Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thingeyat No3ik 5

remember me! yeah its been a very long time since Ive had a thingeyat :`(
Thingeyat No3ik 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

*Thingy 1:I've got many new things! one of them is my new DOMAIN
I'm so happy and proud! i cant describe it :`)

thingy 2:tislam eeeedich 5alty om 7ason bason a.k.a dooda :p it was deli :*

and tislam eedik 7ason.. ur becoming a great Sheff!! ;) keep them coming :p

Thingy 3:
this pic goes to Blasha :* just like u requested, this is indeed the shirt or may i say the 250 fils stitched buttons i told you about :s should i go back and punch the guy in the face!

Thingy 4:well when i and bella go to have fun-due .. we take the word "fun" literally :p
we usually order an extra candle :D and cook the marshmallows until they turn brown!!! crispy from the outside and melted on the inside!!!-DROOLS-! dip in choco and enjoy ;)

*Thingy 5:fa6aaayrr al 3ali is officially the best fa6ayer place Ive tried!
their falafil, pizza, zaatar cheese and almost everything is AMAZING!!!
and guess what! they deliver! theyre in ALrawda so im not sure where to?

*Thingy 6:yes this little green thing, is a froggy :p i called him KAROOSH coz when the maid held him up all i could see was his little squishy, white lil tummy!!! SO CUTE! his karsha tshawig.
anyways unfortunately, he died.. but ill always remember his lil tum tum.

*Thingy 7:i know this is old news! but for my birthday i got 3 birthday CAKES! can u imagine that 3!!
:D was really special :*
Thanks you, Thank you and THANK you :*

*Thingy 8:another greeny i have is my lil green nano :D the coolest thing ever! i just love it.
thanks ;) u know who :*

*Thingy 9:
THIRRD greeny thing joined the family, which is Bitlord!! yes ppl yes! I'm becoming more part of the new generation! now i can download my own stuff, i don't have to beg for cds and copies!
the first thing i downloaded was LOST eps. 12-13-14 ;) I'm soooo proud! and i couldn't sleeep!
whats happening is SO not happening i want to kill the writer :@
updates: Heroes is a DRUG!!!! @@

*Thingy 10:-sigh-
some body please explain his face!
i would like to close with someone i miss terribly ... and felt like I've been betraying kinda :p
my lovely hotty sexy .. superman :*** love u
yaaaa5ty 3l qamaazaaat !!
and im having a redbull as im posting this, so send my love to reddy as well ;)

love u all me readers :**


do0da said...


Yazeed said...

fa6ayer shwai5 oo bes!

do0da said...

thingy 1 : THANKS for do0da.com :P

2: ala isalmich sweety :*

4: :r i suck at this must practice or il just bring a lighter next time

5: iwa9loon 3indina :P ? can u ask next time u order ?

do0da said...

3: LOL wala isharha mo 3alaih selling them at that price but 3alaich for paying :P

6: midach u kill it :p

7: three cakes o you dont save me a slice ha !! ana araweech :r

8: grats sweety :P sorry i filled it with junk :P

9: Yala now learn to manage ur nano :P

10: Reddy ftw !


No3iK said...

well u should try them inshalah when ur in kuwait then come and tell me madre mino a7san :p

1- ur welcome ;)
4- lol u need alot of work! with that.
5- ehehehe why dont u give them a call urself :p

3- lol shut up!
6- i didnt kill it, it just died and went to heaven :(
7- nxt year inshalah :p
8- not all was junk :p
9- that im not sure will happen
10- this one is bout my superman.

do0da said...

ee bes u mentioned reddy in the end :r o mabi a36i superman wayh kaifi :P

No3iK said...


la2anik gileeel 7aya :r

Ni3Na3aH said...

Brandon is sexy.. fedaita! angelic face, GORGOUS BODY, great smile o Qamazat.. la el denya 9arat 7ar;P

el akil shakla yummy... yawa3teenah;)

Dandoon said...

i'm with yazeed..fa6ayir shwai5 o bas;p

mi7sin - r u forgetting that *I* did most of the work?! ya3ni if anyone should get any credit for that it's me mu inta!

BLaSha said...

MABROOOK 3al domain :*
o YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, i loved the shirt :* thank u for posting it...

and i want that 7asoons chocolate cake, give u my home addy? :P

o bel 3afiya

o luv yer nano :*

BLaSha said...

