Friday, November 17, 2006

broken glass

bleeding and shattering-
all I am is a breakdown.
and you call this a relationship!

"let go of my hair"...

*ps: ppl from now i tell u, this is fictional it has nothing to do with me so dont worry :p
*pps: i loved all the pics u sent me! its amazing i had a great time really! for those of u who didnt send their pics yet .. the gallery is always open ;)


LaiaLy_q8 said...

aham shay let go of my hair

seriously mino emache3 sha3ar enaas now a days :p

MuLaN said...

beautiful =)

antihero said...

amazing. really

if i could label it in a form; it should fit into the wave of new literary forms in the gulf area..
not a short story, but a "very short story", VSS

phoenix said...

How do you always know the right words to choose? How do you do it No3ik? How??
You're good... Realy Gooooood!

Amazing Sweety.. AS ALWAYS!!

Marzouq said...

Very nice..

Sometimes you gotta break it down! Breakin it off is better then keeping it together!

shakshaka said...

ashwa inha fiction;p elwath3 3la 6ag em6aaaaagag wo tikifikh shalah 7adna:P

SpiKeY said...

hehe interesttiing..

ok No3ik..publish the book..ur tagged

Si7LeYa said...

اول شي مافهمت شي


ثاني شي ادري ان رسمتي احلى وحده


miss u mjrema :*

AmoOora said...

ashwa its fictional.. you got me worried ya 7lwah..

0o 3ndii idea for you, you should hav all your poems published into a book, walla lana alot of the things you write people can relate to so it might help some people out there..

hehe 3ad ana om il.afkar ;p

Zalabya said...

i liked it really
shsalfat let go my hair? gamla emchalba feeh?
bet6egeni adri

No3iK said...

lol why do u always never surprise me with ur comments lol very kuwaity comments ... and yes the one i wrote about i think i know ppl who still are treated like this :p

thanks :*

first of all: welcome to my blog.
so im a VSS writer ;) thanks.

wheeeeeeere have u been? :(
and how come u didnt send me a pic?
ana za3lana :``(
anyways 7bebty i think the recp of my writings is called, experiance! madre ,, could be .. it just feels sometimes i havee loads of feelings and i want to let them out in a special way. with very few words that carry with them, loads of meaning and feelings at the same time.

i know what u mean :) say that to the ppl i know who insist on fixing things that are made to be broke.

lol shakli 3awart rasich heheheh b3d 3mre :***

yeah man inshalah i need time bs :p i dont know what to do for now?
shasawi feech 9ayra motargima 7agich ana
o 9ortich 7adha tshawig ;)

No3iK said...

sweeety! :** thanks wallah
been a dream of ine to publish a book someday! u sayign these words :) it means alot wallah so thanks :**

shakli ana ili bamchi3 sha3rich 3la hl comment lol allah elawi3 chabd ebleesich shyab al gamil al7een!! :s hehehe bada3taay

carlsb3rg said...

very sad

A Daydreamer said...

just pull thier hair too and dont let go till they do it first!!! :p

but now seriously... amazing!

ScarlO said...

Sure its fiction you don't have to make us feel dumb by telling us it is fiction.
And I likes. erm, especially how you *became* a breakdown
The hair bit was a bit theatrical.. erm, you could do without that, my child .. and i'm just trying to sound smart..
keep writing :*

ZiZoTiMe said...

Be part of the biggest contest in the blogworld:

I'll be glad to have u in it :)

LiLaCs said...

**hands no3iik a brush** Dont brush your hair silly!! Hit the other guy :P

phoenix said...

Illlla No3ik Tiz3al.. Ana MAA Artha!!
Look, even when you explain it, it sounds like poetry!
Again YOU'RE GOOD accualy great, more like amazing!!...

DiiGMaa said...

think happy thoughts darling.. happy thoughts.. ;**

Yazeed said...

3ad ur bedroom looked better with all those daises ;P

No3iK said...

yes i know ... sad things happen u know.

lol yeah i remember when i was a kid i used to do that :p
thanks dear :*

baby enty ili fahma
i mean u get literature well .. the comparisons .. so u shouldve got the last bit. ;)

aham shay anik ga3d tsawi da3aya 3ndi !! ya gileel al 7aya u didnt even comment!! wallah loma ziz this comment wouldve been deleted :p

i loved the idea ;) thanks babes

b3d 3mre :** o ana agdar az3al 3l phooph?? :p
thanks dear :*

u give me happy thoughts :*

radaaaaina 3l daisies!!!
yooooz yabi al secret hidden doors o beds :p 5alni sakta 3anik bs

YoupPpi said...

Mar7eBa iLsa3 ;P
waaaaaii ahm shy ena hal shy mala shghl fich 3shan man7ateech ,bs etha 3n 5a6rch u want 2 write ahm shy ench b5air ,akeed u can (ahm shy mowafqty tara ;P )ur the best writer ;)..i'll send my pic soon ;*
ana shft il pic chan a5tr3 gilt wee 3asa mardaity nfs awl bs ashwa ..btw hm graita il sb7 ;P shfene g3da agrg :|

Hitman1 said...


The picture is so emotional.. and the words matched up pretty well


Bella Color said...

Girl, dont worry, im getting u the hair straightner :p

Loved the poem, as always :)

Anonymous said...

Once more i'm touched by your writings...keep it up!

ZiZoTiMe said...

9oooo 9weeee6 :)

Ghasheema said...

creative and unique :)

keep writing more, I wanna know if she called the police or not :-|
( masri)

Common_Sense said...

I loved the hair part. she6anaa u love it haa ;)

No3iK said...

7beeebty shlonich :**
and the pic im still waiting for :p
thanks babes ;)

thank u very much ;)
i love the pics i use with my wiritngs they complete the message.

b3d 3mreeeeeeeeeeeeee :***
ma7ad 7as feeni `3erich ;)
hehehe mashkora and i love u :*

thanks man ;)

9weeee6 wayhik! a5af bs u even read it! :p

lol film masri 3ad :p that wasnt my intention at all ... sometimes there are other parts, sometimes there isnt .. its up to her.

LOL why would i love it! hehehe shchayifni ?? gilel al 7aya

do0da said...

your blog may7ibni =( i checked ams ma 6ila3li update =P tawa yi6la3 2 days l8 !! :r

um-miT3ib said...

laish il 3unf;p ?

BaSSeM said...

i hope you're alright sweety
everything is going to be ok
i'm really worried about you
do you want to talk about it?!


i think i over did it :P

well written but i believe it could've been longer

yeah don't mess the hair do!

No3iK said...

a7san lay7ibik :p 7eta ana ma7ibik xp
im always the last to know when ever i have an update!! and i update for twodays and u dont know! what kind of assistant are u ??? ! @@

*um mit3ib:
lol sometimes ,, yabela :p

hehehehe ok yes i think u over did it :p
but thanks anyways ...
it couldve been longer, i like mine short.. kind of my special writing style ;)
kilshay wala the hair do :p anyways nice having u here again.