Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thingeyat No3ik 4

Thingy 1:
the beauty and warmth of her work.
she was such patient person, all hand made quilts and stitched pictures .
tislam eedich mom :*
they look amazing in frames now! just like u wanted them.

Thingy 2:
right infront of al9abri baqala -my fav baaqala- on ur way out of salmiya
scary i know!!! kinda freaky to see.
the thought that its just a toy! in other countries this could be a real baby.

Thingy 3:
my new recp, head phones, msn, instyle mag with my beautiful scarlett johanson, red bull + green olives YUM YUM!

Thingy 4:
truth or dare! and so we dared my cousin to go and knock on the door of the very famous haunted house!!!
and she did , lol shes the one behind the grey box :p hehehehehe i did that for safety reasons.
not to mention the house is haunted FOR REAL!!
Thingy 5:
7ooori taking a huge chunk of choc!!
thanks youpi :**

Thingy 6:
a horrific attempt to cook, is french toasT considered cooking?
anyways i was trying to do my own breakfast, i was like, ok ill do it myself.
and i also tried to do the toast that V in V for vendetta did for natali portman :p
i was so hungry i actually took a bite! only the edge of it!! :S u dont wanna know what happened next.
Thingy 7:
aaawwww!! seeing them broke my heart! but even barbies have changed
theyre not as good as the old ones :`( i miss mine.

Thingy 8:
one word: FUN!

Thingy 9:

save the best for last like always my hunky bunky
this ons is dedicated to my lovely sis :** i love u. and i know ull love me even more now ;)
aaaawwwwwww! :)

thats all ppl, hope u all have a nice weekend


do0da said...


do0da said...

Thingy3: im additcted to green olives =P a7la shay when you have a some while watchin a footie match its like better than 7ab ! :P

thingy 4: lol not to be picky bes thats not gray =P

thingy6: oo oo i can cook those =P

No3iK said...

7ason!! go sleeeeeeep :p


..G.. said...

Awwwwww!! kisarty 5a6ry :( 7araaaam 3ala il french toast!

You really got me hungry with ur green olives, il7een baroo7 akiliy :D

cute stiff no3ik ;**

..G.. said...

btw your mum's work is simply beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

يعني صج البيت مسكون؟ ليش شنو سامعة عنه سوالف؟ ممكن تقولينلنا؟ وشنو صار لمن بنت خالتج طقت الجرس؟ هل طلعو لها الناس؟

Anonymous said...

Have a nice weekend too!

Marzouq said...

i like black olives.. superman was good.. i would run around in haunted houses, the scary part would be doing it at night!... your toast doesnt look edible.. alah ekhaly 7oori lukum o ekhaleekum laha! She is adorable! Mashalla! ... V for Vendetta was amazing!

Have a fantastic weekend!

AmoOora said...

LOL 3ajeeeba your thingies !!

and just so you know, your not the only one who makes burnt food ;p

0o yum yum, you made me hungrey (olives!!)

Take care ;*

Yazeed said...

thingy 3
so it was redbull!!! :P

thingy 6,
a7ad yafshil ib toast! french toast is not that hard!

sha5bary monopoly
imbayin ba6aleeya :P

il-sooSa said...

Min gaallich abeeeeeeeeeeeeeech it7i6een his pics anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE's mine!! that means NO SHARING !!! >=O

the less attention the better
But thanks , atleast, for letting people know a little info about ownership ;] I can officially say that im addicted. Did u know that on his 1st interview with the director, he spilled a cup of cofee all over the table. thinking this made him deffinitly loose the part, it actuely got him the part. director thought that xtra touch was perfect 4 clarck Kents clumsiness [How adorable is that!! ] AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH X"(

Now after clearing that up, hopefully ..

I'd like to say

"Whaaat!!! who n when did u finally frame them ? omg, saraw yihabloon. Am soooo happy , at last they got the treatment they deserved years ago"

MuLaN said...

luv ur mom's works..tres belles =)don't drink too much redbull its harmful!
7ore is so sweet =)

AmoOora said...

Just wanted to say, your talent has been passed on to you from your mom..

You both hav a unique piece of art. (mom=pictures, you=poems)

mashalla ;* 9ara7a thier amazing..

Bella Color said...

-mashallah now i know from where u got ur talent... :)

-BAQALAH!!! LoooooooL girl, do u still go there?! KINDER & REDBULL!!!

