Tuesday, April 03, 2007

put my buttons

I've been very very very busy with social stuff .. and meeting with people and like doing a 100 things in one day!
being in more than 10 places in just one day!
so now im finally siting on my couch watching my TV, drinking my red bull and typing on my laptop!
hows every ones days? any big news? mashallah mashallah been hearing many good news lately .. inshallah DOOOOOOOOM!
i would like to share a weird story that happened to me ...

the button tailor!

i got some special buttons and wanted to sew them to this new silk shirt i bought .. i know its an easy task and i could do it myself ... but since i had a $^%452456 things to do, i decided to give it to thee tailor, i give him the buttons, and i ask him, can u plz just put the buttons?

hes like: yes jaaain ana sawi hada .. "yes i can do this"
me: when will it be done?
him: bokra soboh "tomorrow morning"
me: ok! how much?
him: robo denar "250 fils"
me: @@ nice! ok. thank u bye ...

- me back the next day -

me: hello ... is it done?
him: no :s
me: u said come in the morning and now its 11am!! and I've got appointments and i cant come here again?????
him: eee ana yinsha "yes, i forgot"
me: -grrrrrrr- when will u finish it???? x/
him: enta yigee sa2a kamsa "come back at 5pm"

- me back -

me is it done????
him: yes .. check it.
me: very nice! thank you :)
- hands him a half kd -
him: hada mayser "this is wrong"
me: no its ok, keep the change.
him: la la hada showaya felos "this money is not enough"
me: @@ u said quarter dinar!!
him: eee ana egol robo dinar 7ag wahid zirar! "i said quarter dinar per button i put"
me: @@ are u like serious!!!
him: yes!
me: seriously! ur not kidding ... u charge quarter dinar per button!!
him: eeeeee @@
me: - o way3eeeeeeee- x@

LOL idiot!!!

*ps: the new showtime updates SUCK! i miss having paramount and tvland :````(
*pps: someone should sue or kill or blow up who ever came up with this lame lame SAD we3 we3!!! MIGHTY
ZINGER ZIFTER adverts!!!!! :s :S as5aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf!


do0da said...


Zalabya said...

second shotgun
dam ana ele dalaitech 3ala el ezrarat shop 3ayal akeed 7elwen
mo? moo?

Reem said...

hiiii!! looooool per button!? u should've given it to me :D free of charge babe ;p

i hate da3ayat bal3a :) they make me sick!! and est'3far allah a7s hardeez mo food :s

looool aham shay rob3 per button!! hehehehe

do0da said...

ay very busy :P u spend half ur days sleeping :r o the other half up during ungodly hours lol and im glad even the tailor was mean to you :P akeed ziz imwa9ee 3alaich

ne ways thats enuf meaness in one post fa gilt a5timha ib *hug* :p

ZiZoTiMe said...


Y3ny etha kelhom 6 buttons bekalfenoch 1.5 Kd (I'm good in math :P) e3tabreehom Def3at bellah 3nech!!!Abkhaaal yal cheaaaaaaaaaaap! :)


Badaaaaaaa3t feeny! Y3ny ana mean to her!? Mashy el door yay 3alaik ;)

BLaSha said...

LOL!!! na9ab!!! maskeena intai walla :P
chan ybteehom lee, ana asaweehom ebalash :P

BLaSha said...

post a pic of the shirt :)

Delicately Realistic said...

LOL a tailor did that to me once, bs not for buttons for something else. na9abeen i tell u hehehe!

As for showtime!
7adhom ba6een chabdy!?
I dont get the new channels...many fahma....wain ra7 channel e! o where are the re-run channels....ish'hal sakhafa?!@??@?@

Sene said...

Ha Ha! 250 fils per button.....
How come u didn't shoot the tailor?

Swair. said...

*gasps* SAYARTEE!?

ok ok, baskit :p

my news: i got a job! wahaha..

ur busy-ness: ya36eeech alf 3afya, 7ajia :D

the tailor: yabeela 6ag, kan el mafrouth he explains min el awal! if i were u i'd give him just one dinar oo agoola "roo7 baitkum" :p

Anonymous said...

6ooz feech ezrarat##$!!! you whent to A TALOIR for ezrarat.
any way HATE the zeft new freken ShowZeft, 7adda Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3, onlt good thing cumortiols v short.
n every thing Araby U"7777777777777
i miss my TV land ;( & qasub enchoof the wa3 brit tv shows.

