Tuesday, November 07, 2006

standing on my toes

yes, i can stand
i can reach
i can leap,
there for i exist.

i whisper to the wind,
the wind whispers back!
we know each others secrets.
the wind once told me,
when it blows, it can feel my core.
there for i live.

i expect to live some more.
i hurt, i need to cry even more.
i want, i crave to imagine much more.
i smile, i want to feel eternity.
there for i not only exist,
but i conquer.

"im ambitious"


YoupPpi said...

shoT guNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ;P

Marzouq said...

Aim HIGH! Thats the way to do it!

Im aiming high, and damn its far! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

what can i say more than...girlllllllll u rockkkkkkkkkk!....u inspire me a lot...

YoupPpi said...

back ;ppP
ashwa ene la7gt 3al"shot gun" LooL lane r7t o rdait ..;P
eeeee haik badeyake ;)mthl ma3rftch shofy el frg bain ur poem now o ele mn gbl mn chm youm just check this :(dimmed)
im not standing.
i cannot reach...
but now :(standing on my toes)
yes, i can stand
i can reach
;) not only u can stand u can stand on ur toes .. ;) enshala 3ala 6ool haik ;) wish u the best .. goodluck sis ;***

phoenix said...

NO3ik... waw.. waw.. waw.. waw..waw. Waw... No3ik.. waw. OK..

Thank god you exist... Thank god you live.. Thank god you conquer. And trust me, every time you write something or should I say anything You conquer my eyes!!!

And I have to agree.. You ARE AMBITIOUS..

AmoOora said...

"I think therefore i am"

Aim high 7bebty, you can do it..
you can reach anything if you want..

Another day and yet another conquering poem.. Beautiful !

7ilwah min bo2ek ;Pp

ZiZoTiMe said...

standing on ur toes! ma3qooola?! Mashalah daiman agol enech unique :P Mako menech 2 yal Z

el kalam ely katbeta tara 7ada ekbeeer o jmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel :) with this poad ma adry eshlon enty ba6aleya lal7en ;)

Your Battlefield said...

right this second, i cant feel my toes their numb yet in pain...been on them from morning till 9 pm for school thingie...so the title was ironic to me,

anyways you dont need me to tell you how great you are, how your words arent merely words, they voiceful and emotionful...and again dont stop, keep it coming cuz i enjoy your creative pieces...

its been awhile and inshallah your job hunt outcome will be something you'll love..the best of luck

Will said...

That's what I've been doing lately too ;]
Keep it up. & never give up =)

Yazeed said...

told u intay moo ay wa7da

oo ba3dain remember next time: intaw 9abgeena ib 8 hours :P

me said...

b one and dont b afraid..go out there girl and just do it..

even if its only a dream..its worth it :)

No3iK said...

u shot gunned @@ wow mabroook :**
im so proud of u :p

the higher the better ;)

wow! what can i say that im 7addi flattered ;) fanx man.

yh yh yh !! 7arakaaat ur analysing me ha :p
good job, and gr8 comparison ;)
yeh iam feeling much better thanks to alll my friends and family :* love u all wallah.

babes!!! waw waw waw 3l kalam al 3asal ili dripping honey ili 3asal o 5ala9 :p
:*** ur one of the reasons i love to write :*

3afya 9idteha ;)
yislamli bo2ik girl ..
thank u :*

9ig wallah!! lol meta glt 3ni unique kila 6ayi7 tasfeel feni !!
heheheeh bs yalah toshkar ;)
aham shay ani ba6aliya and u have to remind me that iam :p bs magol shft shlon al nas mako ni`6ar :( shinsawi? ;p

i missed u! b3d 3mre ... salamtich whats wrong with ur toes? heheheh
and thank u. i really miss ur comments, coz u just get me :* ill do my best and good luck to u to babes :*

wow! well ur nick name actually speaks for it self :) inshalah same to u. and welcome to my blog.

lol mashkor
but remember what? tara i didnt get it :p

i know ... :* thanks 7bebty.

do0da said...

ana didnt i comment ihnii :P woops

Im glad ur run of pissed/depressed/mad posts came to end =) heres to more posts like this =)

Judy Abbott said...

and i love it :)

I hope you stay this way for many many years, and reach your goals.

phoenix said...

Since I can't keep away.. I thought I leave a comment:
-a big hug from me to you!! ;)
-5ala9 inaty you're my drug, I'm addicted to you!

Carlsb3rg said...

I dunno but i felt a posetive vibe from this poem.. its really good to feel that way

No3iK said...

eeee bout time :p
aaaawwww lol aham shay ani emlaw3a chabdik mn al t7l6im!! sowwi ;p
im glad to ;)

*judy abott:
i missed u :*
thanks 7beeeeeeeeeeebty same to u :)

- hugs back - any time :****
so whos ur dealer ;)
hehehe :p

thats great! i love it when ppl relate to me through my words :)

Fonzy said...

the sky is the limit;) keep it up!

Carlsb3rg said...

Im hoping you were positive about urself as well when u wrote it :)

Dr.Lost said...

stop writing poems :P

phoenix said...

Min 3.air dealer No3ik.. I make the drug myself by visiting your extremly addictive blog!!
-God I love this blog but not as much as the blogger..

Bella Color said...

This poem is full of hope... :)

Love it!

Common_Sense said...

ooooh ma 3alaaqt @@ 9ej eny jleel 7ya ;p or I am afraid m3aleq oo mas7eeta , ba3ad moderation u never know ;p~

anyways I liked it when people are optimistic .. good job girl, way to go nzaara elgabaaniya ;p

No3iK said...

exactly! thanks man :)

yeh dont worry :)

well its to late now :p
some ppl are addicted to it, and i cant do that to them, now can i :p

u make ur own drug!! wooooow
thats amazing ;)

*common sense:
lol 9ig jleeel 7ayaaaa
tw al nas ro7 nam wayid a7san :p

do0da said...

as your assisstant i would like to point out you skipped a name, now how are you readers gonna like that =@ ?

A Daydreamer said...

kalaaamich yaah ib wagetaaaa!!!! i LOVE it... mashallah 3alyeech.. keep it up... honestly? this actually made me feel a little better and less depressed... thanks honey bunny.... *hugs*

Fallen Angel said...


I love the way that you italicized the words and those specific words. Very deep ^_^

No3iK said...


7bebty b3d 3mre!!
i love u toooooooo :**************

bes assistant thanks :)

with ur comment!
ur words .. u made my day :)
im so happy .. wallah iam ;)

*fallen angel:
thanks alot :) it shows that u have good taste in words.