Tuesday, November 21, 2006


you have left
but i have stayed,
and so did the sun.
it is never dark.
never again will i drink,
whats not mine.
wine, of light and power-
i am with my own.
as difficult or hopeless,
dont come around.
leave! "i may bite"...
and so u left,
and i have stayed.

it is my ground.

*ps: happy birthday tinka :*** love u girl ;)
*pps: i watched "
Kate and Leopold" with my sis :`( i want all of that! a beautiful movie!
MEN: plz plz plz! watch it and learn!!!


do0da said...

is it a shotgun or is it not ? :P

do0da said...

i liked the, "i am with my own, as difficult or hopeless"

gr8 piece kal3ada =)

Anonymous said...

lovely post dear!

AmoOora said...

"It is my ground"
It sure is sweetie..

and i havent seen Kate and Leopold bSs just for the record :
Men never learn ;p

SuperNitfah said...

Good attempt ZiZi ;)

ZiZoTiMe said...

kalam kebeeer :)

Happy birthday tinkaaaaa

and Kate % Leo was really a nice movie o athker shefta men zeman eb cinema el 7amra :P!! Shal eghbar ely 6ala3teh!! bs 9ej 7ada romantic movie ya romanceya ;)

LaiaLy_q8 said...

you have left
but i have stayed,
and so did the sun.

nice :)

No3iK said...

mabrok 3laik :p
mashkooor man ..

oooh thanks dear :)

yeeeh each girl should keep her ground.
and bout men!! i know, but i think theres hope .. i wanted to cry today watching the movie ,, but i still have faith :(

thanks 7bebty :***

e5ty yabat al dvd and shes like zanob u have to see this movie ,,
ehya maskeeena mn zuman t7in 3lay tbeni ashofa bs may9er! fa finally today i watched itttt
and OUCH!!! OUCH!!! i melteeeed ya ziiiiiiz shino hatha!!

No3iK said...

yeeeeeh i like this part to ;)
nice of u to notice it! :***

Anonymous said...

:) cute

Yazeed said...

well thanks for the mini-explanation/class
i think i get it than everyone else here:)
elly ba3arfa, after i understanded this, is whats the inspiration, what happened that made u write this?

...the movie?

No3iK said...

whats cute exactly??? be more specific :p

heheeheh gilel al 7aya
yizay 9arli sa3a agrig 3la rasik !!
hehehe anyways ... two things did:
- the movie + our men.
- the pic.

DiiGMaa said...

lovely :)

I love that movie.. was watching it last week.. I want all that too.. all of it.. ya 7athy ;P

Marzouq said...

looool! I have seen Kate and Leopold a long time ago, I think its a damn good movie, bes chilvary goes both ways!

For some reason that poem reminds of divorce papers being signed and the guy getting kicked out of the house! hahahahaha!

phoenix said...

No3ik, I'm glad you stayed.
A very touching peice by a brilliant women such as yourself..I appluad you many times over and over and over sweety, and you deserve it!!

No3iK said...

hehehehe b3d 3mre exactly how i felt
i dont want some parts! i want ALLLL OF IT!

lol badda3t!! i love that to each poem u read it and see it a very different way ! :p but it always works ,, coz u know poetry reflects on its reader never does it have on interpritation :p
sooooooooooo now the big question is why divorce :p hehehehehe kidding.
bs when i mentioned ground, its metaphorical means all she has ,, her own her self her life dreams and ideas she doesnt want to change them.

i swear sometimes i write, and write just so that u read :* love u

Marzouq said...

I dont know! It just seems like they are in a new york apartment and she just pushed him out of the apartment and locked him out with only his boxers! hehehe

they just cant live together anymore! hehehe! Thats what I was thinking.. then I thought I wanted icecream but that thought came in sideways! loooooooooooooool

Common_Sense said...

Don't worry honey, I'll stay with you, let hem leave. I'll bite with you if you want ;p~

bs 7asafa I liked the hair pulling part from last post, I hoped for more ;p

b3eed 3an el3aba6 its nice bs "never again will i drink whats not mine" shakooooo

Spontaneousnessity said...

oh wow, touchy poem, your work!?

No3iK said...

uve been watching lots of TV :p
hehehehehe but nice
u could write a story actually

yl maynon ya 7ibik 7g al 3onf :p
im glad y likey ;)

forgive ur nick name is just to long and im a bad spelller my self
anyways im soo glad and flattered u like my work, and yes its all my work.

il-sooSa said...

Dearest, May I ask .. but

it appears to me, based upon several other poems that u admiringly wrote may i add, that u really do have a thing for

Yet u realy do not seem to be the type

hmmm .. interesting

My sincere apologies if this might offend u in any way imaginable, mynintentions were truthfuly for the best ..
n now i'm afraid i must retire, its quite obvious that clearly i've been having too much of Mr. Darcy, or is it Leopold?

Who cares!! there BOTH freakin hot/gorgious, but not superman gorgious :p ofcourse

No3iK said...


eee the biting :p

i have many hottis around

add leopold and superman to a list of


hehehehehe the list keeps growing :p

so ,, the biting goes on i think.

Reem said...

hiii :D
"never again will i drink" wayed 7elo hal line mashallah :)

"it is my ground" so, plz all of u idiots: PISS OFF!! ;p

i watched d movie.. i absolutely melt away when Leopold in a charming accent says: "Kate, may i have a word with you".. loool!! nicey nicey :D