Thursday, August 31, 2006




15/09 said...

yaaaaaay ;p

Anonymous said...




shtabeen? lol

Honey™ said...

YEY !!
no3ik sweety wi9alty 7ag illy tabeena ??

No3iK said...

yaaay 7addda yaaay.

b3dain u will find out :p

yes dear wi9aly 7g ili abe ;)

SpiKeY said...


ZiZoTiMe said...

I didn't ask u yet to marry me?!!

Fuchsia Spunk said...

Maybe :p

LaiaLy_q8 said...


Honey™ said...

wanasa ana il wa7eeda illy fahmt hatha il ((YES)) ;D

Soulwater said...

Its the sound in your heart when u take the first bite of your favorite ice-cream: you are about to kiss the girl of your dreams: you don’t forget the birthday and get the "oh so sweet" remark: you beat the ugly big guy who beat you up un-mentionable times in a race : you jump in the pool and find something floating in front of you 2 minutes later [ if those are your trunks..ermm that should be a NO!] : You meet the some fun-tas-tic ppl on eblog and get to know them better ;p

NuNu™ said...


Bella Color said...

Yes i do miss u!

What ?!?! ;)

No3iK said...

hehehehe ent kila 3away:p

shfeek! were already married :s

now thats smart! ;)


theres more to it 7bebty :)

i loved ur comment!!!
yes when i heard dunkin donuts opened :)
but again ... all the yeses u mentioned are inplace. but not what im looking for.

thanks :*
i love ppl who agree ... ppl like u who are opened to spontaniuoty!

i misssssss u 7ail!!!

ok and yes i need to sleep now
so good night :)

Fedo said...

Owner of a lonely heart?

albandry said...

me no english me this??!!!

SpiKeY said...

shasawy :P...some one has to oppose u sometime :P

Ya7laaaty said...

OK ?

No3iK said...

:) nice lyrics.

me no yes no :p
welcome to my blog

totally right ;)

ok, is another way of saying yes :)
welcome to my blog

ScarlO said...

Tell me what's that about :-(
We talked yesterday, slut, and you didn't tell me.


do0da said...

Scarlo just to make you feel better, thought you should knw that i knw, bes i aint telling either =)

Si7LeYa said...





مادري شالسالفه


Ms. D said...

cool blog
check us out at:

Zalabya said...

Yes Why Not

ScarlO said...

Dooda, I know now :-p

do0da said...

afaaa no3ik :P ma5alayteena nistamti3 wi7na in7ur Scarlo =P chan ni6artay one or two more days lol

No3iK said...

*scarlo and doda:
u guys cracked me up!! hehehehe
yahaloo ;p

ma7ad yadri shisalfa :p
alsalfa ana e9er fe salfa mn wala salfa :p

e walah why not??

ent a5er wa7d yitkalam 3n al lan6ra:p
hehehehehe 7aaadik mafek 9abr ni9 yom

b3dain me and scarlo! its a diff case bro .. i cant :* i luff her.