Monday, November 06, 2006

Huge dissapointment..!!

ok first off, for u guys who think im attacking kuwait.. im not ..

this is out of personal experiance .. and i simply need to let it out.. hope it reaches somewhere.
hope i can do anything about it .. but this time, its really not in my hand. wishing it reaches someone who can do anything about it.

8am i wakeup and call my friend:
"wakeup, yalah in an hour inshalah we need to go out"

both planned on job hunting in several places, all private companies.
i will name some of the places we went to:
- burg ahmad - burg al awadhhi -alraya ... etc

we hit every button, we tried every floor, we knocked on doors .. it took us 6 hours.
we were stressed and tired but we were also determined. now to the ugly part:

both of us smiling at the secretary, i will not mention any nationalities, but shes a non-kuwaiti.
us: hello, where can we find the human resources please.
she: - ignoring us working on her computer-
me: excuse me, wheres the human resources??!
she: - sick look on her face - your kuwaitis?
me: Yes.
she: we dont have any job opennings - looks away -
me: what! ur a new company, and u dont have any job openings? wheres ur supervisor?
she: hes not here ..
me: - leaves her office looking for him, and yes he was right there in his office - he greats us, and takes our CVs and says that we shall get a call from him soon -

we both went in, walked to the human resources.
me: do u have any job openings?
HR: yes we do, do u have your CV?
me: - hands her my cv -
my friend: - hands her her cv -
HR: - pushes my friends cv wih her hand and says - SORRY, only mit7agbat (women who wear a head scarf)

we both appllied in a well known company and as we were leaving to the elevator, a kuwaiti guy asks us to wait for him.
man: hello
me and my friend: hala
man: haa, i see u've been visiting our company?
my friend: yes.
man: what were u doing?
my friend: were applying for jobs.
man: are u colleg graduates?
me: - is he having the interview in the elivator-!!!
my friend: yes.
man: whats your majors?
- we both tell him our majors-
man: and u want a job in this company?
my friend: yes!
man: -strange look on his face- and ur both kuwaitis..!?
us: Yes!
he then frowned, got out of the elevator!! just like that! no good luck no good bye.. as if he was disgusted.

i shall not continue, i will stop till here, i just wanted to point out, how difficult it is specialy for kuwaitis to find a job, in their own country! how hard most companies are making it on us.
i would like to comment on each case, but ill leave that to you.

ALZIBDA: we were rejected in most cases coz we were:
- kuwaitis
- non mut,hajba
- female
- we dont have "wastta"

and I KNOW there are good kuwaiti companies around, so if there is TELL ME where can i find them ;)

ps: congratulations, on SADDAM'S excution by hanging!! woohoooooo b*ch is going down FINALLY!


do0da said...


do0da said...

oo difa3an 3an 7uqooq ilbloggers o mukani ka assisstant ib hal blog mara7 agra the thing ila lama u reply to the comments bil blog ily gabla :r

Common_Sense said...

why don't u look in the newspapers for job ads from the big companies. isn't this the best way and the easiest? if u r college grads I guess it shouldn't be that hard if u found the ads :) i don't know wala this is what I hear usually

Yazeed said...

well, i know how difficult it is, most of my friends (male) went through what you are going through (bas no one rejected them for what they put on their heads).
Private companies, the relatively small ones, ae making it difficult for kuwaities, because of the da3m il 3amala, they see it as a way to save up some money of your salary cause the government is going to give it to you anyways.

Its not only that, its also that some private companies, especially family owned, dont trust kuwaities (this is the same in saudi too) its their company oo they have this image that kuwaities are lazy and not very productive so they go with the cheaper yet higher productive rate of a foreigner (no offense). Akeed this is not how it is with all companies, but a lot of them operate in this way.
Big companies its a different story.

In my view, everyone is responsible for this problem, the government, the companies, and the people (not everyone slacks off, but there are some who do, who ruin it for everyone else). The easiest solution is to force a certain percentage of kuwaiti jobs in these companies and to increase it every few years.
Anyways I have said too much.

Wish you luck oo tawfeeg in your job hunt, for you and ur friend.


PS: oo min mita mafee 7oreeya sha59iya in the job? Isnt agaisnt the law to hire only mhjabat?

G.Q.™ said...

I have to know which company elli galaw mayaboon met7ajbaat?!

It's ok my dear you have to wait for a job. That's everybody's situation. I waited 9 months to get my job (with was6a) ...ya3ni law kent 7aamel chan waladt!

Where is your vitamin WaW???

SpiKeY said...

well....this is new to me...but u know wat ..if there is wasta trust me...if ur met7ajba...or not...a ex-con or will get the job...

that is wa96a means you have no life...with wa96a its like you own the world...

although its kinnda weird about those the company i work in...they didnt reject me and rejected others ...not coz of their looks or nationalty...but for their grades and education...

