Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thingeyat No3ik

Thingy 1:
ri7t al9b7 madre wain, radait madre meta......and this is what i saw !!!! :`(
a`7eeeeh i feel guilty walllah ??? afham e7na shlon 3aysheen b hl shams???!!!
im sorry! :(
Thingy 2:
Noosa (nor bnt e5ty incase ur new here) wants lettuce! no actually she doesnt want.
shes begging for it ;p
Thingy 3:
everyday after work exactly 1:45 most of the times, i arrive home, its hot, and as im hating myself for it. everytime, at the door step i see this!! lol cat whom i named ( qanfootha) lying there on the hot marble getting cold air mn ta7t al bab !! loooooooooooooooooool
ham a`7eeeeeeeeeeeh !!!!! everytime i enter and she never moves, not an inch lol. a7ibha wallah :*** jaikara.
Thingy 4 :
ok i love her glasses and i want them!!! theyre my new thing
everymonth i have to obsses about something, so this month its her shades ppl!!! 3ageben.
o ehya ham 3ageeeba b3d :*
Thingy 2-part b:
noooosa starting to give up on the lettuce!! will she ever get there ??? that is in part c inshalah ;p
6ab3an aham shay bl maw`6oo3 kila kishat,haaa ;p
Thingy 5:
aham shay anik 7aaaaaadik em`6ayi3 ya ba6aaal !!
we can say such things only happen bshowari3 al gabreya ;p
we also can say, " 5araga walam ya3od " 6a6a6aaaaaaaan !!!!

Thingy 6:
X````````````( !!!! a7ad egoli shasawe ?????Thingy 7:
finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!all i can say rayoom 7ubi my sis (THANK YOU) :***************************
and also lil thanks to amazon, ya36eehum al 3afya ;p

thats it for today ... see ya laters bbl.
ta7eyat No3ik ;)

special thanks to "Jason Jizzy" i mean Common, 3l superman tone ;)


Eng.fahad said...
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Eng.fahad said...

اهليييين نوعك

ياي كيووت حيل حيل

بالاول ببدي بالبطل :>
انا اليوم وراد الشاليه حاط نفس البطل
بس كله ثلج وما ذااب
والله تلفوني خلص شحن وكنت بصوره .
بس حساافه اخييييه ما علييه

وثاني شغله

الله يخلييي لكم يارب بنت اختج كيووت وايد وايد مره :P

اما القطاوه والله من زمان ما شفت بالشارع ما ادري اشفيهم مختفيين :P
والله يهداها شكلها تبي تتشمس

اما للحدث الرابع الشيقق

اخيييييييييييييييييييييييييييييه :****
بين فتره وفتره امر الفنار اشوفها :P
هل البنت :P
بوستر محل نظارات :P


وبالنسبه حق الخرووف
الله يهداااه
الظاهر مل من الحشيش الداخلي قال اهيت بره احسن :P


انتي يا غرامج رجل الغراااااام
سوبر قلاص ..
اقصد سوبر باتماان

حلو ما شا ءالله
معني عمري ما حبيته

عليج بالعافيه يارب


Si7LeYa said...

لوووووول مينونه

بطول الماي شيس طبيعي هذا تعودنا على هالشي اصلا

لان صج جوو لكويت شي مو طبيعي

الله يعيينا

مابغينا نخلص صيفي


ونوووسه يالشريره يالمجرمه حرام عليييج تسوين فيها جذي

لو ريووم كانت موجوده جان فتنت عليها وقلت لها عن اجرامج مع بنتها


وقنفووووذه مسكييينه حرام كسرت خاطري


وبسسسسسسج نظارات

اليوم تشترين وحده باجر ضايعه


وصراحه احلى شي بتيشرتج

حركتج امس اللي سلمى قالت لج سويها عشان التصوير


وماقول الا ماااااالت عالباميه

بذمتج هالكثر ايميلات !!!!

ماااادري منو قبل اللي كان يقولي يالمجرمه دزي لي ايميلات ماعندي احد يدز لي

حدج مينونه


بس شنسوي بنت خالي وغصبا علي احبج


يا انتي نووعج


تسلميين حبي عالموضوع

.. تحياتي ..

jiji said...

aby suppie T :S

Fuzzy said...

يحليلها الله يحفظها تشبة بنتي ولا والاسم تقريبا مثلها نور ونورة :) عطوها خس لا تخلونها تبجي

ScarlO said...

I love that cat..
and its' 13 celsius here now, eat your heart out.
And I love Jason Jizzy. Shwayya bas .. :-p

ZiZoTiMe said...