Yazeezo for some reason I dun like fa6ayir shwai5 :(

No3iK said...

ur a real brandon fan!! u appreciate him :** thanks for getting me sista ;)

wallah all he said that u "helped" or was it "she was there with me" hehehehe
so anyways tislaaaam eedich 7bebty :**
and bout the fa6ayir like i told zoooz u should try them first. coz ive tried the shwai5 one, theyre very good, but i think al 3ali topped them ;)

ebarik feeech 7bebty :***
hehehehehe ashwa u liked it b3d ;p lo mo liked it chan 9ar another story :p
anyways give 7ason ur addy i think hes starting a busines sometime soon ;)

and i agree shwai5s wasnt as good as everyone told me.

BLaSha said...

Umbeeh!!! Do0da is 7asson?!
didn't see that coming... I thought do0da's name sumthin like rasha :D

adri beyeeni qra6 :P

o what's with the another story :P HA? hehehe

Do0da A.K.A 7assoon abi chocolate cake, and will pay u, ha? shgilt?

Anonymous said...

i want samboosa.com :( shloon??

thingie 3 is cuuuuuuuuuuuute .. i luv itt

am trying thingie 4 FOWW SHOOOWW ;p

thingie 6 .. allah yir7imaa :( cutie pie

thingie 7 .. yaaaaaaaaaaay xD

love u too ;**

Nora-Cassandra said...

It seems you’ve been really having a busy week! Happy you’re back with all your thingies! And happy that you had three birthday cakes! You deserve them girl!

phoenix said...

His Face.. Unexplainable!!

No3iK said...

laaa dont worry mabiyeeech 6rag
coz 70% of bloggers think dooda is a chick :p hehehehe so ur not the first or last one! oh and other stroy ana u dont like it :p and i goo cry.

1- the domain u go to www.domain.com
i think i forgot! :S
3- and the shirt is cute ;)
4- do it not just for show :p trust me it will taste totally different and much better ;)

thaaaaaaaanks babes:*

now thats a sweet thing tosay!
me deserving three cakes ... i dont know .. but thanks sweety :* wish u all the best :***

u said it ! -sigh-

Reem said...

waaaaaaaai i love ur thingeyat!!!
1. mbroook :D
2. looks yummy!! bl3afya ;p
3. loooooool i wanted to see that too!
4. waaai 3athab!
5. ee el3ali akeed yummy hehehehe ;p
6. awww sorry :(
7. mashallah 3laich bl 3afya dear :*
9. ayyyy LOST!! ya allah!! Jack!!
10. i really want to fly away! his face is unreal.. loool mashallah!
:******* umwaaah!! love u too!

AmoOora said...

aww wanasaaaaah !!
mabroook 3al domain 7bebty ! u deserve it ;*

0o baskom cake ! wain ma arooo7 its do0das cake, shawagtoony it looks yummy !!
ana ma3a blasha ;p aby cake !

LOL and i thought do0da was a girl too when i first saw the name cuz ppl call me dooda all the time ;p

et9adgeeeen zan0ob min awal ma shft the title 3araft in somewhere in there will be a pic of superman ;p hehee 3arafnaach !
thakarteeny ib my frog lema knt 9'3eera, he died ba3ad :( long story tho ;p allah yr7uma

adrii eny 6awalt 3laich bss gbel ma aroo7 aby agoolech il.shirt etshaweg ! testahlain !

Ciao ;*

Ghasheema said...

LOL ur high again on redbull!!

its nice to got a domain name...YAAAYYY

and the cakes..MMMmmmm...I like the chocolate homemade on...not hte birthday cakes...but they look tasty too

ya 7athich :P

ZiZoTiMe said...

Shakla el food 7d el yummy... O shaklech ta3abtay 3al post wayed mo methel el 3ada kelmetain o publish o etye 3ala rasna in the end ;)

BLaSha said...


do0da said...

dana: I SAID WE DID IT kaifi agolaha james made the dish o she gives credit to mama :P isnt that proof o stop hogging the credit kila u say u did most of the work it was even u make me do all the hard labor ne ways :P who was breaking biscuits while u were watchin the prime :P

no3ik: LOL mita gilt she helped i said me and my sis made them :P it was equal work

Common_Sense said...

great post, I know. elshams men wain 6aal3a! wala I missed this blog heheee, so I had to comment.
it seems that I missed alot :) haappy birthday zoozooo and mabrook 3al domaain ;)

..G.. said...

yayayayayayyaya min ziman 3ala your thingies girl!!

looool you must be one lucky lucky girl to have a guy like do0oda cooking for you :D :D lool bil 3afya 7abeebty... it looks all so tempting!!!

happy birthday again :P ma3a6aiteeny cake :(

Zalabya said...

im included in most of the events :P

deem said...

