Tuesday, September 19, 2006

we are book covers

it is fascinating meeting people for the first time.
i lost the fear i once had before.
its just like opening a new book, reading its words, feeling the paper
smelling the ink. every book is so different, some u just cant wait to read.

people are exactly like books, u really shouldnt judge them by their covers.

i met .. let me rephrase .. i FINALLY met Tinkerbell, NuNu and Honey!
i learned something! when its great amazing people; msn, blogs not even phones are enough to show how special they are :*

we were supposed to meet for lunch, at 2:30 somewhere (a)
im on my way, very late, since im an arab.. ok let me rephrase again, since its ME!
so im speeding, i park, walk into place (a) .. look around, no girls, only couples! :/

No3ik: Honey where are u guys?
Honey: were sitting inside where are u ?
No3ik: i cant see anyone? im standing inside!!
Honey: go further in, were there!!
No3ik: wait wait, where are u guys exactly?? im in (a)
Honey: @@ what!!! noooooooooooooooo we changed the place, i told u were going to (b)
No3ik: nooooooooo3kum baddda3taw feeni!! ;p

so yeah i pulled another one again, i go to (b) and saw the gals all sitting there holding their menuns, talking, waiting for me ( 7abayby ) :* - sniff -

OMG!! finally ... we said hiii , all kissed then .... the astonishing feeling started to pump in.
how comfortable, with out a strain, good vibes, informal, relaxed we all were!!
i know this is gonna sound bit cleeshay, but "i felt like ive known them for years!"
even their faces were very familiar! ofcourse like girls do, we couldnt stop talking ;)
we also discovered! that tinks and honey share the exact same hight! I and nunu share the exact same hight to!!! how awesome is that!!! ;p
oh yeah and we were all wearing heels ;)

girls, i dont know what else to say.
but thank u :***
and tinks, were soooo gonnnna bust ur ass next time, what u did was unforgivable!!! u embaressed the hell out of us ! :** but we still love u. so yeah now we all know how generous and kind u are ;p b****

NuNu, i loved ur laugh
Honey, esim 3la mosama ;p
tinka, kindest face warmest hug!

ofcourse when we left we noticed the resturant was empty, we totally lost track of time.
we HUGED goodbye :``) mushy ppl ;) good for us!

*ps. papi just realised i couldnt write bout us, coz i didnt want to share any of it, keeping it all to myself :* one more thing, i had a hard time writing this post, james blunt helped a lot :** thank u beautiful.

*pps. people whats wrong with u?? u really should hug more often! stop acting like u dont want to, or need to ;)


do0da said...


do0da said...

*hugs* ha wala tiz3leen =P

Glad you had fun =D

No3iK said...

aaaawwwwwwwww ( my fav msn face )
how sweet!

Òrange Juice™ said...

aww that didn't sound 'cleeshay'
I had the same kinda feeling at many occasions like the first time I met my cousins
Lol!They looked like me !!!

Yazeed said...

lol another example that u keep forgetting :P

NuNu™ said...

7yaaaaateeeeeeee!!! Such a great post.. LOVED IT ;*
I really had a good time wallah.

PS; Plz next time order mora than a salad!

Love you ;*

LiLaCs said...

...Why dont you go meet the entire bloggin world? Promiscious bitch:P

G.Q.™ said...

You ma3shar el girls are fun and really want to meet each other. We ma3shar el MEN suck!! ..we dont even wanna see each other! ...shnabi eba3ath!!!

Honey™ said...

i really had so much fun with you girls ;) you were all more than great !!

6b3an salfat our hights hathy film ;p shloon exectly nafs il shy !!

and so do i feel that i known you girls from along time ago ;>


ZiZoTiMe said...

What a touchy post *N7eeeeeeeeeb*

What's with the girls meeting each other! o e7na el shabab eshfeeeena! :P

Anyways... Ma geltay aham shy bel post... Aby a3arf kel wa7da shino e6lebat?! ay ma63am kan? o eshlon el akel!?

