Monday, November 13, 2006

show me YOU

this is awesome ;) ok so here it goes :
create ur own YOU. ur own southpark version! i had fun
IT MUST LOOK LIKE YOU !! ok .. the whole point is to try and make it look like ur self.
there are small details that you can use. try and be creative with that. again i will be posting all works of art in our gallery:
where all bloggers, even non bloggers, can see eachothers work.
one more thing, do ur work of art and "press on the button print screen in ur keyboard", then open a paint program and select paste, finally save and send it to me:
i will be waiting for u ;)
special thanks to Fedo its his tag ;)

Again, what im doing here is not a tag, its merely fun and sharing is caring :)
and for those of you who know me.. do u think i did a good job ? ;p


do0da said...


do0da said...

i've actually dont this a long long time ago and now if i can remember my login in and pass to my hi5 account i think i still have one up there =P and il give u the link if not il create another one soon.

ZiZoTiMe said...

If it's not ur idea then u don't deserve the credit fot that :P

Fonzy said...

i tried it... hehe.. fun stuff.. but couldnt send the pic cos its on flash player. ur looks cute! i love superman:)

No3iK said...

fonzy try to click printscreen button
then paste it on pain program save it
then email it to me ;) thanks.

Yazeed said...


wallah gimtay itsaween 7arakat bil pc
print screen oo 3afsa

do0da said...

aham shay the two things you added bila5eer =P

Marzouq said...

I will do this later on in the night, I already did it before, but this time I will do another one! Gotta love these guys!

Marzouq said...

I will do this later on in the night, I already did it before, but this time I will do another one! Gotta love these guys!

LaiaLy_q8 said...

whaaaaaat fun

you look tooo cute ^_^

A Daydreamer said...

i will be sending mine soon inshallah :)

Bella Color said...


how can i save it (keep in mind, that im using a MAC)?!

LooooooL... ma dam u r wearing superman t-shirt, then akeeed u did a good job ;)

Extinct Dodo said...

heeeey i sent mine, why isnt it up?!

Fedo said...

Enzain put up mine! Lol.

Zalabya said...

No3ik eb themetech its me right? LOL

AmoOora said...

LOL 3alla do0da..

No3ik you look like an angel hehee..

ill do my one now..

TAT said...

Sent :)

TAT said...

Bella use Command-Shift-3 in order to take screenshot in mac :) will be saved in desktop

AmoOora said...


Bella Color said...

Thanks a million!!!! :)

I tried doing everything i know, but no luck... if it werent for u, kent lai il7eeen ga3ada a3abeeel feeeh ;p

No3iK said...

long long time ago mayamshi 3ndi! i want recent new fresh ones :p

yasheenik! laish t7ib al tahze2

aham shay ani 6ay7a mn 3ainik! :p

lol aham shay anik emthabit
o its three things :p
gileeeeeeeeel al 7aya ;p

caaaaaaaaaant wait ;)

7bebty thanks :***

im waiting girl :*

lol u have no idea sh9ar feni when i saw the superman tshirt!!! i jumped from my seat!! heheheheh

lol sorry i found it in the junk mail :s madre laish!!
anyways girl im so happy ur back :*

yeh i was waiting for ur permissino ;)

7aaaaadddaaaaaaaaaaa u ,, bs shway 9ayra 6ayba enty shway shirera :p
hehehehe teasing u :*

7bebty! thanks ,, etha ana angel enty shino :p

thanks, and thanks again ;)

thank u ya 7ilwa ;)

Bella Color said...

LoooooL now i get what ur pic means... u r in heaven because u r wearing ur supermans tee... ;)

Yazeed said...

aham shay il taj elly qaladtoony feeh!!! :@

albandry said...

همممم ما حطيتي اسمي يعني ما تبيني؟

No3iK said...

*bella color:
lol e matshofeeni em`3ayba blushing o in heaven :D hehehehehe a5aaih bs 3la ili fahmatny :**

ya shagol !! shfek lazig o athait al 3alam heheheh ent awal wa7d qaladtny :p

afa bs afa !! 3balich basawi list o ma76 esmich?!

like i said 7bebty its not a tag, i never tag ppl,, i just said this is for fun who ever wants to have fun, just join in, blogger non blogger all can join :)

and the list is growing, if u click on their names u will see the pics they did, so im simply posting the names of the ppl who sent me their pics :)

o sorry 3l hathra o salamatkum :***
hoping will be receiving urs soon inshalah ;)

DiiGMaa said...

Zizowoo.. wayed inta !!! ;P

G.Q.™ said...

No3ik: shloon al7een? ..I got attracted to one of the girls elli 7a6a her southpark look-alike :S

Dandoon said...

You have mail:p

AmoOora said...


mn0o ?? im curious hehe

Zalabya said...

im sure its meeeeeeeee

Marzouq said...

hehehehe! When going to work and after work! hehehe

Marzouq said...

Whats funny is that after seeing some of these pics.. the girls personalities shine out the most.. I bet thats how most of you look like... so if I see any of you in real I would be like.. hmmm U AINT A CARTOON!!??!?!?!?! Black hair, Brown Hair, Light Brown hair.. all of you doing your thing! The guys on other hand are hilarious! Nice stuff!

No3iK said...

7addda ohwa!! :p

lol ur not the first one dude :p
alriyayeeel mushkila i swear :p

thanks my dear :*

u always want to know things :p

amooooooooooooooot 3laich ana ..

i know it is very very interesting!! u have no idea :)

A Daydreamer said...

youve got mail!

A Daydreamer said...

nevermind. i see you already got mine :)

shakshaka said...

tawnee dazah rasmeteee;p

SpiKeY said...

Ur tagged...chck my blog

LaiaLy_q8 said...

no3ik i really loved this idea of yours :*

No3iK said...

thanks 7beeeeeebty :***

yeah got it to ;) thanks sweety

oh boy! i dont do tags! but i like the idea so ill figure out something soon ;) thanks :)

7beeebty adri feech t7ibeen sowalif li5bal :p

Fallen Angel said...

Didn't you get my creation? I sent it to you via e-mail.