Monday, September 25, 2006

Think again ...

So been friends for years and years...

and when you think you know someone, a "friend" you THINK
you really know someone, thats when u have to realize, that you dont.

friends can always SHOCK! you .. im not talking about back stabbing..
no no ...
a friend can really shock you, just to let you know .. you never really
get to really know anyone .. NO ONE

maybe maybe .. if you'r really good and fortunate, someday, you'll get to actually know you'r self!
so good luck ;)

ps. sofar not watching any tv ( woohoooo!! ) ;p
pps. job hunting ;)


Truthseeker said...

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.”....

Good luck with your job hunting

Carlsb3rg said...

You're absolutely right :)

Anonymous said...

"The best gift is a portion of thyself" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

You deserve all the best! Only trie friends will be there for you dear.

And good luck with your hunt! :)

Your Battlefield said...

your absolutely right, you never really get to know anyone, no one wants to reveal there true self..and thus your forced to small talk, talk about meaningless but meaningful things that dont cross the line - that line or zone where you finally understand that friend's disguise...our friendships are a
kind of illusion of wanting them to be something truthful but really they lack...

dont get shocked, just get unsettled and then carry on...and think about this i think that everyone is a shocker and gets shocked, we cant face revealing our true emotions...we like to grasp something from our peers...keep it hidden we're "mysterious" ;)

going philoshopical and saying blah...thanks for listening ;P

its been awhile, again.

Marzouq said...

I hope you find a job..

No3ik I disagree with you a bit.. but its true in Kuwait. You only know your friends in hard times.. and when I was in the states I went through some hard times be it in the emergency room, running low on cash, being sick, in accident, or a family tragedy. A friend that helps you out that sticks with you throughout that ordeal is a true friend.. more like a brother or a sister.

This experience never happens in Kuwait. That is why its hard to judge how good friends are in Kuwait. Its the tough times that makes friends not the good times.

Good luck with the job hunting!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Friends suck :P U better be alone these days... U need them when you're going to the cinema only i guess... So just watch it on Dvds (Fake ones :P)

Fuzzy said...

e wallah self discovery takes so much time and effort ! not to mention knowing others hehehe

Friends indeed SHOCK in a variety of ways :)

Job Hunting in Ramadan ? Goodluck, really lol

Common_Sense said...

this is what happens when u r jobeless .. u start thinking ;p

this doesn't seem good at all, u have too much time now hehe

7asoon said...

The thought of a female law inforcer is always appealing... ;P

Good luck dear

SpiKeY said...

yeah...i heared something weird of my 2 friends who i knew for like 16 engaged :S...that was a big SHOCK.....

Yazeed said...

marzouq said it best...

Bloo said...

today i sent a rant email to bluu since i cant even talk about it. just this morning i discovered that my best friend is so high maintenace, and that i dedicate alot of my mind to her. i've thought for a long time that we are so alike we are hand &glove. but this morning i learn the great distinction.

Tinkerbell said...

u never know who's who anymore i swear :P good luck job hunting 7abeebty :)

Si7LeYa said...

والله بهالزمن يا نوعك

صعب تلقين رفيجات كفو

صج ناس ماتستاهل

مهما تعطينها آخر شي تغدر فيج

No3iK said...

*truth seeker:
i just love love love, ur quotes!
and good luck to u to, thanks ;)

y thanks ;p

long time no see!
anyways ,, ur busy with something good and thats why ( sama7tik ) ;p
and thanks for being nicE! lol ur changing already huh! :p

what u said was amazing!
"friend's disguise" made me wonder how would we look with out it!
will life even be the same?
and exactly, the shock, wasnt a bad thing really, it was more of a surprise.
wasnt blah! i enjoyed ur comment just like always :*

i love it when ppl disagree..
but this time u misunderstood what i meant.
first of, i love how u have great and true friends. al7imdela :)
when i said shock! i didnt mean anything bad. thats why i said its not backstabing
i meant simply they would appear to be so different. they have had something in them in their personality or history that u would have never thought theyd have! not necessarly bad specialy if ur not a judgmental person, simply suprising!
u know the feeling when u hit ur head and go "and i thought i perfectly knew u well!!" ;p

and thanks for wishing me luck! i need it ;)

enta tadre shino yin6ibiq 3laik:
thats all i can say ;p
loved ur comment, now i know who to call when i JUST want to have fun ;p

