Sunday, April 22, 2007

HIGH WAIST jeans are back!!!!

lialy q8 requested we start "7amlat NO HIGH WAIST JEANS article 001"
and it started ;)

*on the left is the modern high waist jeans and guess what :s STILL UGLY! who would want a belly this long, it makes ur legs look shorter :/ the old ones kinda looked better, that is; if u had to choose from two hells :p*
as if we need any more ugly trends!!!cone heads .. and now this! :S
ok I'm starting a pact here .. ppl if we get high waist jeans like in every shop, on every poster, on TV and everywhere ...
please pleaseeeeeeeeeee just don't wear it!
it is the most unflattering thing u could do to ur body!!
u would look like ur gramma .. not years ago but like today!
hehehehe i mean i dont know! im just sad its here now .. so who's ever with me ,, will promise not, NOT,



this is what David wrote on every post! in case some are wondering:
"david santos said...
Thanks for you work and have a good weekend
21/4/07 10:36 PM"
ok moving on! Mysterious Dave ...
something interesting happened to the blog world ,, the Kuwaiti blog world I'm guessing ,,, this DAVID santos guy! left me a comment and i read his blog,i mean at first i liked it ,, got some nice stuff there .. and he sure knows many languages i also was impressed by the 28 thousand clicks he got on his profile, the 488 comments! but then as i was surfing blogs he was LITERALLY everywhere @@ in a freaky way with the weirdest comment ever lol.. so im thinking to my self ,, its a smart way to target and entire country bloggers and then ull get a great feed back from them! but isn't is also pathetic and bit ... sad! soooooo the reason I'm writing this just to make sure ...
did any one here didn't get a comment from our David guy??


do0da said...


Reem said...


do0da said...

Thanks for you work and have a good weekend

do0da said...

i think i do a pretty good impersonation of our man david :P

o n high waist jeans should DIE !!

Reem said...

still ayyyy :(
i am terribly hurt by the severe ugliness of this jeans!!! what the ****!! i am in babe girl!! NO HIGH WAIST JEANS!!! GENOCIDE!! why would anyone do this to themselves!! it's a disgrace!

hehehe yeah that guy!! it's kinda freaky mo? :s madri wallah shelsalfa.. ymkn FBI looool ;p

I promise i wont wear it!! :D
love love love u :***

No3iK said...

LOOOOOOOOOL RAYOM esmila 3laich :p

heheheheh and doda u do the best impression
i cant stop laughing!! picturing u in a high wasit@@ LMAO

Anonymous said...

lets starts 7amlat NO HIGH WAIST JEANS
article 001 :p

thesalems said...

Yes now i come to think about even i got a comment from DAVID...

thesalems said...

Yes I got a comment of DAVID.S. as well... thesalems

qaiss said...

what kind of jeans are these!?

Anonymous said...

I've seen one , Ive seen one in our malls..

Starting in Topshop. Burn'em!!!

EniGma said...

sheftay!!!!!!!!! Aren't they the ugliest?! I will NOT wear them!

And this David Santos guy, looool I was thinking yesterday of posting something about him. I can't remember his comment on my blog, but it was weird. Maybe he's from the government. :P

Anonymous said...

i promise i wont ;( ugliness .. ew .. wai3 .. a7iisaa ikhalee even 3a9ageel girls with huge asses !!


dude .. if u wanna comment, COMMENT 3ADIL !!

SuperNitfah said...

hahah you know ZZ.. i was thinking who the hell is he.. his comment malha da5al eb shai hahah.... Such a perv ;* i miss yew loads!

Peony said...

LooL.. funny post .. !

and NO TO HIGH WAISTED JEANS !!.. they're just.. BAAD !

ZiZoTiMe said...

hatha el jeans 7g el fathaye7!! e6ale3 ekroshkom ely khasheenha :P Re7taaaaaaaw we6y hal mara ;)

..G.. said...

hahaahhahahaa I got one from this david santos guy too!!

i visited his blog and i was: WTF ishyaby fee my blog, min wain 7a9alany hal big shot xD!!!

and ugh on those high waisted jeans :S mabi'3aina niftak minhom!!!!... yet if its in the shops, everyone will wear it, whether theyre nice or not!!


AmoOora said...

they are soo ewwww !! they make your ass look wierd and theyr soo ugly ! i would laugh if i saw someone in kuwait wearing them cuz they are just ugly !

and OMG i saw his comments everywhere i go and so i thought id look at his blog, i was amazed by how many comments he has !
i thought he might be some famous guy and so i searched his name in yahoo and i got all these things about being a producer, songwriter thing and other stuff.. its not him tho !
bss walla freaky ! (LOL madrii shfeeny 7dii meshta6a with the topic)

Yazeed said...

wai3 shal jeanzat?????????

ana asanid 7amlitich 9ara7a
low waist oo bes
ya36eech alf 3afya, thank for saving us men, and some women, some eye candy :P

um-miT3ib said...

#1 high waist? seroiusly?

#2 eeeee santos sayar 3alaina;p

Ra-1 said...

wai3 :/

and David wrote me this
اشكركم عمل جيدة ونهاية الاسبوع

LOL! :)

Marzouq said...


I hate high waste jeans, they remind of the late eighties/early ninties with Beverly Hills Cop I/II!!!

Come on there was a reason everybody liked New Kids on the Block! THEY WERE OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!!!

low cut jeans only please!!!

Anonymous said...

I already have one :-| donnot shooooot me girls

well, ur campaign is so "not fair" No3ik
lets see hmm you put 2 or 3 pics of the worst ever hi-waist jeans

where did u get them from? early 80s or sth?!

the new trend of hi-waist jeans is so different colors are dark or stone-washed and waist cut is more shaping than just covering your tummy and by the way hi-waist doesn't necessarily means above ur belly button! the new version of it or what they call "hi-rise" is just below ur waist line n hmmmmmmm yeah they have skinny-hi-waist jeans too :-P

Stephen knows better

love u all too (dont hate me please)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Salam kuwait..
This is IYM from Dubai, but based in Montreal for the time being..
I don't mean to intrude here, but I was googling this freaky David Santos ( as he's leaving same comments on most of Emarati blogs ) and I found a link to your blog..
He's either a psychopath or a spy of some kind.. I can't think of a third possibility..
Nice posts by the way..