Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do not.

*read: Resuscitate

i do not respond -vulgarity-
i do not move
i do not breathe
my heart had stopped
my legs are still alive
i want you to look closer
i want you to see

yes, it is my back


15/09 said...

very nice...

i want you to look closer
i want you to see

we always want someone to look closer at us, to see us...

Carlsb3rg said...

are you turning your back to the person who resuscitated you?

Honey™ said...

how nice baby !!

i love ur work 7ubi :**

Marzouq said...

It looks like your walking away from something that isnt working.. well thats what I get from the poem! hehehe!

No3iK said...

yes, we do want someone to see, but they never do.. not never but it rarely happens.

SHE is turning her back on the person who wanted to resuscitate her.
she never was rescusistated.

thanks 3mre :*

correst: she is walking away.
working or not, she will never know.
she simply walked ;p
and u got it right. good job.

FilmGirl said...

Well written. Very deep.

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

Shal kalam el mo3aber :P

At3ab chethy ana ;)

do0da said...

=) me likey, so is there gonna be a third?

Your Battlefield said...


i_live_in_Q8 said...

Never look behind you.. Meaning.. Forget the past, thinking of the past will only make the wounds deep! deep till its too late to heal...

Loved your phrases. Good job.

oo e7na e3yal elyoom.. ok maybe you .. am too old anyway.

No3iK said...

*film girl:
thanks dear and welcome to my blog.

la la la kl shay wala ziz
la tit3ab yoba 5ala9 al7en amsa7 alpost :p
thanks bro ;)

im glad u liked it.
third, ummmmmmmmmm well i really dont know
this character in particular i have no idea! she comes back when ever she wants to..so i dont know if there will be a third.maybe ;p
would u want a third or would u want it to end like this?

why a sad face?
why no words this time ? its not like u :p

Fallen Angel said...

Hmmm, your heart has stopped but your legs are moving...honey, have you turned into a Zombie?

No3iK said...

*i live in q8:
i loved ur interpretation
very good.
amazing how can, few words and short lines make u feel!
ur not oold lol ili yisma3 egol 3mrik 100 :p 3n al dala3!

hey u .. lol first: i miss ur old pic.
second: when reading poetry ur supposed to use ur imagination.
from what i read all i can say is "no more zombie games or movies for u" :p

Rimyoleta said...

keep up the good work

Tinkerbell said...

why do u do this to me? :(

i hate it when ur post speaks to me :P (said with luv :*)

Common_Sense said...

Be more specific please, who r u referring to ;) ya3ny 9aydech .. bs 9ej shesalfa ?

do0da said...

hmm madri kaifich ya3ni mo qa9ib third bes if u can think a great sequel then sure why not?

A Daydreamer said...

i love how few words say sooo much! mashallah 3alyeeech.. you have a way with words...

Fuzzy said...

yeah you cant stay in debt for a life time, time to move on :)

Reem said...

Hey there..
i loved it so much, mashallah very nice..
he wrecked her heart, that idoit!
anyways, moving on is always great, but she wants him to see and look, see that she moved, so does she still care? or what?
i liked the fact that she's numb, all her emotions are dead, yet there is hope, bcoz part of her is still alive, her legs, enabling her to move on..
Loved it babe grl..
Go You And ME!

No3iK said...
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No3iK said...

thank 7bebty ;) ill do my best.

:** 7ubeez girl ...
- hugs - poetry does this it speaks to all of us i think!

lol aham shay anik alwa7ed ili dash 3r`6 !! lol
mako salfa hhehehe b3dain agolik lamn tkbr ;p

shfek e5tara3t lol
i never said it was qa9b i was asking if u would like th eidea or not
thats all ;) anyways .. well see what happens.

*day dreamer :
awwwww !!!
shahada a3taz feha i swear!!
thanks 7bebty :*

seems like u know exactly what shes going through.

heeey 7bebty
welcome to my blog.
i think she still care
giving someone ur back is sometimes enough
but wanting them to stand and watch u leave ... means that u still care
and her heart wouldnt have stopped if she didnt care in the firstplace.

i loved ur comment ... Go You And ME! ;)

do0da said...

laish kila shayfatni mi5tir3 aw im3a9ib =P

lama gilt mo ga9ib ya3ni i meant only write a third if theres something worth writing, dont just write one for the sake of making a third. Know what i mean?

o ba3ad since i liked the first and 2nd ud think lama i asked about a third it would imply that i would like one =P

Fuchsia Spunk said...

Beautiful :)
Im pretty speechless.

phoenix said...

Such stronge words that you can acually knock out a person with them!!
As always..Great job~!

Hitman1 said...


Nice words :)

No3iK said...

omg! u cracked me up
ok ok !! i believe u ent mo mi5tiri3 :p
ummmmmmmmmm there a big chance there will be a third part
and if there is ill make sure to dedicate it to u ;)

*fuchsia spunk:
:* sweet. thanks darling.

lol i love the knocking out a person part! hehehe would love to do that in real life ;p
thanks babes :*

is there a hitman2? anyways welcome to my blog.
and thanks alot ;)

Fedo said...


No3iK said...

i love it when u do that!

No3iK said...
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