Monday, November 27, 2006

chest pain

how can a total stranger, cause so much pain?
someone that doesn't even know you exist,
comes in between!
a thing, a third person, that becomes as alive as you are.
you cannot confront or give your back to.
with its haunting intensity, everywhere.
I hug the pain, I hug my pain.
maybe with time, pain will fall in love with me.
and gentler, it may want to be.

im so tired

*ps: my fav cereal is honey nut Cheerios ...whats urs?


do0da said...


do0da said...

oo its Trix all the way for me :q

Yazeed said...

hope u feel better, hope u overcome this "third person"
oo shfeech, kilha 3 weeks oo i'm coming back, hang in there ;P

Cheerios honey and nuts alllllllll they way, i havent had anything else in a long long time.

do0da said...

well if i may throw in a do0dastic philosophy..

A stranger usually only hurts us when we know the thing he did/said is true and if tis not then we're just being a wee bit too sensitive.

so cheer up and have some cheerios and hope for the latter of the two :r

Anonymous said...

helloo ;p i agree with wat do0da said! dont listen to strangers if u kno what they r saying is wrong (mi7tareen) ;p

oreooooo's with the tiny little marshmallows ;**

MuLaN said...

ma 3ash mn yz3lch..don't let him control u & dont be his victim..get over it
my fav cereal iz the original special k.

Fedo said...

1. You asked earlier about my inspiration to write. This is what inspires me, chest pain. Writing releases a little bit of the pressure.

2. My fav cereal has been Honey Nut Cheerios for years!!!

Your Battlefield said...

cheerios as well

i loved this piece but also i'd like to point out, that you rocked the ending and it was beautiful but to my the start was hazy but yet again all together it feels so complete

i think this piece i can relate to...especially these days :(

Reem said...

ahhhh!! laish chethi 3wrti qalbi honey :(
hug pain, i agree.. pain will like you then and decide to leave u alone bcoz u dont deserve it.. pain will realize that :)
"gentler" i love that!!

im wayed wayed tired b3d :( abi hug!!
Kellogz Special (diet) ;p horrible spelling hehehe ;p
huuuuuuuuuug!! a7bch.. u always speak up what im thinking about ;)

Marzouq said...

Chest pain.. hmmm I get that from Heartburn, and sometimes the mofo hurts!

Pain only makes you stronger!

Frosties hits the spot for me! :)

AmoOora said...

e walla ma 3ash min yeza3el il.'3alya..
inshalla you will get rid of this pain soon..

0o my fav. is Oreo marshmallow YUMMY !
and Cookie crunch (cant remember what its called but its basically mini cookies hehe ;p)

ScarlO said...

Frosties. And smacks or whatever they're called, the one with the green froggie.

Oh wait, All-Bran is more healthy and all. Cheerios are bad .. :-p and American .. and that's bad.. i guess ..

No3iK said...


all i can think of is ...


G.Q.™ said...

I know that feeling ..its called "fazzat algulb" ...I hate it!

shakshaka said...

FROSTIES allaaah teshawagt abeeh:P

Anonymous said...

Be strong....always look at the brighter side...think that u'll live once so why the agony?

SuperNitfah said...

Whoever the person is, whatever the reason is, i'm sure mayeswa etkadreen nafsich 3laih/3laiha :)