Thursday, November 02, 2006

This is for every Q8i and Q8iya

*the staring:
why do kuwaitis stare! why do we go (5izni wa5izik) look in public places?
why do girls sometimes give you the (i hate u) look! for no reason!!
ok if a girl was checking me out, id be flattered.. but the (i hate u) look! that i dont get.
why is it when we smile (simply an innocent bright beautiful smile) we get the (whats wrong with u) look??
why is it when someone is sitting sipping coffee in the corner of a coffee shop all alone, reading something or not? why do people give that person (oh u poor thing) look?
why do people judge other people all the time, they have that (im judging you right now) look?
why is it when a cute couple are in love, holding hands, or just being in love, people give them the (your pathetic) look?
the most famous look, specially amongst girls is the (i just smelled something bad) look!
i swear! even if you were beautiful, pretty, it makes u look ugly.
this is cheesy but its true: the most beautiful thing anyone could wear is a - Smile :D -

the big question is? where all of this going?
i think many kuwaitis are ( stiff ) they try an act walk and look in a way that is in no way natural. it would be for everyone`s sake to simply act natural. do not try and fit in a certain cast. just be your self, smile when you feel like it, say hi and hello, good morning to strangers if you pass by! its normal, its human, everyone does it. just act more alive. make living in this heat easier.

i know i have said this before, instead of shaking hands... just hug :) i love hugs ... actually i need a hug right now :( -sniff sniff-

a big (****) YOU! to Kuwait University...
this goes to my best friend dalol i love u girl :*
"u will come back and you will get things done, change this perverted absurd thinking we have!! this is INSANE! Pornotholgy!! so thats what ive been studying all this time!

I have started this post with a "why" but, i dont want the answer... i know we have issues in this country, for many reasons..i just want it to end in someway .. someday inshalah it will.

*inspired by todays starbucks + my late call with digma :** love u


ScarlO said...

Shotgun :-D

I hate don't stare back; if I do I'd burst into laughter. Staring is no good ...

Common_Sense said...

hehe thats why people here read all the time, so they don't have to make eye contact @@.

thats also means that u got out of ur room finally, mabrook ;) oo 3ogbaal talking to real people ;p~


LaiaLy_q8 said...

that's the kuwaiti way baby :p

Yazeed said...

wintay shdarach 3an hal sowalif?
u havent been out in so long, tara kuwait has changed a lot since u've last "seen" it

Chica Bonita Q8 said...

didn't know some of these looks existed, i guess i've been away from home for too long ..

Johnny Ong said...

just be yourself. at least u r happy abt it as its yr own life too

Dandoon said...

If you have a negative opinion about your country and its people, you will only notice the bad things. These things stand out because that's what you're looking for. Law itghayroon nathratkum shway you will notice the people who smile back. You will notice the people who don't go out to play the khizzing game.

That's all I have to say:)

15/09 said...

awalan LOOOOL 3ala yazeeed's comment, i agree with him, tara the world is a diff place....anywho etha someone khazich just smile at them and look away, dnt worry bout it kilish not worth it :)

Reem said...

hey No3ika..
bravo!!! u have touched upon a very important and interesting topic.. amazing!!
i get all these kinds of looks all the time!! just let me be.. PLZ
kuwaitis are FAKE.. some idiots and as*h*l** just drive me crazy, i wanna kill them all (genocide ;p)
sometimes i dont only get a mere look, but also the words "6a3 hathi" or "hathi shfeeha" from a lot of girls.. shfeeni!! just bcoz i smile.. would they like me to put the act of pointing my lips and trying to have this serious look, the "i look sexy look"..God! they look like zombies, live it up a little bit****!
madri shfeeni wayed esht6ait, bs 9ij 9ij this bothers me in Kuwait.. hope things change for the better soon..
o Allah yrd Dallal bl slama o ywafeqha ya rb :D
Go You.. and Screw idoits!!
love it love it love it :* mwah!

TAT said...

people here stare no matter what they wanna see what the hell you about basically.
you also forgot the punk bitch look its like the WTF look but exaggerated X100...