About your messages... Who's the dumb who keep sending to u and doesn't know that u're not even bothering yourself to check them?! :P Delete them all :)

Now i know where is yor house :P Thanx for the info and the pic hehe

Y don't u help noosa with the el khs el momaded 3ala el 6awla?! Evil no3ik

Did u drink your water afterall? :P

No3iK said...

*eng fahad:
hala wallah feeek
ok awal shay 7adik e`3baaar !!
good to see u again :)

i think all plastic things in our cars e9er fehum chithe
bs hatha i swear ma6awalt wayid!! @@

btw al tshrt looks amazing!!!! HAWT!

7bebty maynona 6al3a 3laich
shinsawe 3irg bl 3ayla fena !!

e adre 3ad tawni sharya na`6ara !!
bs shasawe :```( 7ilwa ?

b3dain reem alyom btyi mn al sfr inshalah :***
3adi ehya tdre ani mogrima m3a her kids lol

- i will kill u i swear - !!! last warning tara ..

aaaaawwwwwwwww !! how cute!!
ur daughter i want to see her ...
inshalah b3dain ra7 a36eeha :)

hehehehe i love jason jezzy waaayid only and only when hes being JASON JEZZY ;P `7`7`7`7`7`7
the cat is !!! 7adha 3awar galb. lol ayebha lich inshalah as a gift.

ziiiiiiiiiiiiz wallah i swear i love ur emails
its not just u ana wayid wayid edzonli li emails and i love them wallah bs i dont have time to check
i promise i will so something about it
but im not gonna delete athing :)

nooosa im always evil with kids! shasawe?

bout the water, ;p didnt get to drink etba`7ar lol

Chai-7aleeb said...





SpiKeY said...

for thingy 6: change to apple :P ..or use mercury... :)

SpiKeY said...

for thingy 6: change to apple :P ..or use mercury... :)

taqo said...
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Carlsb3rg said...


7aram 3alech! its just lettuce for crying out loud! Anyway, awal mara ashoof a baby craving for vegtables ;p
allah yekhaleha lekom :)

anyways, cute post ;)

PS: elmusic 7adda maleeq ;p

Fuchsia Spunk said...

-Ya 3mry 3la your neice...36ooha el lettuce 6ayib! :p

-poor cat. I used to do the same thing at school, during exams..when we got put outside..ng3id on the floor, janb baab el mabna :p

-Ely labsa el Sun glasses Michelle Rodriguez..9a7? I LUV her. *thumbs up* She's such a bad a**.

-302 emails??..Uhh..maybe you should, like...delete? :p

Anonymous said...

awalan...u tortured the poor kid for lettuce? :/

she's so adorable :*

and you're not!

mmm eshtehait ghoozi!

ashwa i don't have realplayer installed on my laptop..i hate that stuff.

do0da said...

:'( 3ad barja3 ilq8 in 4 days o mistanis iljaw ihnii (swiss) this past week has been freezing!! kilish mali 5ilg il7ar wil5eesa. I feel sorry for the cat :P thakiratni youm ri7na Rome hal9ayf. Kan 7ar moot oo ilhotel takyeefhum izbala! me and my sis had to rotate who gets to sit next to it while watchin tv :P

No3iK said...
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No3iK said...

*chai 7aleeb:
looool badda3t 9ig anik damawi!!!
maskeeen al 5arof :(

thanks , but sorry tara ma fahamt shay ;p!!

lol shfeeek ga3d etzifny!! :p
almuhim noosa is the lemon girl, like lettuce carrots b3d ;p
etyanin shes so special .
i know why u hate the music ;p
i love it reminds me of old days when we were kids, and reminds me of something else tooo

*fuschia spunk:
welcome to my blog 3mre
o u will see her in part c inshalah :D
the cat yes in school i think we all did that to ;p
the model! i dont know her but i like her.
ill try and read the emails! ill try!!

im not torturing im just experementing!! i was trying something thats all!!!
b3dain ent o chai 7aleeb both are "damawiyeeen" et5ar3on!!! 7aram 3laikum maskeen al 5aroof!! shfekum tbon taklona??

sorry to tell u thi but
enjoy it while it last
coz the weather is all:
r6ooba + shams + qamta + `3bar + 7aaar 7aaaar in all the ways!!
klyom shay :p

No3iK said...

lol sorry fuchsia spunk :
i forgot to answer ur question:

shades are CHANEL collection fall 2006


NuNu™ said...

7yaaaaaaateeeeeee the cat =/

دخلوها البيت حرام عليكم

الزهرمار said...
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Bella Color said...

7abebti nanoooooosa!!! laish chethi 7aram 3alich! she was soo hungry that it seeemed that she was taking a bite of the table! Bad No3ik bad! I luv her :******

-thingy 4: ehya 3ajeeeba bas ib hal sooora lana shakela q8tiya!!!


