetha 3aleeeh es`3eer o shaklha elsa7ra b`3ala cham elfarg beenhom?

Soulwater said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Soulwater said...

Thingy 4!!

That kid is so kidnappable!! [Mashallah] I came back this morning to check out her pic again.

Kindly transfer this "flying kiss" to her account Miss No3ik

Thingy 5!!
Enough Showing off already!! ;p

Princess said...

:( well i said were lano i thought u were gonna throw them out hehehehe but yaaay cool :)

Aurora said...

Those glasses look hot! I have glasses but I dont wear them all the time. about 3yoon 7arra!! @@
Allah ysami7hum, it looked like a great shoe :S

WOW! 400 e-mails.....ana ma 9akait 50 ever..yalla 3oqbali! :)

Laaa2! 3athaaaab! Why her ya3ni...she's ugly! Bas like my sis always says "may5alif bachir y6aligha!"

Carlsb3rg said...

awww thank you :D

well.. you're an angel in disguise ;)

*~MiSs-Un¡Quέ~* said...

Awwwwww..poor shoe!!

Si7LeYa said...


اي خلج على هاللون المينون دام عاجبج

جنج طالبه مجتهده بس انطوائيه

مثل اللي حطونهم بالافلام


لووول اتغشمر معاج لا تزعلين

وعليج بالعافيه حبي


No3iK said...

*lady bug:
7bebty thanks :p
lol bs my shoe heheheheh ill try it
eee im freaking out but geting used to it i think.

*i live in q8:
3asa doom tith7ak ;)

*fuchsia spunk:
shame!!! hope u get to see them :)

thanks ;)
alah e3afech
o my shoe :( well plannig to take it today inshalah
the jaikara girl!!! :(( shinsawi
dinya! :`(

lol well shes mine:p
no one no one is allowed near her
coz sheeeee eatable
u just want to eat her and bite her nose!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kalba!!

im not showing off!! :p loser

i forgive u :**** hehehe

glasses i wear them all the time now
get ur self hot glasses and u wont need lenses :p
my shoes :( arent we all just sad ppl like them exist!
and ur sister lol
tell her i love her :**
she cracked me up!

ooooooooooh sweet!
but trust me im not ;)

*miss unique:
thanks for the support :(

allllah e3afech 7ubi :***