-ur desk reminded me of ur office at ur work for some reason... r those olives spicy? if they are, save some for me ;p

-i dont know how ur cousin dared to knock on that haunted house door.. akeed u r the one who dared her and drove her there ;)

-mashallah 7oooooooooor is sooo adorable... i cant believe that u say that u dont love kids, when most of ur thingyat is about ur nieces! i knew it that deep down inside u have a soft spot for kids :)

3aliha bil 3afia :***

-esta'3er allah.. what the hell did u do to the toast.. who else ate it? bas i can imagine ur reaction after eating it ;p

-i realized that red bull is the star in almost all of ur thingyat... i think u should call ur posts from now "My life partner, Red Bull" ;p

-what a hunk! bas what the hell do u mean by 'GAA GAA'!

this post is 3ajeeeeeeeeb... it cracked me up

shakshaka said...

wayyy aham shay el toast b3ad 3umreeeeee:P kesar kha6reeeeee lol wo b3deeeein eshmaalah 7a6atlina hal bait elmaskoon we7na benaaam now 9arwa3teeeni kho ebroo7i ana elkhayaaaal mashala wasi3:P

No3iK said...

i missed u ! :*
and 3laich bl 3afya with the green olives ,, yummmmy stuff.

thanks 7bebty ,, thooqich ili beautiful :*

e 9ig al bait maskooon 9arla more than 20 or moore even .. years mahgooor
no ones dares go in!!
everytime they try to sell it or tair it down !! they come out :S
and the owners of the house the first owners, their kid was thrown from the roof of the house , he died ,, but everyone knows he was killed!! any ways ,, house creeps the hell outta me :/
and bout my cousin she knocked on the doooor and cameeeeeeeeeeeee back running to the car!!!! shaking maskeena heheheheh 7adha sakka.

thats sweet of u :) thanks.

i used to like black olives and hate green ones!! then like for no reason at all ... im addicted to green ones i love how their strong! hehehe 7asha mo olives hehehe anyways ..
doing it with this house period! was a BIG deal!! alah esalmik marzouq wi5aleeelik all ur family to.
and V!! is the best movie of this year.

and same to u ;)

lol ! its always good to know ur not the only one :p
hehehe alah e3afeech go get ur self some ;) yum yum.

shfeek chithe sha5a6t feeni o haza2tny lol
im not ba6aliyaa ! :p when u decide to quit ur job :p im not ba6aliya im independintiya for a while ;)
hehehehehe nice new term.
and yes its always red bull ;)

*il soosa:
calm down siss!!!! lol
hes alll urs dont worry hehehehe
and i dedicated it to u !! yummma minich 9ig na7eeeesa o obsessive
o possesive :p
sharing yamama is caring.
anyways .. malomich ;) bs aham shay ani ana weyach miyanen talking about the guy like hes waiting for us hehehe ok anyways the frames the yall arrived together today .. ur aunt did them who else!
and u should come and see them in real life!! THEY LOOOK AMAZING!

thaaaaaaaaanks babes :**
and 7ooor is adorable u just wanna bite her ;)
red bull is harmful coz its addictive so i know :( thanks for the adv sweets.

7beeeeeeeeeebty thanks ,, i know
she was reallly reallly talented!

now thats a comment ebarid al galb :*

- thanks 7bebty :*
- eeeeeee u know the baqala and u know my regular order: kinder country + red bull baby ;)
- akeeed its me ;) hehehehe bs ehya maynona ili she did it!
-well its only 7oor dear no one else just 7ooor :* trust me.
-lol when u come back inshalah im cooking us breakfast then ;) hehehe
-i already did that , remeber my post red bull being my best freind .. always with me and im always with him lol automatically he bacame a him madre laish 3ad :p kila minich!
-GAAA GAAAA is like something very hot and ur speechless with words so u goo GAAA GAAA !!
-b3d 3mre u cracked me up! :*

LOOOOOOOOOOL shakshaka mawateeeny mn al `6i7ik enty o 5ayalich al wasi3 hehehehe b3d 3mre esmila 3laich :***
mako ela al 3afya inshalah heheheeh sleep with a teddy bear or something ;p and good nite 7bebty.

Bella Color said...

khalas 3ayal, u r cooking breakfast for me when i come back home! i want a promise!!!!!

Bella Color said...

7abebti wallah i miss u sooo much... i miss sowalifich... :*****

bas next time in ur thingyat, put scofiyo's pic 3ala shani GAA GAA ;p


No3iK said...

bella ,, ok its a deal ,,
and a date ;)


No3iK said...

