Saturday, August 19, 2006

your lips lie.

"Kisses" were tasteless, and dry
like shoving/rubbing/pressing sand against my face
u can always get bored of kissing
but never of trouble.

never try to make it last
just loosen my grip
give up
and let it be
or go
i learn from it
as it learns from me

love, but do not try to understand
the substitute for an end, is to understand
it is indefinable
as it is common

it hurts
but goes away
and when it does, it hurts again.
like holding ice in my hands

as i brush my hair
i know for certain
its not, anymore (there)
i know im right

my lips never lie to me.


Anonymous said...


Mashallah 3alaich sara7a this hit the "all time favorites" list :D

No3iK said...

aaawww !!

thats so sweet of you
thanks mini im really flattered
that a talented writer like ur self
thinks so :)

Fuzzy said...

Kisses ( Aka. exchanging saliva) heh what an act that sounds gross now and yet sounds romantic when in love heh.

yeah lips & hips dont lie :P

Piers Smith said...

the older and more experienced u get, the better ur writing gets.

Marzouq said...

oooohhh.. you can know that much from kiss? I was thinking what if they person always ate curry then that kiss would always be spicy and smell funny.. but Im hungry right now as I am writing this and that is all I can think of! hehehe

and fuzzy makes a funny point..

lips and hips dont lie.. i like that!

jiji said...


ya kharashy!! BOOSS???

*tghamith real tight*

NuNu™ said...

My hips don't lie!

Shfeeni? =/

Fuchsia Spunk said...

Beautifully written ;)
But, it depressed me a bit ?!
Mdry lysh.

"It hurts
but goes away
and when it does, it hurts again.
like holding ice in my hands"

^ I liked that bit, alot. :D

Chai-7aleeb said...


Bloo said...

uve dwelled too much in dark writing, focus on a memorable kiss, first kiss maybe, and write it out.

Anonymous said...

"u can always get bored of kissing
but never of trouble." WOW!

Zalabya said...

i liked it
u amazed me :*
i agree with shakira too

phoenix said...

Beautiful poem.......opens your eyes to something you have never seen! How another person feels after love.

badly.drawn.woman said...

feeling stuck again?

this is really good...

empty pain...

but i guess one still has to go through it...

Anonymous said...

no3ik: me no talented..i'm dyslexic :P

keep it up hon & why is everyone else talking about hips?

No3iK said...

!!!! are u serious kissing is never gross!
and what the helll!! is wrong lol
what does thighs have to do with anything lol ur such a guy!

*pier smith:
oooh p, thank you .. coming from the big master!!
i dont think this gets any better :)
thank u p.

well u can know everything from everything only if u pay attention.
and dont listen to fuzzy!! hes not making any sense lol
btw.. thats not the first time u relate (any) of what i write to food!! lol ur always hungry which makes me wonder how much do u weight :p? hehehehe kidding o 3awafi inshalah ;)

ya entay yl bare2a :p
ro7ay go kiss farell honey :*

fuzzy got to you to @@
now im supposed to have that red angry face mal al msn lol
7adda shako!!! and ur not a guy u shouldnt agree eeewww !! hips

7bebty im sorry if it did.
its supposed to tell the truth
i think us women we always know the truth
but wee not in denial, but we sometimes tend to lie to ourselves.
and im glad u liked it:)

*chai 7aleeb:
thank you :)

thats cute!
i dont think its dark.
anyways ill do that inshalah :)
i never choose what to write about it chooses when to come out and it simply does
i have no choice in what i write.

thanks 7bebty, it opens eyes and hearts. hopefully.

thanks :*

first fuzzy and now u ??
lol shakira shako b3d al7en !!
her hips u mean never lie :p

i miss u :**
o a7ibich :*
u high gal lol
yeh im stuck again
thats where u come! ;p

ur not talented lol ur just stupid :p if u think ur not :p

and thaaaaaaaank you !! finally someone else noticed!! the craziness with the hips lol bada3aw

Common_Sense said...

"u can always get bored of kissing" r u sure? whats u record :p

"it is indefinable,as it is common,inevitable." awwww how sweet u remembered me ;) tra ma7ad 9adha bs ana :p

jiji said...

sshhhhhssshhhh latgoleeen 3an farrel!

Fedo said...

That was very painful to read. :(

Bella Color said...

"Oh I know I am on tonight my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection
Shakira, Shakira"

LooooooooooooooooL, girl i couldnt resist singing this song! Loooooooooooooooooooool...!!

Ok lovely post... bas im underage & i dont know if i should be reading this stuff :p

LooooooooooL... im kidding hon!
La wallah ilpost hadda 3ajeeeb ooo it shows that the words came from ur heart... :)

Keep up the good work :)

No3iK said...

my record is my record ;p
and it stays this way.

lol 7adik "u believe urself" y3ny em9adg 3mrik hehehehe ;p

i think everyone knows hun ;p

truth is always painful.

thank u someone finally explained the hips thing to me lol
hehehehehhe now i get it! 7ada shako lol
thanks 7bebty :***

AyyA said...

Beautiful poem and so romantic, yet I can’t relate, my first kiss was a disaster (you don’t want to know the details), that’s why I refrained from kissing. Until one day I tried it again and, well, there was no passion so it was …not bad. May be someday I will change my mind? I don’t know.

9ahba'a said...

beatiful piece


ZiZoTiMe said...

3aib! Shino kisses and lips o hal 7chy!? :P

i_live_in_Q8 said...

Most of the time lips layes!..
don't make your creation and imagination lie to you! lips does lie sometimes.
good job though. ma3a ba3th el ta7afothat.

No3iK said...

welcome to my blog.
thanks dear im very glad u liked it.
mn thooqich ;)
this surely was not a first kiss
first kisses are always different! have this fresh new crispy feeling that u only get once.
lol i keep thinking what type of disaster ur reffering to :p

thank you very much
welcome to my blog sweets :)

ur under 13 shimda5lik ehne a9lan @@ wain mama ??

*i live in q8:
well i guess postry reflects each persons i guess were al right then.
ta7afothat do not exist in my dictionary.
i write what i feel and what i think in a respectful manner.

i_live_in_Q8 said...

Honey I didnt mention your ta7afothat! ana shako fech! sawway elly etsaweena! I meant my ta7afothat yubah! chabreet 9ayra! 6eggeni ba3ad? bala kafkheeni?

No3iK said...

3ad ent 7adik mal 6ag
bs .. this time .. ill pass ;p

meta zafaitik !! lol ent very deffensive btw
as if im a mind reader !! lol
3adi kan radi 7ada 3adi??

any ways tc ;p