SpiKeY said... know...this is kuwait ....never gonna change...they all think they rule the world...they think they are better than anyone else...

i hate them ....HATE THEM

um-miT3ib said...

ooooooo haaathy liq8 saaal 3ala eneby ;p

A Daydreamer said...

you mean you want everyone to stop staring!?!?! omg! what would they do with themselves if they cant stare!!?!? hehehe... girl, ppl will never stop staring, and i totally agree with you about the smile... im so used to smiling here in the US, cause its normal... bss bilkuwait, i always get that "whats wrong with her?" look!! yummaaa! walah they scare me! damn ppl, its just a smile! lol

dandoon said...

You all say you hate to be judged but that's exactly what you're all doing to them!

Roo7aw igraw DR's post about Kuwait bashers!:p

Spikey, out of interest, if you hate them so much and you're insisting it's never going to change, why are you here? If I hated living in a place, I'd move. Simple, really:) I'm not trying to cause an argument, I really am genuinely interested!

LOL sorry for the hijack No3ik! Mawthoo3 7asaas:p

No3iK said...

7bebty .. anything would let u burst into laughter :p

eee finally 6ala3t man .. al7imdelah
well they are reading!! u said it ..
READING.. which is something useful.

yeh i know, unfortunately were famous for that kind of behavior now .. bs i believe things can change for the better inshalah

haaa ,.. haaa haaaa :p
not funny :p
wallah if it will change, let them change inshalah for the better mangol la2 ;p

*chica bonita q8:
everytime i go out i discover new ones...!! in other words they cant let u be.

*jhonny ong:
thank u very much. yes iam happy because i know what im supposed to do.
but they way ppl treat eachother is just hearbreaking.

i never said anything bout my country and i never said ITS ppl because i do not generalize.
i said some, i simply catogarized the ways they stare at eachother.
something that is increasing with time and going out of hand. something that is disturbing actually that kuwaitis now are known to do: being snobs (enfoos) + (they stare)...
its called criticizm.. i dont dig looking for errors in my society when theyre staring me right in the face. and because i love this country i want the best for it, and whats best for its ppl. im very sure everyone who read this was able to relate to it. constructive criticism is healthy and something that we need.
not to mention! the "JOKE" of the day! the qabas article .. Kuwait University BANNING a book.and calling it pornographic!! not to mention insulting the teachers whos been teaching this very assential book in english literature major.
i have the book theres no porno i havent seen pamela anderson there anywhere .. ? so im only wondering wheres the porn .. there is only a few black and white pictures very old literature pictures from the 17 cent.. of naked ppl..gods .. they are artistic not porgnographic. they are not in a sexual position..its just the way ppl used to paint in that period of time. if all they can think of is sex, if their little minds cannot handle such art they couldve used a black marker! not ban an entire graduate book from college! that is insane and embaressing! so all of this and u just expect us to say.. no we love kuwait there for everything is hapening is right, think positive..positive thoughts!

7bebty im a very positive optimistic person, i belive inshalah inshalah ppl can change i believe in the good in everyone.
that is what im trying to do help bring out that good first in me inshalah .. than in others. this post is not judgmental. i didnt judge those ppl i didnt, im merly observing the way they stress everyone around them by staring, which is a right i have since they do it in public places.

one more thing, asking ppl to leave this country because they see some errors in it, is not fair, because they love this country and because they plan on staying they intend to fix it. the first step of fixing a problem is to acknowledge it. u cant just pretend nothing is wrong! thats not how it works.

anyways ... comment kithr matabeen 7abebty liblog blogich :*****

No3iK said...

pheeew! that was a long comment! anyways ..

who said anything about worried ?
im just pissed ! :p

omg! alllah e3enich that is to much girl!
i wonder what u do ?
abaaaih awal mara ashofich mshta6a! etshawgeen hehehehe ;)
alllaaaaaaaah esalmich 7bebty :D i cant wait for her to come back inshalah soon .. :*** umwaah

LOL! ok thats a look i think its the one i mentioned before .. the i smell somethig bad .. look.. its kinda bitchy i agree.
welcome to my blog :)

calm down man ;p
man .. never say never .. i do belive and have faith in kuwaitis they are good ppl, but i dont know from where they got these rediculos habbits!! inshalah like it came it will go away ... inshallah :) pray with me.

