Tuesday, April 24, 2007

chcoco bar the sequal!

i don't know if its me!!
or the places i go to!!
or is it just chocolate bar? :p
hehehe every time i go something strange must happen! it is freakin scary,
this will be short .. but it wasn't short, trust me ,..

The Story

i and the girls sitting out side in choco bar! ok ... and then comes in this kuwaiti couple ,, very young .. not married, obviously, from the way the guy was hiding his face with his hat and the girl covering hers with her hair .. like two little guilty kids with stolen candy.

anyways .. they sit on the opposite corner where we were facing them ,, first they were cuddling sitting next to each other .. holding hands .. talking and laughing which is cute .. but still felt wrong .. then the girl .. gives us her back and lets her hair down .. all i could see was the guys head moving opposite to hers and his hands going through her hair!!
not a small kiss .. not a quick kiss ... kissing kissing ... like really there! and he kept on pulling her hair and head ..
i and the girls stopped eating LOL and our reaction was BURSTING into laughter!!!
we kept on laughing .. and the more they kissed the more we LAUGHED
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo un usual i have never seen anything like this done in a public place in Kuwait!!
we kept on saying: OMG OMG OMG!! LOL LOL LOL WTH!!
hello! ppl do exist .. GET A ROOM !!!
literally our eyes teared from laughter .. it was crazy .. and they kept on and on and on ...
like we weren't even there ..! @@
then they left but we didn't .. we were just sooo astonished by the event to leave.

Moral of

sooooooooo ppl, this is the new trend now. Go to public places .. and french the hell out of each other! and put ur hands up in the air like u just don't care .. yeah yeah! :p -stupid dance-


do0da said...


NiQa said...

i dont see a problem in that.

SuperNitfah said...

Question no3ik - were they a Kuwaiti couple?
LOL.. sawolkum show ;) yaza3am the *iDontGive2Shits* attitude.

do0da said...

supernitfa beat me to it :P its that said attitude :P

plus ppl think its ok o theres no problem with that bes ya3ni mahma wain kintaw the way u said it to me its 3aib 7ata bara low can casual kiss i wouldnt have said ne thing bout it bes uhma they were to young and broke to get a room without mommy and daddy finding out :P

Thesalems said...

Thank you for visiting Uz and Thank you very much for your beautiful comment....

EniGma said...

I hate seeing people french kissing. The sight is gross, oo madri I personally feel anything more than cuddling and a few pecks in public (whether ur in kuwait or the us) is inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

was it crowded ? wela bas ur table and theirs?

oo what Time WAS THAT?

Anonymous said...

Oo b3dain sa7 .. r they kuwaiti ppl?
Yimkin lebanese .. Kaifhum :P

No3iK said...

ur comments made me laugh!
doda - niqa - supernitfah - enigma - fayoora :

they were kuwaiti
it was around athan al ma`3arb i remember so .. like 6:30 - 7:00 chithe
the area we were in us 4 girls and them, bs choco bar was crowded yes!

what else! ... im also ok with cuddling and hugging i even feel gr8 when i see ppl cuddling and in love.
BUT this is over the top! maybe if u were there u would understand.
for religiuos and moral reasons,
i dont know ... it was very weird and judt wrong!

diigmaa said...


this made me lough lots..

personally I miss PDoA's..
but I can't imagine them here in kuwait.. I swear.. only in kuwait can something so romantic and cute seem so skanky..

shame really..

but woulda been funny hehehe I'm surprised the management didn't say anything :P

Reem said...

KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!! looooooooooooooooooooooool ambeh! chan dqaiti 3lai ;p
once i saw 2 lesbians kissing on the beach.. the weather was AMAZING!! so cant really blame them.. hehehehee just kiddin ;p
hmmm yeah lazm they respect sh3oor el others eli wdhom they kiss bs mako a7d to kiss! loooool kiddin again! ambeh shfeeni?! heheheh coffee n diet coke feni! :D
love u nuba :**

BB said...

i may be misunderstood so i`ll just keep what i have to myself ;P

ZiZoTiMe said...


Hathy el postat wela balash :P

R u sure it was only about kissing?! Shakla more than that o entay Lahyat etkhezon a hot guy as usual ;)

O 3ayedy ya Q8 :) We wanna c more :P

The Solar Alchemist said...

What the hell, I'm I in the right country?
there was a time back in the day when people used to sneak around with each other trying to steel a kiss. now people are french kissing at chocolate bar!
excuse my french but that's just fucked up!

vyyvaa said...

i beg to differ.. i dont understand why were you laughing? ? if i ever saw that, i'd feel the urge to kiss my loved one onthe spot ! love is contageous, kissing is contageous.. and im sure that when one is cuddled, cant feel the surrounding..
i once went with my husband to NINO , and sat in the circle in the middle.. and went on kissing with the whole crowded usual background of NINO, this is a beautiful experience... public display of affection.

Swair. said...

lol yea, why not throw public decorum out the window.. yay :p

Marzouq said...

I think they planned this out! SECONDLY!!! DIDNT ANY OF YOU THINK TO RECORD THIS!!!

This many girls and that many phones!!! didn't any of you seriously think of recording the damn thing!! For once you should do that!!!!!!

pictures people! Pictures!!

I would have been all over that like a paparazzi!!! hehehehe!!

Let me know when you go so when something happens, I think the you guys have to be there for the phenomenon to take place!! hehehe

Bella Color said...