Cham mara afahmech!? Eb hal sowalef el details etye bel akel mo shino 9ar o shino sawaitaw! Who cares about that?! :P (ADry ra7 an6ag!)

albandry said...

wanasa that was aquit courage move from u gals

but what if one is pretending to b agal
and its a gu??~~

that would b nasty

NuNu™ said...

Nice picture of those clothes hanging ;)

See, you have to get the yellow skirt, Tinks will get the green pants, Honey will get the blue dress and I will get the bra since it's RED!! ;P

Tinkerbell said...

7abeeeeebty! luv u wala..i had SOOOOOOOOO much fun with u girls o nunu's right u should order COOKED food next time :P

o why kick my ass? i thought u luv me :(

u girls were amazing o sej it didn't feel wierd i really felt like i was with my sisters o we have to do it again next time

oh and u girls are all great huggers!

i_live_in_Q8 said...

kella etro7oon bedooni!!

bas u know, u should tell us which ma63am oo whos idea :/ so en3arif kel wa7da o thooq-ha ;P

Marzouq said...

7amdilla u keep meeting great people! And I honestly havent met anyone from the blogs that I didnt like! They are all cool people! And it looks like you gals had a great time!

Its nice just putting faces to names, because you already have been reading the book for so long, its time to take a look at the cover sort of thing! :)

But u have to keep up your friendships with all the bloggers your meet! hehehe!

Fuzzy said...

ما شاء الله عليكم .. فكرة اللقاء مع اصدقاء البلوق فكرة جميلة خصوصا اذا كان في ترابط من خلال الانترنت .. انا عندي صديقين من الانترنت و صارلنا تقريبا 9 سنوات من اول يوم سوينا لقاء للتعارف خارج الانترنت .. اعتقد انها فكرة حلوة لان كان بينا تقارب في التفكير من خلال الانترنت ولما التقينا في الواقع تأكد هذا الاحساس .. مع العلم ان اعمارنا كانت متفاوته بس اعتقد ان العمر مو مقياس للفكر بصفة عامة

7asoon said...

allah ykhaleekum 7ag ba3ath

memories in the making eheh =)

AyKay said...

nice to hear about ur experience, but i thought that this whole blogging thing was based on secrecy ?:r or something along those lines... though i think its really cool wat u did

No3iK said...

*Orange Juice:
ur cousins!!!
how old were u when u first met them!
wow seeems like an interesting story ;)
and they all looked like u! wow
thanks dear :*

yeh thank u for reminding me ;p

lol im glad u loved it ;)
b3dain .. next time ill try and eat something else.
bs wallah i didnt like the menu
and what the waitor did!!! bring the meat uncooked for us to pic which part we want to EAT!!!
man that would trun anyones apettite off ;p

enty sh7aaaaaaaarich ;p
dont worry i will meet u someday
give u a HUGE hug :********** loves

wallah 3ad its ur loss!!
u really should go out and meet
its fun wallah
i think all men like the "MAN" i had a chat with the other day lol
always have interior motives :p

yeh i guess its mutual

one more thing we were all wearing jeans to ;p

anyways love ya to 7ubi :*

awal shay welcome back ;p "smacks ur head"
thany shay al na7eeeeeeeeeeb cracked me up yashagol !
ento al shabab gilelen al 7aya :p
madre shfekum 3la b3`6??
yoba kan bl palms mal steaks madre shino :p ana knt abi steak ili bl fanar ta7at bs 7awilaw al banat :p
it was our idea kilina
o ent kila ma6gog 5o !

lol never thought of that
i think it would have been actually all of us kicking his ass :p

no no no !
uve got it all wrong :p
1- i dont wear skirts, like ever!
2- my fav color is green ;)

inshalah next time ill order and eat ;p
aaaawwwwwwwwwww great huggers!! thats a pretty compliment.