*um mit3ib:
alf 9aleeeeeeeeeeee wasalim 3laih ya 7abeb allah mu7amad ;)

7beeebty! ur so cute! always smiling :) 3asa dom dom dom .. not to mention smiling is "3ibada" specialy us as mulsim were supposed to smile .. like regularly :p but u get the opposite here.
anyways .. again .. never say never ;)

Delicately Realistic said...

Ur right Kuwaiti's do stare a lot. But most the time theres nothing behind it. Its a cultural thing tara. If u go to different cultures and notice, some of them are like us, others will not look at u if u were burning on fire.

I want u try something.
Because like u im a very smiley person by nature, and it bugged me when i got 'dirty looks'.
So i started doing this:

Whenever someone stares. I smile back with a huge grin.
They always smile back.
Teach them. Be better than them.

Tara staring is only curiousty. And should be considered as a form of flattery like u said. Ur interesting to look at.

I'm sure u urself have found urself looking/staring at someone b4...its human nature. You even find little babies staring more at ppl wearing bright colours then say a grandma who is wearing black shayla and 3abaya. Ive noticed babies that actually prefer ppl with prettier faces and make up :>

You can do what my mom does.
Ti7al6imay o golay "Haw hathy shtaby?"
"Tut tut tut istagfor Allah"
"Haaaw lail7eeeenich tba7ligen fena"

(LOL im guilty of doing that sometimes)

Jacqui said...

Do you have a chip in my brain or something? :P We happened to post similar style posts on the same day really! Hehehe well a day apart.

Check out my latest post "Why am I crazy?" Hehehe in which I asked alot of Why questions I even ended in a similar way, hehe :P Weird ha? :P

do0da said...

Another reason why i love going out of kuwait, i dunno i hate the way we're judged for every lil thing. Its like a person cant even ask a women for the time, or help her out without being judged.

But even with all that =P i usually dont give a fuck if im being judged i just go on doing what i do some1 has to loosen up in this country =P

oo 3ad remember the song i wanted to send ilyoum this is a phrase from it "Making so much noise you don't know when to listen. Why are you judging people so damn hard
You're taking your point of views a bit too far.

DiiGMaa said...

eMWaaaaH ;*****
so sweet and flattering to mention me as an inspiration...

(shshhs don't tell anyone what else our late night calls are about :P)

I'm seeing improvement.. and especially with girls I have been more comfy to smile, joke and chat.. otherwise the stiff snobs I give them an even grander grin.. it really ticks them off :P

I'll take you up on that hug too..
have you noticed how many ppl comment and post about the lack of hugs and affection they recieve ?? hmmm makes you think ha..

anyways thats another topic ;P

wuuv u ;**

phoenix said...

How do you do it? Realize all these things?? You're a genius!!
Wallah i feel like this one is talking about me.. I always get those stares since i go out a little too much with myself..
And I'm the opposite of "stiff"..
And mostly I LOVE TO HUG!!
Another one of you're honest and true and beautiful post sweetheart!
Keep it up.. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

AmoOora said...

they stare chena theyr telling you look at me im better than you and whatever. Sometimes i wish i could just tell them inzain your better, just get out of my face..

Whatever 7bebty just ignore all those idiots they really irritate me, i never thought girls in kuwait would be this bitchy..

