Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Brightest Darkness

nosa and light

i was online,
my dad was watching the news
the kids were watching cartoons
my brothers were playing play station
my sister was working on her laptop plugged into the wall
my other brother heating food in the microwave
the lights were all switched on everything was so bright, u had to tighten ur eyes a little bit. just so it wont hurt..
then with no warning. it all went off at 8:15 pm

the first thing u get is ( coal black) darkness, and everything goes silent including ourselves. trying to comprehend the situation.
then you hear feet running on the floor, you hear some crying and laughter. you hear some drawers being opened and closed, doors opening, people going down the stairs, u can also hear the matches being lit, murmur.
everything is quite you can actually hear each other now!
since i was in the basement, i kept quite for a long time, listening and grasping on each and every dark inch that i couldn't see, on each sound i was able to hear it was along time since i ever heard this much details. all so very clear and alive.
so i stay there i do not move.
then i see light approaching from behind the door, its "ahmad" my little brother holding a lit candle in his hands, i could see the light reflecting on his nose glasses and chin, he asks: why are u still here? come up and take this candle, we have a lot of candles upstairs. with a huge smile on his excited face!
i look and i smile back: ok 7beby, leave it here and i will be right behind u..
i look at the candle how its light is so subtle touches only the edges of lines that define objects, barely enough but quite enough to shape them, including myself.
my eyes are open now, its dark relaxing the mind and eyes, giving them a break!.
i stand i take the candle and go up stairs.

the laughter would not stop couse my sister was here with her kids mashalah four of them + my brother, so that was a bunch of excited kids who were hyper all at once.
i see candles, on the coffee table in the middle of the living room there was my dad and my sister sitting on the couch facing the candles, talking.
kids were running with flash lights in their hands. maids coming in with more candles spreading them around.
i look at my dad and smile. i go and sit on the opposite couch and i lay on it. i keep looking at them, no one is looking at me coz its dark where iam now.
there was no tv, no radio or stereo, no computers no phones no fridges sounds no microwaves beeping, no acs .... it was only the living things that made any sound. and it was the most beautiful moment i have ever had in a very long time.
the kids were talking to each other making jokes running playing hide and seek, things we used to do when we were little. things they do not do..
they were simply children. just happy children. They didn’t need a machine to make them happy, they were full of joy..
then my brothers came down and they were pissed coz they were playing some game and it went off. they had to sit with us now. in a few minutes all of this wasnt strange or weird anymore, everyone was talking to everyone, they adapted so quickly they felt familiar as if they knew this before, their bodies wanted this needed it.. they were happy. i felt everyone in the room was happy they are all together now. i was looking at us as a family all together. i joined in ofcourse it made me happy to, then i kept thinking, how my mom would have loved this.
life is very strange...i was thinking ... unpredictable and strange.

suddenly I missed one of my friends, so I simply call to say hello. I didn’t click on her name and chat I just called her it was nice hearing her voice I was happy to hear her voice.
i swear i wanted it to last some more. I wanted it to last.
my niece my baby niece "nosa" was fascinated with the candle light we couldn't get her to stay away form it. she kept getting her face closer to the candle, as if she wanted to get in, looking at it was not enough. She was so quite as if hypnotized with curiuosity!
in 30 minutes no electricity, got us 20 years back in time. i mean the feeling of 20 years back. it was beautiful. that's all i can say. it was very beautiful.
Only 30 minutes of mere simplicity and nature. We are nature part of life's nature. It all stopped as soon as the lights got back on. everything was dark again just like it has always been..that is when my other niece "7oor"sung: happy birthday to you, then innocently blew out the candle...


Carlsb3rg said...

looks like the absence of electricity brought you together.

you didnt mention how you dealt with the heat ;p

also, i didnt get the '20 years back' part.. shme3na 20 years ?

Marzouq said...

That was beautiful..

I went through the same thing but during the day and had a different reaction..