yeeeh u said it very well
seld discovery is more like a mission.. some ppl make it some dont :p
anyways .. thanks for wishing me luck ;)

ya gileeeeel al 7aya !!
u mean i wasnt functionning before!
hehehehehehe talk about ur self man:p
anyways .. im glad u think i think now! actually im flattered heheh ;p

lol law inforcer 3ad!
no no go for a dentist a7la :p
thanks man ;)

wooooow! lol deffinetly shocking
just the thought of all the things that were said and done! and u had no idea ... well im happy for them best of luck ;)

read my comment to marzouq then ;)

aaawwww !! ur comment was heart breaking!
i really hope things get better between u and bluu ...
ummmmmm ...
i really dont know what else to say!
good luck.

No3iK said...

sorry guys! u posted as i was typing my comment!

thanks 7bebty.
in some cases! ur that lost and confused i know.

weeee 3ad enty qi9itich qi9a!
allah e3enich :**
well some evil is still around 7bebty
those werent friends they were evil ppl .. just becareful :*

do0da said...

"you never really get to really know anyone "

Dont be quick to give up on all the human race now =P Theres still a few good souls out there in which what you see is what you get =P

i_live_in_Q8 said...

Like I always say! الباب اللي اييك منه الريح سده واستريح

END IT.. You should know what am talking about.

Papillona ® said...

you can't know someone. It's not possible because people change and there will always be secrets and that's what keeps it exciting

"Shocking" here is kinda judgmental.. That's when we try to accept people the way they are.

"If you judge people you have no time to love them"

A Daydreamer said...

thats why my best friend is my sister!!! we are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER hehehe inshallah :)

No3iK said...

i never said i gave up
im just saying, its a fact that u never really know anything for sure! no do u ? :p
except if u were superman ;)

*i live in q8:
yeh i think maybe i do :p
inshalah ,, everything will be just fine.

exciting eeh! yeh i guess ur right.
well again im not being judgmental here... u get shocked when u find out ... well .. when u DISCOVER! that u were part of something u never knew about!
its complicated dear :*
and not knowing who someone is because they keep changing.. is absolutely true.

wow mashalah mashalah its nice to have a close bond with ur sis ..
alah lay`3ayir 3laikum inshalah :*

Aurora said...

A human is the most difficult thing one may try to dicipher...

Its great to try though, you find out so much, not only about them but about yourself too!

Isn't that great??? :D

Reema said...

heeeeeeeeeey! I havent checked ur blog 4 ageeeeees! don't blame me :) who shocked ya? ;P akeed ana! wow i have lots of things to read here ! :)

Reema said...

by the way i just noticed the pps. job hunting!!!!!!!!! KOLOLOLOLOSH! no more om elsa3af wel leeef!

Marzouq said...

aaah! sorry! hehehe! I thought it was something shocking in a bad way. But in reality your right about Kuwait because friendships are missing Ma7akah! Ya3ny something to grind the friendship.. to strain it to make it stronger!

And in kuwait there are so many rules that people dont reveal themselves fully because people are afraid of what others may think because they broke certain rules..

well me.. I threw the rules out a long time ago! hehe! The way I see is that do what makes you happy, do what you can live with. That way you strike a balance..

Bes living away with somebody you get to know them really well.. thats the difference! :)

Inshalla everything gets easier for you and you keep the good friends close! :)

Bloo said...

hmmm :s u have to read my comment again, me and bluu are solid. it's my best friend i was talking about, any who we're cool its just that i discovered she's high maintenance :)

No3iK said...

its that great ;)
so its a win win situation.

lol i know !!! im throwing a party ;)
al7imdelllah i finally did it.
thanks babes :***
i misssssed u 7aail.

i dont think i can add anything to what u said!
i totallly agree. in kuwait all sort of relationships are just different in away.

hehehehe u got me mixed up there.
coz bluu is ur best freind and u said ur bestfriend .. so got all wrong :p anyways
thanks for clearing things out..
im very glad ;)

little Astronomer said...

I used to have a friend that I knew for 6 years then I just realized that he wasn’t like I thought he was. He was unfaithful with me, so I broke our friendship with him :(

No3iK said...

little astronomer:
im very sorry to hear that!
6 years that ended is not an easy thing

anyways cheer up, its ur friends loss.
and welcome to my blog ;)

No3iK said...
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