I smile to everyone oo qaleel ele yredly hal smile and i really appreciate it when someone smiles baq and i feel bad when someone smiles at me and i didnt smile baq cuz i was doing something else..
Its just a smile people, 7adhaa easy to do. laish tb5eloon feeha..

and I LOVE HUGS ! ill give you a hug hehe..
dont let all these idiots get to you just smile and be happy, be better than them..
Love you ;*

Zalabya said...

well.. i have a problem here
ana mo nafseya weya el naas bas my face gives that impression i guess u understand, u see me alot fa akeed la7athtay
i dont know why bas eveyone thinks im a bignose o maghrora! even when i smile they say latjamleen! but god ! walla men sejji akoon smiling
so i know some people think about me the same way u see kuwaiti's lol

garagt ! ;/

Marzouq said...

I know exactly what you mean.. I give them this look with a smile "please remove the stick out of your ass" look!! hehehe

I smile and I dont care! I dont care if they look at me weird! Im not doing anything wrong! A lot of people have issues! And its annoying as hell! They have nothing better to do then talk about other people around them, they didnt even really check themselves out! Real idiots like you said!

SaRo0Na said...

tara we've got the same thing here in Saudi!
GARAF! est'3fr Allah!

Reem said...

ahhh.. i do nothing.. sometimes i dress funny i got to admit.. bs mo funny 3aib.. just a little weird ;p
and yeah u should see me mshta6a, i jump up and down like a kido ;p

LinG-BLinG said...

Ur absolutely right .. its annoying .. staring sucks.
& smile .. its ok .. i'm a "smile supporter" .. & never mind what others think. they're most of the time .. just sick!

G.Q.™ said...

Kuwaities are maghroreen. Because we have naf6 and money. We always think we are the best every where we go. We think we out-smart everyone ..elli yesma3 yegool NASA is located in Kuwait!

All these attitudes u mentioned are because we have LEVELS ...people in kuwait are 6abaqaat ..even all mosalalatna talk about the levels all generations grow up with it ..thinking I'm the best and akshakh wa7ed!

But what I think is enna those reactions u mentioned come from a personal lack of the same thing ..ya3ni if someone thinks a happy couple holding hands is pethatic ..that's because he can't have that ..and so on.

In USA ..the christans country ..mako akthar min their friendly personality and street smiles with everyone! ...and we are the muslims ..netkabbar 3al naas.

A friend of mine her nickname on MSN is "Thank god I became a muslim before I MET muslims"

That says it!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Y you're writing this post!? :P

K!! kidding! :) Shofay ana 9arly fatra men rbe3 el coffee place o 9erna enro7laha mostly everyday! U're right! Etshofen el hawayel o i think ur Q's malha jawab o 9ej el wa7ed weda e3aref el ejabah! :)

interesting post Z (Unusual thing :P)


AmoOora said...


Its not cuz were muslims we do this, you find ppl in america doing the same thing.. I think its about how you were raised and who you hang around or even for other reasons but it has nothing to do with religion..

Ghasheema said...

awel shay a big HUG for you sweetie o ya ba3d el rude people kelohom :-D

you ask why these looks??

well sweetie only in the Middleast ppl stare like that...

and only in the Midddleast that any guy who sees you smiling says enti khafeefa! and you are dying for him....(3eshtaw)

ma agool ela allah y3eenhom 3ala anfosehom

here ppl smile and greet eachother in the street even if they dont know should see them in the morning

sij saba7hom 7elo :-D

me said...

walah its sad how people behave and react here n what can i say
malik ela 7'ashmik loo kan 3away ://

Dandoon said...

re: the book
I haven't seen/read the book before so I didn't comment about it!

re: asking people to leave
There's a difference between pointing out what's wrong in a country and actually doing something to change that and pointing out what's wrong and doing nothing. If you say it is NEVER going to change that means that in 20 years time you will still be complaining about it. That's what I meant by the "you should leave" comment:)

Reasons why people don't smile back
1) They might be insecure and when they see you smiling at them they'll think "shit, do I have something on my face?!"
2) They might not realize you're smiling at them
3) Yimkin they were admiring what you're wearing, the way you look and when you smile at them they realize ina their stares were so obvious that you noticed so they got shy and looked away

I know they sound stupid, but if I don't smile back it's one of those reasons!

