Monday, September 18, 2006

i did it ;)

fresh start
new page

many names, but it means one thing,
you have a chance a new one to prove urself. to do what u always wanted to do
some people wait for birthdays, new years, special occasions for them to be their new start days!
a new start is exactly what we have the minute we open our eyes every morning.
why wait for a certain date?
why waste time? just kick it and go do what ever it is u always wanted to do.

the only thing stoping u from doing it, is fear! fear of failure fear of judgment.
fear that u will judge ur self ... the "what ifs" .... endless what ifs that are stopping u from achieving, and moving on.
today i did what i kept postponing for months. to day i kicked fear in the as$ and i wasnt afraid anymore. i didnt wait no longer i didnt set a date for it. i just did it.

the result, simply ...... GREAT!

i still dont know what the out come, i still dont know what will i do later on.
but i do know, that this is truely going to be a fresh start for me. and for that im happy :)
i feel relaxed, i can breathe and think in a way that i miss, didnt know i missed it but now.

i hope this inspires u coz im sure many of u reading, have many things haning on ur backs waiting to be out and actually done. so just do it.
right now... do it ;) u dont know what ur missing.
believe me when i tell u, nothing is worth not giving it a try.

at least ull stop looking like the pic up there ;p ... i know i did ;D

ps. i know i kept saying "doing it", by that i meant something useful to this world. so shut up ;p


ScarlO said...

(you'll get a dose of that in a bit .. bitching, that is :-p)

full of pearls of wisdom today arent we? :-p
I don't postpone everything actually, I sort of hate that habit .. there are certain things though that I keep postponing all the time .. erm, and I'm a chicken so I'll never kick fear in the butt, i'll wait for it to go away. maybe.

And hey, you're not feeling great, you're jobless .. :-p boohoo

Carlsb3rg said...

you're right. I know what u mean and i know the feeling. It just feels good when u finally do something u had on mind for a long while.

do0da said...


3ad its hard to tell with moderation =P

do0da said...

Awal shay grats sweety hopefully now mo lazim a7in as much =P unless fee shay thany tabeen itsaweena lol

o thani shay i know i kept saying "doing it", by that i meant something useful to this world. so shut up ;p tsk tsk tsk tara ma7ad fakar chithi '3ayrich xP

Fuzzy said...

i have a Result Oriented Personality. i measure things and set an outcome, dont give much thought to the process in between as long as it gets the job done.


A Daydreamer said...

i hope only good will come out of whatever it was that you did... wa you are right... we shouldnt wait for a certian date or time... lets just DO IT! lol

wallah you made me think of a few things i need to do... alright, now i need to make a list.......

No3iK said...

baby all i ever get form u is bitching ;p
thats me the pearls of wisdom girl,
ur not a chicken!
and u do nothing but kick everyones ARSE!
and hey! im feeling SUPpA! ;)

yeh it feels better than u even expect ;)

moderation is pain i tell u.
u will always have to t7in.
theres always a shay thany.
lol !!! i didnt say anything!

goood for u ;p
nice term u used there.

*day dreamer:
exactly ;) just do it
im not quoting NIKE here ;p
make a list 7bebty :) make me proud.

Jacqui said...

What exactly did you do? I kinda got lost in the post :/

Bloo said...

me too... what did u do.. (i know i might regret this) lol

Dandoon said...

Well said!

My last MAJOR fresh start was about 3 years ago. Uni was making me feel shitty because I wasn't studying something that I like. I reached a point where I just didn't care about anything anymore and decided that I needed a break. I said screw you to all the what-ifs in my head oo waggaft qaidi. BEST DECISION I MADE IN MY LIFE. For the next 6 months, I was lost, confused, had regrets and had no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do now. And then I found it. The thing I've been looking for all my life. I transferred to another koliyya and for the first time I was actually passionate about what I was studying.

Sorry I didn't mean to make a long comment but the point is: yay to fresh starts!;)

No3iK said...

jaqui + bloo :

the point of the post is, not what i did ;p
but the impact it had. that was life changing
its about doing something that would be life changing for u, something u always wanted to do. not to hesitate if u really wanted to do it, then stop being a chicken and just do it ;p
thats the thing i was talking about
and yessssssssssssssssssss
it feels gr8
even if doesnt work out as planned, its satisfying enough that u had the guts to do it.
for an example- read dandoons comment ;p

perfect example exactly what im talking about.
and congratulations im very happy for u that was both brave and wise! what u did. aham shay that ur satisfied now.
i really do wish u best of luck :* deary.

ZiZoTiMe said...


The best decision ever :)! wallah u made the right thing until u'll get enshalah what's in your head

Al7en yen6ebeq 3alaich el mathal

Akel o mar3a o qelat 9an3a :P

Yet Another Day... said...

"...fear of failure fear of judgment..."
There's this saying that goes "Risking failure is a badge of honor."
And I guess you earned it. I salut you! This is quite an inspiration right there. Not everyone thinks the way you do. Take that very step is simply petrifying! And I - once again - salut you for courage :D

No3iK said...

eeeebaaaaaaaaarik feeeeeeeeeeeeeek ;)

yh yh yh ! ra`6y 3ani this time
thanks ;p
and inshalah all will go well inshalah inshalh ed3oli :)

*yet another day:
arent u the sweetest!!
im really flattered
and loved reading each and every word
thanks alot ..
i really appreciate what u said ;)
salute back at ya!

Common_Sense said...

good job,, oooh sorry you don't have a job.

mmmm, good girl ;p

Common_Sense said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marzouq said...

7amdilla you feel better about what your doing and you kicked something in the ass! I tend to want to kick something in the ass everyday.. and I have to tell you that its exhilirating! Gotta love it! hehehe! :)

No3iK said...

sweety! u keep publishing ur comment twice!
meta ur very smart brain is planning to understand that moderation comments means the comment will not pop up immediately :p hehehehe BADDDA3T ! ;p

yeeeeeeeeeeeh im not a good girl either ;p

lol god! 7adik fahimny ;)
for that i repect ya...
but seriuosly u should do it more often.
and it does feel .... sometimes i cant find the word, but "exhilirating" is one good way to describe it!

Common_Sense said...

oooh really I didn't know that

Common_Sense said...

smart ***

Common_Sense said...

weeek weeek :P

Common_Sense said...

mno elee ma yefhaam al7een :@

Common_Sense said...

bye ;p

No3iK said...


a7midooooooo yl maynon badda3t !!

hehehehe u really cracked me up!!

such a guys! reaction ;p

-OT- said...

Hey Mabrook :)
But now curiousity is killing me... Tell me what is it that u did, and what was the reason u were afraid of doing it?!

No3iK said...

what i did was .....
quit my job, resign, kick the door and leave ;)

been afraid of doing it, cause not sure what will i do next, if ill ever find a better job! afraid of the unkonwn i guess ;p

but now i know it doesnt matter.

important thing is that ur happy :D

-OT- said...

happy and poor :P hehehe

No3iK said...

poor 3ad mara wa7da!

well no, not that :p

but sure am HAPPY ;)