*i live in q8:
e7na min7ashen minik :p
anyways ma63am palms mal al steak
karasi malta 3la yild bogar :p lol the irony ..
almuhim kanat fikrat tinks i think.

oh thanks, i like it how u get me!
puting faces to the names is deffinetly a big step.
we did have fun
;) really glad u liked all the ones u met.

mashalllah !! 9 snen
alah e5alekum 7g b3`6
and i have to agree its a great idea.
has to be with the right ppl ofcourse.
thanks ;)

eheh .. yeah
alah esalmik wi5aleek ;p

it is, having seporate indentitys sorta like .. i agree with u
but some ppl u cant help but want to meet.
;) thanks for stoping hope see u here again ;)

Common_Sense said...

all I get so far that their was hugging and kissing :S hatha awal mara oo chthy 3ayal alaah yaster if u go out more often :p~~~~

enzain ahaaaam s2aaal ... mno kanat a7laa wa7daaa ? I am sure its tinky ;)

phoenix said...

No3ik, every body loves Nunu's laugh. Infact when she tell a joke, they laugh at her laugh not the joke. It's not that its funny just unique!
Glad you had a good time...

Papillona ® said...

I'm glad you girls had fun.

and boy do I feel special ;)

No3iK said...

malat 3laik after everything i wrote thats all u came up wtih! 9ig kwaity ;p
fashaal mako fayda .. hehehehehe
tinka zooqa tyanin o kilina 7ilwaaaaat ;p hay 3eeeeni shitreed??? laish hl as2ila ;p

ill have to agree!
it is special ;)

u r ;)

NuNu™ said...

Well you should try and wear skirt I bet it will look soooooooo good on you ;)

carlsb3rg said...

I'm glad you had so much fun :)

also, it's spelled cliche , and the e has fat7a on it ;p

Common_Sense said...

shreeed hathy mo she'3leek ;p you just answer the question .. oo ba3dain mafeeha shay glaay mno kanat a7la wa7da ;p e7na elshbab dayman laman ne6laa3 ngool mno a7la wa7ed (H)

No3iK said...

ok 3shanich ill give it a try ;p

thanks alot,
i know how the spell it i swear! :p
i did it on purpose :p i know its a french word duuh ! yakirhi 3ali yitfalsifon ;p heheheheheh
thanks anyways.

aham shay ani ana mali sh`3l !@@

heheheh badda3t ,, yoooz 3ad e3gil :p

Marzouq said...

Slowly but surely I will meet people from the blogsphere! O its good seeing good people meet good people! :)

carlsb3rg said...

i know that you did it on purpose.. i just like pointing out spelling mistakes ;p

No3iK said...

hehehehe that was a good way for making a good point, all in all a good comment ;p

aaaaaaawww !! i was teasing u btw :p
but thanks again..
if ud correct my spelling ud never finish ;p

ScarlO said...

Me wants a hug

15/09 said...

hehe aww...this post really made me smile, glad u guys had fun o inshala etimooon chitheee dom

No3iK said...

- big big warm hug - :****

aaaawww ! thats sweet of u :)
thanks ;)

MSB said...

glad u enjoyed it! sounds like it was a great gathering!

No3iK said...

msb thanks 7bebty ;)

and yes it was!

reema said...

LOL nunu's Ps tha7katny! plz next time order more than a salad. weeh nunu she WON'T ;P remember carinos? lol the warm orange juice? bas lucky they :) ur such a great person (and hugger) ;D

-OT- said...

No3ik, I want a hug too!!! Laish bas Scarlo!? No fair :(
But the meeting was a great idea... I already tried meeting a few bloggers, Mashallah they're all real nice!

No3iK said...

lol thakarteny!!
arent i the pickiest person on earth!!
who orders WARM orange juice ;p
hehehehehe bs yalllah shitsawon im ur friend :***

ill let scarlo hug u this time ;p