OK! on one condition :

u must swallow what ever it is i cook lol ok!
no matter what the results are.

hehehehe im soooooooooo enjoyinh this right now ;) `7`7`7`7

Bella Color said...


is it a dare @@!!

looook, if u eat what i cook, i'll eat whatever u cook no matter how it loooks...

bas on one condition, let an ambulance wait outside :p

No3iK said...

- shakes on it -

and everyone here is a witness ;)

Intlxpatr said...

Your Mom's needlework is amazing. Your wall is like a bank vault, full of hours of her working and musing, and probably praying for good things for her children.

ZiZoTiMe said...

a7eb el thingeyat ely ohwa random post.. ewanes :)

Kel el post eb 9ob... o el da3aya ely ga3ed etsaweenha 7g el RedBull eb 9ooooooooob... Are u one of the chicks ely enshofhom bel showare3?! :P

..G.. said...

Aya 3alich missed you more 7abooba :$

Have a nice weekend, ihnee fil bahrain it just started ;)

P.s. Do you mind if I include you in my blogroll?

..G.. said...

Missed you too hun' ;** !!

P.s. Do u mind if I include you in my blogroll

Reem said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeey :* mwaaaah!! sorry, i sent u an email saying why i was off for a couple of weeks :D missed u sooooo much!!!

i love ur thingyat :D sooo amazing!
1* i love things that r hand made, mashallah those look sooo beautiful!!

2* what an awful image!! did u pick it up? it could b a bomb or smth.. Allah yster

3* loool!! aham shay el olives!! hehehe instyle is my favorite, yet sadly i cant afford most of the expensivooo clothes :( hehehe i manage though ;p

4* brave cousin!! yeeeeeeey no3ik's cousin!! wohooo!! is it haunted for real?! man!!

5* bl3afya 7oori :D yummy!!

6* loool!! they look great ;p actually not really ;p.. maybe u should quit loool ;D

*7 i still have 2 of my old Barbies, and one sexy Ken :D

8* Allah!! wanasa mashallah :D

9* sorry but i really don't like superman!! he's kinda creepy!! (by the was i have a deep real fear of flying,, a real phobia)..

LOVED it sooo much!!!
Go YOU and Thingyat!!

Aurora said...

Thingy 1: Your mom cute!
2: Creeepy!
3: Abi INstyle mag, min ziman ma sharait!
4: Brave girl!!
5: ya7lailha!
6: But burnt toast sometimes tastes nice :)
7: sha5baaari Barbie
8: ee walla FUN, o hal Red Bull la7gich kil mukan????
9: Tssssssssss~~~~!

phoenix said...

7ata thingiyatcih 3ajeeba!!!

Hitman1 said...

From all the "thingies", I admire most the Red Bull... بيعطيك جوانح

YoupPpi said...

Hiiiiiii miss You ;*

1-7adhoooooM Nice mashala ;)
2-:( Taksr ilkha6r ..
3-ahm shy il green olives bil 3aFya
4-waaaaaiii :| bsmela ana low shno ma asweha :S
5-heheheh bel3aFya ma5ls lel7een ! ;p
6-La t3leeeeeQ
7-LooooooL ambai Tathkreen lma kina nl3b :pPP wenswe bait o LoYa ;)
8-LooooooooL hm l3bna monopolY ;pp
9- i hate her too ;p

SuperNitfah said...

Your mum is really talented mashallah... Your "cooking attempt" ended drastically lol... French toasts made me laugh the whole day =) *hugs*

um-miT3ib said...


No3iK said...

ur comment was heart breaking.

loooooooool aham shay anik bada3t feni
ok i know im jobless and all
maybe thats the reason im addicted to the drink!

id be honored to be on ur blog roll
anytime :***

7bbebty thanks for the email i just read it!
4- yes its haunted for real.
6- everytime i say im quitting then im back in lol for some reason :p
maybe just to prove that i really should just quit.
rayoom!! thanks babes i really missed u !!! hope ill catch u soon online :*

i love u!!!!
for the tsssssssssssss at the end!
coz u like get me :*
and the burnt toast, it didnt just taste awful!! the smell OH GOD!! it was @#$^ xs
and the red bull is becoming a must!

big hug back :*

lol give me more than just that ;)

yallah t3alay lets play menopoly ;)

my dear dear beautiful friedn :*
making u laugh :) make me full of joy walllah o 3asa dom inshalah.

*um mit3ib:
a7ib ili dasha bl 9ameeeeeeeeeeeeem
wa bi9olb al maw`6oooo3 :*