FYI. they started selling superman tees in the movie theater in q8 :p

jiji said...

fi shy wa7ed i wanna understand..

well i now know..

khalas.. me no more suppie..

i know why...

am not THAt girlie...

i dont even speak like one nor love like one..

jiji said...

looool 3al typo :p

love = talk ;p

3baid said...

ya7lailha the cat! XD

carlsb3rg said...

enshalla ye7targon el t-shirts ;p

Marzouq said...

Looks like you had a good time! O inshalla kila mistaansa! Akthar shay tha7akny tera nanoosa o el ga6wah! hehehehe

الزهرمار said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No3iK said...

i know and its a she :p i will maybe someday!

now i was gonna leave ur digusting revolting comment, but since u commented again! u gave me no choice but to delete them.
and ive got something tosay:
go scratch your sorry filthy *ss up against ur wall or something, next time complain bout it where anyone would at least give a SH*T! loser.

u are girlie!!
shako all i said supie is taken ;p
hes mine :p
u already have farrel yl 6ama3a ;)

mashkor inshalah u to ;)
alga6wa is qanfootha btw ;p

Common_Sense said...

LoooL noosa, I am sorry hathy t9erlech.. this is not just Evil, 9daam ma sawaa chthy ;p sadam killed bs never did this to kids ;p

sh3aleeh, superman shirt oo superman tone @@ shno nage9 ba3ad?
super man by him self.. bs maly khelg ayeech ;p

oo u r welcome anytime honey, bs ento khalaitony stripper,, Jason ba6eekh hatha porn staar shakooooooooo :D tra farg kbeer!!

Wilted_Roze said...

hehehehe loveee that CAty HAte the kuwait weather!!!

Chai-7aleeeb ur soo mean!!! awwwwwwww R.I.P Donnnnny my pet lamb who past away :(

Tinkerbell said...

yyyyyyy cuuuuute! 7abeeebty ur niece eksarat kha6ry :* that was an adorable post

jiji said...

aby farrel ow suppie ow killlliihommm!!! abeeehooom!!! yeebooohooom!!!

*tlaggi6 the cuteeeeeiiisss*

phoenix said...

Would some one please give that girl the lettace, award her for the effort!

Your Battlefield said...

mashallah she's an adorable child...i'd spoil her with lettuce since i too love munching on it.. why is it your blog always makes me crave something...this time lettuce last time donuts...:D, and let it be known i still havent seen superman returns...:( must watch it soon :)

Bloo said...

Love the shades
Love the Blue Super man

and poor animal!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe long time ma dshait your blog. 7adda nice el pictures o noosa cute 7adha! her hair is just like mine right now lol... ;***

Love the shades! @@

15/09 said...

ehhhh....the curse of the superman returns ;(

No3iK said...

* bella:
im so sorry didnt comment back earlier!! but i think u know what couldve distracted me !! lol

1- she actually is starting biting tables these days coz of her new teeth fa t3a`6i`6 kilshay maskena lol
2- shakilha kwaiteya ;) i know
3- noooooooo!!! plz dont tell jiji ok :(

yashagl!! u compare me to 9adam!! heheheheh i have no idea why u think this is evil?
i was just testing her patiance!?
common bout the superman thingy!! one word and i think u know the word:

*wilted rose:
ooooh i know 7adha cute maskena
and chai 7aleeb !! yes im shocked to :(

thank 3mre :***

yomma yommaa !! that is a new side of u !!

welcome to my blog.
thanks ill make sure of that ;)
dont worry about her, ebleesa shai6ana mat5ali shay ;p

if a starger reads my posts would think: maaaaaaaaan shes fat!!! all she talks about is food lol
anyways WATCH it !! what are u waiting for???

welcome to my blog
the animal at least tried and made a run !! for that i respect him :( a`7eh!

hala 7bebty missed u around dear.
anyways, nosa mako mithil kishat,ha believe me!! its one of a kind ;p

whats that ?? @@

Honey™ said...

wow .. il glasses maynoooma

Marzouq said...

hahaha kharba6 isim el ga6wah! and u must be in demand! 302 Msgs! hehehehe! I would dread that!

Dandoon said...

Do0da, that was Lyon, not Rome!:P

Aww how cute is that cat?!

Òrange Juice™ said...

I like cabbage give it to me

No3iK said...

* honey:
i know!!! go try them they look even better in real life ;p

esimha qanfoootha ;p and shes jaikara lol

the cat tyanin and shes maskena breaks ur heart wallah!

next time inshalah ;p