Thursday, April 26, 2007

my ghost

Haunting pain,
butchering my gut.
tears burning my skin,
year after year.
i shall never be the same,

i look at it,
and it looks at me.
-it looks down on me-
im its prisoner,
unworthy to be free.
i love it, but not enough.

will it ever let me be,
i kill it -softly, very softly-
it leans, to kiss my soul.
-reeking with poison-
it is part of what i have become.

shame, unbearable shame
-pulling my bones out of my flesh-
that will always find me.
life; do not be like you should be,
so that i remember:
what i have done.

what have i done ...

*ps: thank u my anonymous -italian guy- even thgouh i know ur not for real! u made my day :D


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Marzouq said...

ok all the sad things aside, the first thing I thought after reading that was one thing:


I loved that show!!

Cixousian Panic said...

no3ik me likee. v. cool imagery.

do0da said...

bella keep trying :P

oo zanoob that was lovely, i knw you want me to be critical bes theres nothing to criticize.

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Reem said...

:** 7bebty entai...
i know.. the kind of tears that burn the skin, burn the heart and all too..
pain pain pain, part of our lives, what can we do?.. be friends with pain? hmmm why not? look right through it! dont let it look down on u.. look it in the eye.. cry if u may.. then say something like: **** it!
shame.. shame is my friend.. we go way way back.. :)
i love how u sorta break the poem with "-...-" amazing!
loved loved loved d poem!!!
hug kbeeeeeera!! love u nuba :*

ZiZoTiMe said...

Etha aby a7es eny jahel o maly shoghel eb shy esma English Language... I have to come to ur blog 3alashan ethakreeny :P

Zalabya said...

i liked it.. :*