Trying to find forms of entertainment, and it was only me and my mother, but iwas great.. the silence was fantastic.. you could hear everything!

The electricity was out for 1 hour and 20 minutes so it wasnt bad. But during the day the heat could heat up the house pretty quickly.

But I know how you felt, I wish there were more family members so that we could all sit and talk..

Farashat il Nowair said...

this feeling is amazing .. tell me about it .. last summer i was in lebanon in the mountain and at 1 am the electricity was out .. and i sat in the balcony with everyone and sometimes we were talking and other times we were playing cards and other times we were just staring at everything ..

this simple, quite, no machine world is amazing ..

the sky when there is no electricity is something else .. its a sky u've never seen b4..

its rare to find places in the world that are easily reachable that have such a trait.

Fuzzy said...

في السبعينات.. كانت الكهرباء تنقطع.. كان شهر رمضان .. نقعد بالحوش ظلمة.. يمنا مطاطير شاي وعصير ونسولف .. لا كان في تلفزيون 200 قناة ولا طلعات مثل الحين فكنا نستانس وحنا يهال ان الدنيا خرمس.. يقولون ان الجينز موحّد الشعب الامريكي غني وفقير يلبسونه .. واحنا موحدنا قطعة الماي والكهربا .. مادري شنو بيقطعون باجر ؟ ما بقا اللا رقابنا ! الله يستر

NuNu™ said...

around 8:00 PM !!!! 7raaaaam =/
e7na ahwan.. nahar around 3:00 PM

jiji said...

tara i like these power outages :>

Bella Color said...

I hear u & i understand what u r trying to say. Humans are turning into machinces and started to detach themselves from nature & society. They started to enjoy solitude more than b4... The best days were the old simple days when humans were closer to nature...

U sould read Thoreau's Walden Pond. Im sure u will enjoy it and agree with most of the things he says...

ZiZoTiMe said...

in 30 minutes no electricity, got us 20 years back in time. i mean the feeling of 20 years back. it was beautiful. that's all i can say. it was very beautiful

How old r u no3ik? :P

No3iK said...

* carls:
it did bring me back together... ;)
the heat wasnt a problem coz it was night so it wasnt hot .. when ur happy and having fun u simply dont notice these things.

thank u :)
i never tried it during the day
i think it might be little different coz its sunny and all.
but u had ur mother ! who else do u need ;) allah e5aleha lik.

*farashat al nowair:
welcome to my blog sweety.
wow mashalah ur family gathering seemes beautiful!! beyond words
to be with nature the sky and the mountains the fresh air
mashalah ! allah layfarigkum inshalah :) i know what u mean.

well ur days soud even more fun!
hehehehehe e7na mwa7idna 7aliyan wala shay!
we really should work on it.

yeh but it only made it more special
we had to use candles and there was no sun no heat so it was bearable :*

yeh alot of ppl are starting to like them ;p

u said it right 7bebty!
specialy boys!! i mean my brothers i barely see them siting around they are always locked up playing these silly games!!! ok play but at least comunicate with other humanbeings thats what i keepp telling them ;p

i will surely read it inshalah :* thnx

im 24 laish 5air inshalah lol
so i was only 4 back then
my sisters were 9 - 10 i see the pics of us playing with my cousins bl 7oosh !! amazing pics the best i have ever had. thats why. i dont remember those days but i do remeber how it made me feel :)

do0da said...

Its been awhile since ive been around a power outage but all the memories i have of power outages were fun ones, i mean at first we'd be complaining about a show we're missing on TV or bein cut off from a msn conv bes after awhile once u settle down with the rest you start to joke around and forget about the silly complaints =)

Fallen Angel said...

LOL, it is really a fun situation when all your family are surrounded in darkness. I have been there...ahh the great times :)

Marzouq said...

Very true! Mashkoora! hehehe

Zalabya said...

for some reason el kahraba 3endena still manga63at.. qol a3otho berab el falaq

phoenix said...