No3iK said...

allah 7ayaaa ;)

yuba 7alaalich second o 100 :*
eeeeeeee dam enty ili dalaiteeny chan kamalty 5airich o dalaiteny 3la 5ayaa6 adimi :p
bs al 9ig yingal! Wayid 7ilween ;)

b3d 3mreeee wallah lol thanks.
da3ayaat bal3a make ppl lose their appetite! no thats just very smart in`it :p to keep ppl slim and fit :p

ent laish kila fa`67ny
o shfeek 3lay weya zizo!
bada3taw! :p
mabi ur hug zain xr

6 buttons b3ainik they were more :p
o b3dain ma3rooof al tailors when they ulter something gahiz!!! i ulter an entire dress for 2kd
hatha yayni 3la zrarat yabi more!! @@
so shut up:p hes a 7mar o lazim edafi3 3ani ya gilel al 7aya.

hehehehe mn wain hl 6aybeeen wallah
mashkora 7bebty :* tislam li eedich
i will take a pic and post it inshalah :*

almushkila ma yingidir 3laihum!!

o the showtime 9ig 9ig enarfiz!
e`6ayi3 3la goltich .. bs shinsawi as if we had a choice.

trust me i would .. but i was too busy to get my gun out.. bs 9ig 9ig lail7eeen 7arni!! i dont like being played like this.

LOL hehehehehehe u get it:p
p ALF ALF malyooon mabrook 3l job 7bebty .. u deserve the best ;)

swair u had no idea shino kan mn 9iga o em3a9ib 3lay b3d!!!
i just wanted my shirt to leave .. 7MAR! to think about it ,, i shouldve done that ..

LOL do i know u !
u remind me of somone who says 6oooz feech and zift alot :p
anyways ... i have to agree with the showtime part :p hheheheh uuuu````7 all over the place im really not liking it ..
the only thing that is there to like is they have some new nice shows ... like Jericho! i loved it!

Dr.Lost said...


so what if u pay 250 fils/button.. !! ;p

and as for april fools post.. didnt u always know that im an ass? ;p

Dr.Lost said...


Dr.Lost said...


Dr.Lost said...


Dr.Lost said...


Dr.Lost said...


Dr.Lost said...


Ni3Na3aH said...

very funny post..LOL. kila chethe ygololech basawoon el shay byoom o y6awloon el salfah 3al fathy.

Nora-Cassandra said...

250 fils per button??? I can’t believe you didn’t kill her for doing that to you! It wasn’t enough she was so late handing you the dress back!?

G.Q.™ said...

doOoda ma3indaha shaghla ghair shot gunning you!!! @@

About the tailor ..el as3aar tzeed 7eta fel buttons ...live with it!

And yeah the zinger ad is the silliest thing Ive ever seen! ...ya3ni 7eta if u really want to try it ...after u see the ad tloo3 chubdich! ...thats what really happened with me!

phoenix said...

250fils PER BUTTON? you should have done it yourself sweety...
Li3ab 3alaich hatha!


LOOOL hatha 9ij Hindi, sheno 250 fils PER button, 3ishtawo !! why didn't u give it to ur 5adama chan saweta walah ib ne9 sa3a bala hal Loya ;Pp

Missy said...

"- hands him a half kd -
him: hada mayser "this is wrong"
me: no its ok, keep the change."

hahhaha ga9 3leech.. :P so how much did u pay him at the end? :P

Anonymous said...

its called the art of business, 250 fils. he didn't say 250 fils in total. the indain guy maybe is a oxford gaduate

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaayy 7maaaaaarrr
narfaznee zaain x@

No3iK said...

sharaaaaaaaaaaap ;p
men simply dont get it!

yeah!!! if they say tomorrow it means the day next ;p morning means night ... hehehehe 3adi! got used to it.

hehehehe o i know .. after this post i keep thiking i should go back there and kill him ;p

LOL first of all doda is a guy not a girl :p

second 7ilwa minik al as3ar tzed 3l buttons not stitching them!! :s

and that ad is good for ppl who want to get ona diet!

i know :``(

ay ni9 sa3a!! each button one stitch!! very easy .. i was out already so i thought just give it to him.. 3shan makes things easier for me i had many other things to do! bs 6la3 7mar.

12 buttons :p

hes nothing but a 7mar! LOL dont give him too much credit for being a jurk.

glteeeeeeeeeeeha! 7mar :p hehehehe thanks u :*

Peony said...

loooooooooooooooooooooool.. min wain ligaytay hil 5aya6 ??

No3iK said...

lol gam3iyat al surra :p

Marzouq said...

hahahahaha! Sara7a mawateeeny min el thu7ik! Way3ee 3aad! hehehe! It seems you overcome the language barrier with that one! hehehe!

No3iK said...

lol maaaz

actually i said it in my head and heart :p
he never heard it!
i paid and left :p i totally lost in this one , i have to admit it.

im glad u laughed man! where have u been?