Oo 6ab3an other reasons are ina they're plain rude OR they're simply not used to smiling!

Where's all this negativity coming from (q aimed at everyone)? Like I said in my first comment here, you notice the bad things because it's what you're looking for.

Oo tara ako nas who look maghrooreen when they're really not! So by bitching about how "Kuwaitis are very judgemental" and "it's in their genes!" you are doing exactly that. I've been guilty of doing it myself. If you think someone shayif roo7a/roo7ha (if they're with you in uni/work) try talking to them. I have wrongfully judged loads of people and some of them are my best friends now. When I'm feeling depressed, I tend to have a "blank" look on my face, look straight ahead (so I avoid looking at people) and walk as fast I can to wherever it is I'm going to. I bet loads of people thought of me as maghroora and "shfeeha mata36eena wayh".

Like DR said (I've been agreeing with you a lot lately!!) it's a cultural thing. I always look up when someone walks into a room. Not because I want to judge them but because itha sima3t 9ot wila I feel like someone is walking in front of me, la shu3ooriyan, I look up. I don't judge them either. I'm just acknowledging their presence! I've noticed that Indians do it too. It is not a "Kuwaiti" thing. *shrugs*

Adri giltay ilblog bloggi bas chinni khathait ra7tee zyada 3an illizoom? loool

Zombie-Commando said...

we live in retarded society..
you have to accept the situation.. SORRY!!

Aurous said...

this is a sad but a very true fact about kuwait!!
That's why I hate going to these places @@

Anonymous said...

I smiled plenty of times ..
I got smiles back =)

It's going to change soon ..dont worry :)

AyKay said...

ok.. now i have to admit that i love u. amazing post!

Fuzzy said...

shallow people behave that way

YoupPpi said...

Mmmm i didnt read all the comments coz mashala wayed .. bs u know ele e7r ena salft khzne wa5zk 7aTa bara ;P lama elwa7d esafr ma7s ena el5aljyeen kthrna 3nd'hoom hasalfa aw ma3ndhom asln ;/ ..

Anonymous said...

Its all about jealousy esp btw girls....looks btw guys..i don't have an idea....:P

Psycho G!RL said...

well you can't smile bcuz ppl will think "ur a B*** !"!! @@

studieing pornogrophy!!
what's that?!!!! @@

Fallen Angel said...

Too many Why(s)..yet so few because(s)!! I dunno what to say honey but you just have to live with it. Now, give me a's been long since I been here.


do0da said...

bitrideen 3al comments wila shlown =P ba3dain ibtit7al6umain how wat was once 10 replies, became 25, and will now increase even more :P tabeeni arid 3alaihum for u? a36eehum the secretary talk =P "thank you for your comment =) Your comments are valuble to this blogs existence. No3ik is currently busy right now but she will get back to you a.s.a.p. "

:P i deserve a raise

Anonymous said...

oh guurl you`v got issues ,, i mean where are you from ? Apolo ?

dont you know how ppl operate here?

gazing is a must in this country.

the i hate you look is built in.

and baby the way to deal with it ? smile ( believe me they'll die !! )

love your blog guurl keep it comin ;P

No3iK said...

OK PPL im baaaaaaaaaack :)
sorry 3l 6wala ... anyways here goes:

*delicately realistic:
thank u for understanding
and another thing,
i dont think its a cultural thing,
it kinda grew in lately.
i mean kuwaitis in the old days, they didnt act like this.
nor do other gulf contries do.
ive been to saudi, uae, bahrain and qatar.. and trust me, they do not act the way we do.

and yes i have to admit, i started doing it, because they do it, it grows on to people. but after i noticed that ive been doing it, that is when i stoped.
the reason i wrote this i want ppl to notice it atleast maybe it will help them stop :)

love :*

yeh shakla we do have a chip!

u said it, the key word..
the magic word: JUDGED! thank u.

lol dont worry just betweenu and i baby :*
if theres improvement al7imdelah then!
inshalah it will increase with time.
and the hugging topic lol
ill leave that to u ;)