There are really big companies in kuwait ( depending on your majors )....for example some really good international banks are open now in kuwait...they would discriminate in any way.....

lelasaf kuwait companies dont respect education...they respect the NAME...

and some kuwaites feel threatend if a KUWAITI is gonna work with them...its weird ...

anyway...wish you the No3ik and your friend...and enshalla you will find the right job.. ( it took me 5 months )...


do0da said...

I try not to think bout job hunting much, every1 bitches bout it so its to early for me to start worryin.
plus you know you cant get no where without wa96a if u want a job in this country. And i sorta agree with yazeed in that if its a private company they usually higher whomever they want 3ad even thou it shouldnt be this blatant when rejecting a kuwaiti bes ya3ni i guess they know we bring with us alot of excess baggage =P

Hatha o fee this rule ily 10% of the workforce has to be kuwaiti bes bein in kuwait i doubt its being inforced much.

The Stallion said...

Good luck with the job hunt! I know it can be extremely hard and frustrating! Took eme close to 7 months before I got the job I'm in!

Nat said...

what is your major! maybe i can help

nat said...

what is your major!

AmoOora said...

What the hell ?! Shak0o kel hatha ?

only met7ajba mala sa3y and asking if your kuwaiti, ya3nii wtha your kuwaiti ! i dont get it..

7ta ib our own country we cant get jobs bSs somehow people who are non-kuwaity get jobs..

shfeenah e7nah ? shn0o naqe9na ?

Allah y3eenich sis, i know people who hav been waiting years to get a job bSs mako fayda..

YoupPpi said...

Maykhald Maykhalf .. al sabree gameel ;P
awl shy y36ech il3afya 3ala ilt3ab ele t3bte wenshala mayroo7 hadr w btlgain ur job ele u want it ;/

wayed nas e3eeshon ele g3d tmreen fee .. salft was6a 3adi bs tra mo kil mokan it can help u bs akeed fe mukan bdon was6a . or companies mat'athr el was6a wayed mt7jba well shrkat elqe6a3 il elslame y7tajon mt7jba coz this is their rule ;/ .. hehe ahm shy ele galt ena her manger mo mwjod then u looked for him and find Him !! Zain Tsweeeeeen ;PpP wish u good good luck hope u'll find a good job soon dont give up .. o i told u'd better work as a Designer ;)

Fonzy said...

u should try ur luck with banks. I work at ahli bank and i heard they r recruiting kuwaities now. more than that gulf bank are recruiting. good luck !! :) dont give up ;)

Fuzzy said...

try one of the Manpower agencies that help companies recruit new employees, ive heard that it is easier to get a job through one of those staffing companies

Fuzzy said...

and goodluck :)

phoenix said...

Case 1: what a bitch.. excuse the language but its the only way to discribe the situation!

Case 2: just mit7ajabat? in kuwait? since when?

Case 3: Interviews in an elevator and rejects you? how rude is this guy?

- Wallah No3ik, all these companies don't know it yet but they let go of something very special and full of talent. I mean rejecting THEEEE NO3Ik?
Discrimination in this country is disgusting, and so is was6a.

A biiiigggg hug to make you feel better. And just so you know, if it was my company, you'd be the first person I'd hire!!

Jewaira said...

No, of course you are not attacking Kuwait!

But unofortunately this is the case. You will need Wasta anywhere you go; that is unless you have a super duper CV. Even then, it always helps to have someone speak for you/ reference.

Don't give up, though

Laziale said...

Don't look or anything like that, just SEARCH and SEARCH..when you find a job that you like. apply for that Job *with* WASTA !

SaRo0Na said...

el7amdulillah i didnt have any trouble when i applied for my job!
i graduated, applied for the job the same week, had the interview 3 days later, the day after they called me to sign the contract! el7amdulillah marra ets-hallat!
BUT, i know some girls who face trouble when applying for a job, specially here in Saudi where not alot of GOOD companies accept girls to be employed!
i wish u all the best, enty wo ur friend :)

LaiaLy_q8 said...

it's all about the was6a sadly to say :/

No3iK said...
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Carlsb3rg said...

Case 1:
What you should have done is tell the HR administrator right then and right there about your experience with their secretary.

Case 2:
You shouldn;t be surprised. There are MANY companies who are taking this trend, and most of them if not all, are Islamic financial companies. It's also not a new thing since Kuwait Finance House has been around since decades.

Case 3:
I just really cant comment on this one. The only explanation I have is that the man needs to check his head.

In any case, from my personal experience, you dont need to have a name, nor wasta to get employed, especially in private companies. If you are good, you will be contacted.

