Friday, September 29, 2006

ive got me

with every step away
a heart beat is born
with every breath away
my lungs are warm
with every tear,
with every wound left not to bleed/shed again
why would i not be gone!
shattered, i look up and its a very long road ahead

this time, i smile.

*this final piece goes to dooda :)


do0da said...




Didnt think id see it this fast but glad i did, me likey alot especially since u ended it with a smile =)

Common_Sense said...

shooooooot gun ? how would I know with this moderation thing ?

Carlsb3rg said...


but she's gonna fall into the water and drown ;p

No3iK said...

ento bssss!! hatha ili thabi7kum al shot guns lol

aham shay !! :p yl dathreeeeeeeen!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Touchy! amazing ;)

I Hope it's gonna be the end if u know what i'm talking about ;)

Common_Sense said...

ayyyy shay ya shag7aa ma hagiathaa wasted shoot :S

anyways nice poem, atleast there is a smile at the end ;)

No3iK said...


"earth to carls ... earth to carls"
something called imagination, use it ;) heheheheh

i know what u mean ... well its a start not an end.

Carlsb3rg said...

no3ik ;p

u can always not publish and reject shotgun comments :P

No3iK said...

i f*cking write a poem and all u can talk about is shot guns lol

typical men!! hehehhehehehe bada3taw.

Common_Sense said...

tra 7adech 6omarty foogy :@ moooooooo shoot gun ;p

Marzouq said...

hhhmmm.. it sounds like your moving on with your life tired from the crap that you got from before.. even though its a long road its better then where you were before!

Reem said...

ayyy the most thing that touched me is: "i smile"... really i smiled when i read this line... hope my babe is what keeps us moving, it is what push us through this "long road"..
loved it..
Go You and ME!

Delicately Realistic said...


15/09 said...

no matter what happens keep the smile glowing

No3iK said...

ee ok twni ashofa ;) thanks bro

wonderfuly said!
mashalah 3laik. i like how u can simplify things.

the word smile, i chose as a closing for this poem, after all the pain we can say despair and agony,
a smile was born, which only tells u u can always carry on from where stoped.
im glad u like it ;)
Go You and ME!

:) that made me smile!! thank u.

i think anyone can smile,
we need to feel and actually mean it when we do :)

i_live_in_Q8 said...

The Smile Is The Cure of all. :-)

Your Battlefield said...


i have no words
i'm empty and want more

i beg of you at least two to three pieces a week...your writing makes me escape reality and cherish every letter that forms so much..

encore and i want more

No3iK said...

* i live in q8:
yeees ... but not all all 3ad :p
something in life need more than just that ;)

omg!! ur comment left me speachless aswell!! ur comments have always been just so different than everyone elses .. theyre truly felt :*
a7ibich :*
ill do my best inshalah what ever batty wants ;p
and i must say:
same to you ;)

Fedo said...

Don't go. Please.

No3iK said...

"shes" going where she needs to go.

im not going anywhere ;)

Fedo said...

I wasn't talking to you. :P

No3iK said...

quit being an A :p