7beeeeeeeeeeebty thanks
only honest and true ppl can see and relate and feel truth! ;)
and yes thats u.
babes big hug again :*

7 bebty i feel u wallah.
i can easily ignore them if i wanted to.
but ... i dont want for this to go on for everyones sake. i want the best for this country and its ppl inshalah. i believe in change :)

lol enty moshkiltich moshkila girl!
alah e3enich i know u suffer
shitsawen mo beedich allah e5ligich 7ilwa chithe :p hehehehehehe
a7ibich 7eta lo knty nfseya 9ig :p
hehehe just teasing!

lol did i say idiots? lol
and ur right bout them talking bout eachother u know the side looks and the whispering! and the gossip and all that jazz ! u go .. smile and do u thang ;)

if u think what u have in saudi is garaf
then u really should come and check us out ;)

again tshawgeen!
and dress like u want they have no right to judge u in the first place if ur not breaking any laws ofcourse :p

*ling bling:
thanks for the adv i sure will continue.. one person does make a difference :)

many of what u mentiond is true ..
but u should generalize..
the reasons u had are also true.. but theres more to it i think ..
there alot more theres history.
and us as future paretns and future generations should try and realize that at least we have a problem.
when it comes to islam, islam asks us to do exactly the opposite of what were doing, islam said always smile and greet eachother. so its not islam its the ppl. o misrepresent their religion.

again and again : gilel 7aya ! :p
interesting haa .. magol ela .. shfaham al shisamona bl shisamona :p
o ur one of those who stare i know. i can feel it.

ya b3d 6wayif al rude kilhum walah thanks for the hug :*

3alaich bl 3afya 3la hl saba7 al 8ilo walah! ;)
o guys when think of a girl khafefa for smiling well! its theyve got issues and alalh e7asibhum for that. u know thinking badly of someone.

looooool awal mara asm3 al mathal
bs now 3ad they have nose jobs ;) things can change dear.

the book thing u can check hanans blog.
as in for the other points read my comment to DR. :* love u babes.

some ppl can just accept like u said. and im not one of them.
and welcome to my blog :)

u mean crowded places?
yeh i wouldnt blame u i never go out in weekends for the same reason.

alllah yisma3 minich deer wized mn amthalich :*

lol not infront of everyone 3ad :p
hehehe thanks man.

i dissagree some of them dont even know what theyre doing is wrong. they just need someone to tell them.

i think subconciuosly one of the reaosns kuwaitis esafron, not only to change weather but also to take ab reak from all the judgments and staring.

girls stare
guys do other things they sometimes hurras ppl.

*phsycho girl:
WRONG WRONG! thinking...
alllah said al tabasom 3ibada
who are we to call it bitchy THAT IS SICK.

*fallen angel:
? wheeeeeeeeeere have u been man?
hehehe truly truly missed.

awal mara ashof personal assistant eshayish alnas 3la hhis own biss!!
gileeel al 7aya 3laik 5a9im
u know ive been extremly busy
so i needed time .. i never bail on my readers u know i always comment back :*****

lol im from kuwait :p
i asked it as a question but never wanted an answer ..
i just want ppl to stop doing it
i know they can .. because just like they started it they can stop it.
dont try and convince me its an impossible task or thing to do. nothing is. and it is not built in! lol we didnt do it in the past .. it grew in so it can grow out .. thats all im saying ;) thanks for the adv sweets ill surely keep on smiling.
7ayacccch in my blog dear inshalah see more of u around :*

Anonymous said...

its 7ayak ;|

No3iK said...

ooooohhh .. bb sorry :p

my bad ..! 7ayaaaaak man ;)

ZuZu said...

shoofay 3ndii ejaba 7ag so2al wa7ed bs ;) ...
why is it when a cute couple are in love, holding hands, or just being in love, people give them the (your pathetic) look? yemken yemken li2ana kel ma tmer wa7da ma3a rayelha 3nd bnya tmseka 7aail chenaa ra7 na56efa menha ;p