Reading it brings back so many memories :P

oo ba3adian tara they werent covering their faces.. ya3ny i can spot the guy if i c him again.. oo ba3adian 7abebti didnt i tell u what happened later on? they were spotted again o eb kel theqah they were staring back as if they did nothing wrong! am i the only one who thinks that this is wrong?!

bs what i dont get is ma3a kel our laughter and comments (which was pretty loud), how come they werent distracted :P?

Bella Color said...

Marzouq: we had a digital camera with us bs we were too buzy laughing to do anything.. it reached a point that we couldnt breath :P

Atinzad said...

Today choclate bar tommorow who knows.... what is this society comming to... Walla, now going out is considered shob-ha and i can see why... i will not be caught dead in a place like this... there are so many respectable places one can eat at and choclate bar is not one of them. Someone should, form the staff for example, stoped this indecency in public places.

Next time...the moral police

AmoOora said...

WOW aby a6laa3 ma3aach ! kela funny stuff happen when you go out..
when i go out its just boring and the usual.. aby LOL ;p

aham shay 'the sequel'

0o secondly, WTH !? la laaa even tho i think kuwait should be more open as a society, i dont think we should be this open !! this isnt right, im soo against kissing in public. hug cuddle do anything but not the extreme stuff.. were still in kuwait ppl !

even if you dont agree with it, atleast respect our traditions and our culture.. naughty naughty !!

No3iK said...

yeah i know exactly what u mean ..
like i said .. even the sweet part felt wrong for some reason!
they just over did it ...
i now can confirm that chocolate bar deffinately lacks in security and managment.

enty 7adddddich fa9la llololol
i love how fa9la u are! bada3tay :*

what do u have?

to be honest .. non of them was hot :p
so it wasnt that pleasant.
wnt ya7ibik 7g al fi9a3a.

*solar alchemist:
LOL exactly! F`d up ;p
trust me im still shocked.

aaaww u two are cute!
anyways let me point out this ..
first of all like u said hes ur husband ,, so atleast is halal and legal .. second of all .. in all countries not just kuwait being entimate in a public place has limits .. out of respect to eachother. so when its an islamic country with laws and traditions everyone should respect that. what im trying to say is:
WHEN IN ROME .... :)
im a total cuddler and all in for romance. i see nothing wrong with cuddling holding hands and hugign a light kiss and all of that sweet stuff .. but when its more than that .. ppl do need a room.
welcome to my blog, hope ill see u again :)

wil happen soon .. just wait :p

naughty naughty!
id never do that come on:p be one of those mean bluetuethers! like bella said ... we even had digital cameras and we were already taking pics .. but trust me if u were there .. ud be just weirded out.
5alaaa9 nxt time ill tell u when im going:p

omg same here walah!!
bs i couldnt see them 3dil all i rememeber is a cap and hair! lol
i bet they werent distracted.. i think we put them more into the mood :p if uknow what i mean ;p

its not the places its the ppl :p
trust me! if ur respectful .. the place would not affect who u are.

heheheh 7beeeebty inshallah bi6il3eeen ;)
bs these things dont happen all the time,
i have many ordinary boring ones.
thing is i dont get to write bout them :p
u only hear bout the freaky days i have ..
love u babes
and u exaactly said my point :*

Carlsb3rg said...

LOL @ the title of the post ;p

G.Q.™ said...

ana ba3arf do0da ma3inda sheghel ghair checking ur blog every second or what!

Anyway ...I'll dance with you to that. lol

And about the high waist jeans ...they are SO UGLY!

Anonymous said...

SEEXXYY :P why dont i find that surprising?? hmmm.. maybe cuz the same thing happened to me a while bak?! i saw a guy and a girl foog ba3ath ib hilton resort :)
kuwaiti ppl

3ashat lina likwaaait likwaaaaaaait .. o 3ashaw ahalhaaaaa ..

um-miT3ib said...

ohma ele fahmeen idinya sa7 ;p

..G.. said...

Hahahahhaha ma9adig!!!

3afya 3alikom walaa you made a laughing stock out of them.... I mean in my point of view, i wont mind a tiny kiss or a cuddle here n there, but french kissing!! thats pure crap, wala 3aib 3alihom

OMG!!! your post is hilarious!!!

Marzouq said...

Ok, well I have the ability to take pictures and laugh! don't worry about it!!!

Remember to notify I will have the camera setup and the zoom ready.

Bella where have you been? Busy with things! No posts no thing!!! hehehe!

Bella Color said...

kani kani kani mawjoooda bs I've really buzy with grad skool -yuke- :P

shokran 3ala el sooa'al :)

eshda3wa said...

allah ykheshum inshallah laa 7ayah wala mista7a

oo aham shay ina awal shay khasheen their faces

malat 3al bamya

chanzain they got arrested

Anonymous said...

R u sure they were kuwaitis??? and whats wrong with that?? hmmm don't see me then with my gf ...hehehe...lolll..

Financy said...

okhhh .. qaweyah wallah

mal bil khaizaranaa

Anonymous said...

The sad part about what happened that no one seems to acknowledge what happened was 7rammm,
There are lots of perverts & people that well do wrong “7ram” stuff, but what’s upsetting that the good people the rest of the community see something like this (now a days) only as a laughing matter.
I’m not an up tied person, but when there’s something wrong its wrong, not every thing you can laugh at there are thing that are serous.
We don’t want to be a Moslem country just by name, there should be ‘3eera 3alla eldeen.