Also, gender is not a significant issue, unless if the job really requiers a male.

Jacqui said...

I am getting freaked out here :P How can it be that we both were doing a similar thing on the same bloody day?! However I had a job interview this morning but when I didn't like the job I went downstairs to Taw6een and signed up there, I suggest you sign up there, they do all the hard work if you'd like :p

But yeah, are you like my lost soul?

Marzouq said...

Its annoying as hell when you meet these people who dont want to do their jobs and send you to the human resources and help you out.

Thats just a sad state of affairs.. they really dont look at the merits to hire somebody and thats what sad.. I really wish things were a little bit more professional here, and I wish they had an internship program where they would help students get their foot in the door. There are a lot of things which are sad, and the professionalism is horrible.. there is even a secretary where I work who doesnt do anything and the next progress report we have she is going to get her ass fired..

job opening! hehehe!

That aside, I dont know why they base 50% of it on looks, and then 30% on who you know, then 20% your work/ethics/enthusiasim/and everything else work related!

Zalabya said...

No3ik I TOLD U SO :/
once I graduated sawaina the same thing ana o rayyom ;~
no comments

AmoOora said...

Sorry i meant mala da3y not mala sa3y :s

ZiZoTiMe said...


U deserved it yal ba6aleyaaa! :P

ee el 7reem mokanhom el bait o zain esawoon fekom! 3yal 7rem yeshtaghlon o reyayel bel bait... Akher zeman wallah .... Ya wailkom men allah ;)

A Daydreamer said...

wow. sorry to hear about that hon. its like we go to school and work so hard to do good and the least we deserve is a nice job in our own country. * sigh *... good luck next time :)

Toxy said...

Hi No3ik,

Unfortunately, you are the victim of a vicious 'reputation' which is associated with the Kuwaiti (Private Sector) employment market.

I am Kuwaiti, and not to be disrespectful to many hard working young people,in general, Kuwaiti's are lazy, inconsiderate and uncontrollable in a work environment.

'Work' to a Kuwaiti, is a way to pass the time - not a means to achieve status, recognition and wealth.

It's a very interesting subject, and one which I have discussed a lot. I think I may well delve into the subject in more depth....

Good luck with the hunt, but I don't recommend you walking around buildings with a CV. Your best, and most professional bet, would be to goto a building, get all the company names - and CALL their HR Department.

Don't just show up on their're bound to waste a lot of time and effort for nothing.

No3iK said...

yeh i can see ur back :p mabrok ...
and like i said ur the worst assistant :p go check the comments u loser!

newspapers! im not sure these ads are for colleg grads ... but thanks :)

well, its not like u :p but ur absolutely right .. it is the reason for all the rejection .. its the general reputation that kuwaitis dont do much work and they get paid much more than the non kuwaitis ..
aked mafe 7oreya yoba kila 7achi !!
discrimination in everything.

well i have told u which companies ..
lol o mabrook mayakum :p bnt wela walad?

yes i agree .... there are some companies that look at the cv professionaly ..
and some look at the name or look for a special red marker on the cv . if u know what i mean .. in all cases .. i think it needs time and hard work.

eeee lat3awir rasik la7ig 3l loya b3dain :p
but no its not 10% its 25%
and what they do now, is get ppl they know u know son of a friend or relatives let them sign a contract that they work for them and theyre being paid .. blah blah ... but the deal is they never work there a9lan or go to the company, all they get is da3m al 3amala .. o thats it.

thanks man :) and good luck to u to ;)

u can email me at
;) thanks anyways.

yes i know its unfair but it makes perfect sense.
non kuwaitis work harder and paid less. kuwaitis dont work and get paid alot .. compared to the non ..
thats why we need laws .. that are regulated .. to solve the imbalance
in all the companies i went to all the female employess were nonkuwaitis .. only the guys were some kuwaiti and some non ..

7beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebty entay
thanks for the support ..
o al7imdelah i know what u mean
3adi ana mawaray shay ;) im just venting :*

thanks ;) good luck to u to.

thanks alot for the advice .. ill do that inshalah ;) good luck to you to man.

case1: lol i love u :*
case2: since bank al tamwel! kinda spreading now.
case3: lol very very rude! :p

aaawwwwwwwwwwwww u did it again!! lol u manage to make me go (aaawwwwwwww) when reading ur comments , complete and utter sweetness :* from THEEE PHOOOPH thanks for the hug dear :* love u.

thanks dear, i dont have a super cv coz i dont have any experiance a year graduate ... and inshalah im not giving up any time soon ;) again thanks :*

wow! amazing plan .. wish i could do that .. one problem first of all im against was6a .. second u can n ever know which job is perfect for u .. thats why u have to keep looking and trying different things.
thanks dear and welcome to my blog.