God I wish this happens to my family, even if it was for 30 seconds, that would satisfy me!

Great story sweetheart..

Marzouq said...

Nisait agool! Ehya malat miny! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love being back to basics, no electricity..nothing. When our power went out during the day, I went to the tent in our garden, caught the breeze, it was hot but alright with me. I fell asleep out there in the middle of the day!

Bella: OMG I can't believe you read Thoreau!! He's my #1 philosopher...transcendalism and all that :D

Beautiful writing...I know how you felt...the sudden silence, no machinery..nothing. I love it!

Farashat il Nowair said...

7beebty no3ik thanks :**

ambey zalabya me too !!
Qol a3oootho berab il falaq :P :P :P

cheny 3aarraft wain betkum :P :P LOL

No3iK said...

wow! thats exactly what happened to us!! so u know what i mean :)
hope ur having a good time.

*fallen angel:
i think these is something mysteriuos bout the dark! it give an unexpected feeling...its great like u said :)

3afo ..walaw ;)

- no3ik tbagog 3yooonha -
heheheheheh kidding tf tf tf
esmila 3la baitkum o 3la kahrbt,kum :p
i think the lights didnt go off, because u were there 3mre :p enty al light killa yoba :***

sweety it will happen, they are taking turns ,, so just wait ;)

walah kisart 5a6ry :p maybe u werent tsolifing enough with her :p
btw mako om tmil mn waladha ;)

are u crazy to sleep out and its 50c !!!
but yeah if u didnt do it then who would :p
anyways ... aham shay u felt it and enjoyed it... :)
i have to read it now!! seems really interesting.

*farashat al nowair:
i think i know where both of u live ;p
nooo3kum ;)

Chai-7aleeb said...



Si7LeYa said...


امبييه حده وناسه

ياريت كنت عندكم


الزهرمار said...
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الزهرمار said...
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No3iK said...

* chai 7aleeb:
e i know same thing wallah !

b3d 3mre next time ta3laay 7ayach ;)

do0da said...

No3ik intay liash im7arba il "a" ib ismy :P

il-sooSa said...


Just wanted you to know that even though u dont c much of my coments ... I DO check ur blog every once in a while. N I specialy liked what u wrote in this one n its little details. It almost felt like reading a part of a cute, romantic novel.

I did feel the same way, but didnt put much thought into it I geuss.

But I DID notice u when you were lieing in the dark, looking at all of us around the candle :P

No3iK said...

b3d 3mre i know u do

ur my sister mo kaifich a9lan ;p

anyways i love ur comments and they mean alot to me

im also glad u noticed me watching all of u.

so how do u like nosas pic with the candle!!? 3ageba mo :*
aked 3ageba shes ur daughter ;)

No3iK said...


dooda i swear tawni agra ur comment!!

lmao u really cracked me up!
any ways atoooob

from now on ,, i will cherish and take good care of ur "a"


*PerdU* said...

i loved that, and i know the feeling. i c it in my own family, my dad watching the news, my mum lost in her book, everyone with a laptop on their lap.. i dont c the point of 'family time' anymore! that is y i LOVE going to the desert.. its just so.. hmmm.. isolated shall i say, from the world we live in today! nice post!

InCoherent said...

Beautifully written…very ironic

Soulwater said...

"there was no tv, no radio or stereo, no computers no phones no fridges sounds no microwaves beeping, no acs .... it was only the living things that made any sound. and it was the most beautiful moment i have ever had in a very long time" - this was ur soulwater miss, the one u were asking about, comes in many forms

No3iK said...

i think most of us, unfortunately, know the feeling.

i dont like the dessert coz im allergic to it lol!
so power outeges are working just fine for me :)
and thanks dear.

thank u very much...
the last part was the most ironic yes! ;)

ooowww now i get it!
so is soulwater something like the "sublime"