Sunday, April 15, 2007

a hero

weak and fragile.
like a dry petal,
will break, if touched.
like a dead butterfly,
will shatter, if the wind blew its way.

-water drops-
still, patient and alive
cutting their way gently, quietly
through the thick layers of a rock,
reaching its chest, becoming the core.

make people witness
how hard this world is,
how wrong it could be.

adding colors to what is black,
for bravely putting up that smile.
your not just strong ...
your a real hero.

*p.s: pray for her health. and for all of those in need of our prayers, may they all be well very soon.


do0da said...


do0da said...

i knw i already said this to you, bes i mean it so il say it again. People like her make me ashamed of myself :* inshala she gets well my prayers are with her

do0da said...

me likey, even though i didnt quite get the water drop comparison at first since ive never looked at them they way u just did but i like it since its unique in a way and perfectly fits!

Anonymous said...

Allah Ya7feth=haa Inshalaa

NoNoWa said...

All the best to her, and enshallah she will be well soon. My prayers are with all...

eshda3wa said...

Allah ya3de6ha else7a wel3afya inshallah ya rab

Zalabya said...

ajer inshallah
i hope she gets well soon

ZiZoTiMe said...

Matshooof shr dear... Getlech t3jbny wayed o 3arfa shino tby exactly from this life... Allah yashfeeha o e6awel eb 3omerha and try be with her most of the time...

Wain el new template? ma 9arat o e7na nan6er ;)

Nora-Cassandra said...

She is a real hero! I’ll be praying!

AmoOora said...

allah weyaha 0o ya36eeha il.97a wel 3afia inshalla..

i liked this one, it made me realise how much your style in writing is unique..

walla i read your poems each line twice and i think 'mashalla how did she portray this in that way'
mashalla 3laich :)

allah ykoon ib 3oon il.jamee3 0o my prayers are with her ;*

Atinzad said...

Your peoms are very deep I like them.

A hero to me is someone who stands up for truth and justice... nothing to do with special powers :)

Although a Hero with special powers and strength is a plus ;)

(Al-mo2men al-qawey a7bo ella Allah min Al-mo2men Al-'6a3eef)

on another note

Allah ya36eeha health and long prosporus life inshalla. She is strong for enduring all of this and still keeps going. A hero in my book

SuperNitfah said...

Whoever she may be, i hope she gets well soon. Alla y9aberha inshallah.

Reem said...

Allah yshafeeha ya rbbb!! mn qalbi wallah... inshallah o bethn allah kil shay y9eer b5air.. :(
"-not-" wallah breaks through my heart.. the world is extremely hard.. just seems so unfair..
:( ahhhh
love u :**

Anonymous said...

matshoof sharr inshalla :**

Hitman1 said...

matshoof shar o insha'allah etgoom bilsalamah

Sene said...

Definitely will pray for her. She will get well soon...

No3iK said...

thaaaaaaaaank you alll for ur very kind words :)

from the bottom of my heart wallah

thank u :*

do0da said...

i7m as ur blog assistant its my duty to tell u ina ur readers demand proper replies :P