7beebty al7imdela im so happy for u .. going through all the trouble is just sad and frustrating to anyone.
wish luck for all oh those on the field looking. and thanks :*

very sadly.

long time no see ;)
case1: she wasnt worth my time.
case2: i know it really pissed me off!!
case3: hes an A%&

carls ur the first to say i dont need any of the above!! so thank u for that i believe so to.. if i want to work i would want to work in a place with ethics that would appreciate its employes for their hard work :)

No3iK said...

lol @ my lost soul!
how strange haa!! i wonder whats next?
anyways ive tried taw6en before didnt like them much.
i belive in if u want something done, do it ur self. ;)

all what u said is true true and true ..
but .. lol tara were not ugly :p lol kidding but agains true :p

e u poooooooor thing! she told me all about it!! horrible experiance! malat 3laihum :p

ololol sweety 3adi kilina badliyat o typos.

lol ana madre shasawi feeek !!
enzain alriyayel ma7ad galihum eg3don bl bait!! yl tanabil good for nothing :p
gileeeeeeeeeeeeel al 7aya ana 3almik

7bebty thanks :**
-sigh- its the least we desrve...

unfortunately most of what u said was right.. but u get to learn from ur own mistakes and experiance..
i now know i wasted energy and time on many companies that i know will simply as i walk out of their door my cv will be in the trash bin.
so thanks for the advice .. good luck to you to ;)
and welcome to my blog .

Dandoon said...

Case 1: WTF?! Shtabi hathi! I agree with Carlsb3rg, you should've told HR about her.

Case 2: Tawni adri ina fee companies chithee:s Inzain witha wa7da applied oo ihya mit7ajba oo ba3dain decided it wasn't for her oo she takes it off..would they fire her? Because of her hair? Hmph.

Case3: Mafahamt 3adil..who is he exactly?

Oh and what Yazeed said.

Good luck! xxx

No3iK said...


case1: ana 9ig 9ig makan li 5ilg.
wela i usually wouldv said something.

case2: good point! yeh my guess would be fire her, or only wear hjab in the office :s madre!!

case3: i think he was the boss there or maybe even the owner of the comp, coz ppl were kissing his ass when he came in.

thanks dear :* same to u.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry dear...u'll find a's the same everywhere...anyway if ur interested gulf bank is recruiting kuwaitis...u can apply as a me on my email...and i'll be more that glad to help...

Common_Sense said...

will they are, there is like KNPC and hai2aat elestethmaar and others

No3iK said...

thats so sweet of u, thanks :)

hay2at al estithmar was one of the companies i tried ;)
thanks man.

CuddleCakes said...

deja vu!

it's like hearing my sister going on about again and again and...etc

and guess what? she's been graduated for more than a year now!

I've just graduated myself and was dreading the very thought of getting a job (not cos it's hard to get one though), I hate to be in a job although I never had one before but cos the job market lacks enthusiasm and the opportunity to show your talents... it all makes you wonder if it was worth being away from your life (country, home and loved ones) for sooooo many years to eagerly come in a hope of benefitting your country from what IT (in the first place) sent you abroad to learn (cos it lacked it!)and put into practice at your work place..Oh no wait it's at NOTHING!

I don't really know if it's ironic or just plain frustrating.

oh sorry for blabbing like this but it got on my nerves.

p.s. I applied on line to dewan el 5edma at: and i think they'll close on the 16th and wont open again until April next year!! *roll eyes*

3sa allah ywafgech w wish u the best of luck dear :)

..G.. said...

hey sweetie, tara awal mara i visit ur blog, and its amazing :)

ana min il Bahrain ou i7na ily dayyyman ma'9loomeen may9eer feena chethi... wala il kuwait ma3roof 3anha inha deerat 5air, and if ur a kuwaiti you have all the rights in ur hand...its so ballistic that they ask u if u kuwaiti IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!! thats so unfair!! bes wenty il 9aja min doon il wa96a ur no where, alla yil3an il wa96a min il sa3a ily istiwat fee deeyarna hal wa96a..

But frankly speaking, this corruption is in most gcc conutries where we all suffer from..

Ya rab imwafiga (and ur friend too ;) in job searching, i just graduated and im going through the same phase :)

P.s. GReat post :)

No3iK said...

* ..g.. :

first of all welcome to my blog dear
o hala bahl al ba7rain :**

im so sorry to know this suns everywhere
coz its realy frustrating.
and is unfair like u said.
bs allah mawgood ;)
and good luck to u to 7bebty.
take good care.

..G.. said...

Thanks a bunch dear :)

Keep us posted if u get any potential job posts luv ;)

SuperNitfah said...

Trust me, the cases are identical in Bahrain.