Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i dont feel like writing apost.
i dont even know what to write about!
i so far wrote three posts: how life is all about give and take, the weather and karma...
then i deleted them all. because i dont feel like writing and im kind of forcing my self to write.
my last post was very depressing, and for that i would like to apologize.
no one was able to figure it out, but it was about cheating.
the third person.. the un known is a "she" that i wish no harm, i just wish "she" would disapear.
but now i feel much better -alhimdilllah-
i was able to wakeup this morning and take a walk on marina beach, where the weather was exquisite! -mashalllah mashallah-
i also interacted with ppl. i was smilling all day actually ;)
i have realized, nothing in this world is worth a moment of u not being able to smile.
seeing total strangers, smiling for me, and i smiling back helped a lot, so now when i do it, its for anyone out there who needed it as much as i did in the past few days.
so, im smiling right now.
and i wish ur doing the same :*
love u all.

*ps: to my best friend "f" 7 bebty i want you to know, we`re here for u, i know its hard, but well make it easier inshallah. a7ibich :*
*pps: thanks for ur comments and support! they mean the world :*

enjoy ur weekend! ;)


do0da said...


do0da said...

Glad ur feeling better =) oo shakla halayam ma7ad la 5ilg yaktib post :P

Anonymous said...

Good u took a walk on the happy.....i love walking on the beach...

SuperNitfah said...

Isn't ZiZi just so sweeeet =)!?

Yazeed said...

3asa doom hal smile ma tanzil min shifatich :)

Aurora said...

Lol...e ana i feel the same way
I think its because of the work load biljam3a....its definately been on the increase with me...
Allah yastir mn illi yay!

phoenix said...

I's smiling because my No3ik is smiling... I'm soo happy that you're happy sweet heart!!
Lost of love. And I hope you always have a smile on your face :)

Marzouq said...

You should never let anything bring you down with this beautiful amazing weather! Just keep smiling and doing what you do! Inshalla things will get better!

The weather has been amazing the past couple of days! Gotta love it!

O inshalla you will be smiling everyday!

AmoOora said...

Do0om inshalla hal smile..
walla your post put a smile on my face when you said that your smiling too..

Dont let anything get to you.

SMILE, you never know whos missing it ;*

ZiZoTiMe said...

9erna kelena methel el meyanen kel wa7ed fate7 7alja 3ala obo ga3ed yebtesem!

El mohem hach ely tbena :) (doing it for 5 minutes):P

Reem said...

hi sweets.. im smiling now, a big wide smile :D sea
im glad u're feeling better 7bebty.. im going to walk eb scientific center now bcoz i too feel hmm i feel what? madri just mt'9ayqa :)
u r a special person babe girl.. i wish u the best of the best :D
-biiiiiig hug- mwah :*

Reem said...

hey sweets.. i am glad u're feeling better now.. im going to walk now.. i feel mt'9ayqa too.. u r very special babe girl.. by the way i am smiling now, a big wide smile :D
-hug- mwah :*

..G.. said...

I hope you always wear a smile on your face, wala il dinya matiswa za3lich honey :)

I guess there has to be a time when you don't feel like posting, its a rotating cycle.. (and don't worry this post was simply amazing n genuine :**)


SuperNitfah said...

Your post actually reminded me in myself.. It's good ure taking advantage of the good weather these days to let ur fears n tears out. Do as many activities outdoors as you can lana 9ij t'3ayer elnafsiyah and keep smiling ;)And who knows, Prince Charming might fall in love with your smile in the Marina super soon lol xx

Bella Color said...

Glad u r feeling better... the best way to make a person disappear is to stop thinking about them... if there was a magic lamp, then, i would of wished that 'the person' would disappear, but there is no such thing ;)

Loved the last poem, but i hated the feeling i felt after reading it... u struct a chord!!!!!

Strangers smiling at u!? Excellent weather?! R u sure its not a dream :p? Now, i really cant wait to come back!!!!

do0da said...

LOL @ reem

moderations a bitch innit ? :P wala cham mara akoon fati7 katha 9af7a oo i post a comment oo move on o ba3dain lama arja3 since the comment doesnt show ansa if i did post or not =P bes i ususally wait as to avoid a double post like that =P

YoupPpi said...

;D <--- smile 4 u ..
hehe awl mra ag3d o agra shy maythayg il 5lg ;* thanx
keep smiling ;))))