Ok,, awal shy: Happy Birthday mo2akharan "wish u a year filled with health, wealth and happiness"

thany shy: Abeeeeeeeeeeeeee chocolate caaaaake o milted marshmallow =( shaklaaaa so yummmmyyyy "3aleech bel3afya"

Thalith shy: your thingeyat ywansoooooon damhom khafeef "alla yzeed thingeyaaaatich o ye6ra7 feehom elbreka :P" da3awaat el omahaat :P

Anonymous said...

not for shoooow .. fooww showww ya3ni for sure bes ina a "gangsta" way x$

No3iK said...

1. ebarik feech 3mre :*
2. e3afeech ;p
3. good ;)
4. i knooooow :s
5. good one ;p
6. life.
7. thanks babes :**
9. jack o sawyer o desmond.. o kollo.
10. his face is a perfect face sub7an allah!
thanks babes love u loads :*

allah ebarik feech sweety ;)
then stand in line for dodas cake heheheheh ;p
i told blasha... everyone does. :p
hehehehehe im so happy ankum 3rftoony, but i cant have my own thingies and not have my own superhero in them :*** it just wont feel right.
and im so sorry for ur frong. :(
o laish mat6awleen!! 6awleen kithhr ma tabeen babes entay :* thanks for the shirt mn thooqich ;)

lol i think im always high dear!

and its more than just nice to geta domain! its super ;)
to ne honest with u, im not a cake person my self! BUT allll the cakes all of them tasted sooo good! specialy doodas ;)

:* fanx

LOL shfeeeek 7a6 3lay laykon dr.lost 3adak bs! :p
gileeleeen al 7aayaa kl postaty 7ilwa :p o mat3oob 3liaha heheheh
bs this one yes i have to admit takes long time to pick pics and arrange them and blah, any ways u get the idea. im glad u liked it, al though u didnt comment on anything i had.

:** thanks a milion.

and now u tell me ;p tislam edkum both of ya :) equally :D

*common @@:
7ADDA! al shams mn wain 6al3a? ent bkubrik mn wain 6ali3 :p the blog missed u too man!u did miss alot .. and im sooo glad ur here. make urself at home :p thanks o ebarik feek :)

i know!! @@ 7adda mn zuman!

hes also a lucky lucky guy to have a friend like my self :ptp eat what ever he cooks hehehe allah e3afech sweety.
thanks for the birthday wishes inshalah next time ;) wala ehimich.

ur included in my daily life :p

aawww thats sweet! thanks for the wishes dear.
allah e3afeeeeeeeech and it is soo yummy! stand in line with blasha and amoora for the cakes babes. :*
LOL a7la shay da3wat al omahaat o allah ebal`3ich fehum kl 5aair inshallah hehehehe :* thanks.

LOOOOOOOOL my bad girl! forgive my ungagsterness :p i then fow shooow u will tell me how it goes when u do ;)

No3iK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reem said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! kaaaak a7la shay o kollo!! hehehe ;**

G.Q. said...

I once brought to work 3 frogs. It was in the middle of summer. Madri laish my friend suggested I should put them outside the window to enjoy the sun. Lahaina fel sowalif for 15 mins ...I took a look at them and they were upside down with open hands and legs floating!!!

I still feel so guilty when I remember! :(

um-miT3ib said...

akhaiih 3ala superman bs.. AKHAIIH ! ;*

eshda3wa said...

no3ik wats with u n red bull??

Zalabya said...

i liked shda3wa's question :P

No3iK said...

a7la shay anich u liked it :p

so in other words .. u cooked! boiled the frogs :p

*um mit3ib:
ya7alaaataa u really should see some of his interviews! hes ADORABLE widich e6igeeeeena.

ummmmmmmmmmmm hard question :p
some call what we have a seriuos case of addiction :p
i just call it love ;)

wayhich :p

Dalal said...

i love this thingiyat! except for that dead frog 7aram
shlon ur birthday celebrations?
o nice cakes and fooooood... i was drooling the whole time...
*hugs miss uuuuuuu*
congrats on the ipod!!!!!!! zanoob lazim al7een t3arfeen shlon tistakhdemeenah... manaby nas t3ayyib 3aleech that ur stuck in the dark ages... u have a green irish ipod now... use it to the max!! khalas awwal ma ayyi i will upload playlists to ur ipod... crazy fun stuff! WOOHOO!!
ok i gtg write a 15page paper... hurray! *NOT!*

No3iK said...

b3d 3mreeeeeeee entay

its life 3adi ,, the frog was happy ,,

anyways .. ipod will be all urs as soon as i see u inshalah :****

what else .. well also get to drool over food b3d shtabeen b3d :p
bayeeblich kl al cakes ili i had ;)

love u babeeeeeeeeeees :*