Wednesday, August 30, 2006

whats in a name?

ok its simple:

my name is Zainab, zanob, zainy, zainbooo, zeez and nuba .... etc

wini3im o 3ash esmi ;p i know..

so whats urs?
*btw: im not doing this for fun, theres a point im trying to prove.

*for those who i already know their names ( my friends ) im not doing this for me! so, you know what to do ;) thanks :*


Soulwater said...

the names bond, james bond ;p

No3iK said...


7adik maleq :p

Papillona ® said...

I though you love Nuba - as in this place in Egypt. lol

You know my name already ;*

do0da said...

win3im =)

Well my name is Abdelmohsin, mi7sin, 7asoon, meseno (<< il5adama ), o Moe.

Bes cuz my coach/teachers called me Moe i now also go by im7amad :P

Anonymous said...

And you know mine already.

So what point are you trying to prove? And to who?


Anonymous said...



it's Яashed :)

Papillona ® said...

oh! Rashed, My uncle offered my sister 2000 kd and two home-maids if she named the baby Rashed.

She named him Bader
because Nunu wants it to be

(qawiyya Nunu)

15/09 said...

okay okay, its abu zeyad, bu6rooq i mean ;p

ps i never fail ;p

Fuchsia Spunk said...

I would put mines.
But I'm kinda trying to stay Anonymous.
My name would give me away, if someone I knew read this.
But know name ma 79la7laha too many "dal3s" :p

No3iK said...
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Papillona ® said...

khallay il 2000
ihya mayta 3al khadamtain.. 3arth moghri (although she already has two imnasgfeen reej-ha)

No3iK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No3iK said...

ive never been to egyp i would never set foot there anyways! lol

and 7bebty, i love u but wrong answer :*

u made my day
openly and wonderfuly answered the q!
thats my man ;) u totally passed with an A* b3d ;p

thank u very much :)
sha6ooor ;) u passed.

hehehehehe bada3at nunu
e5tich ma3ndha salfa ;)
2000 7adha tsawi sh`3l !

*the 1509:
im very proud of u :) u passed
yaaaaaaay !

ps. never say never ;)

*fuchsia spunk:
sweets i appretiace that u tried,
its not about ur name, first names do not take ur anonymousity.
thanks 7bebty :*

chikapappi said...

That's cute ya Nuba

Ana Bana, Banana, Bannosh Banbona, madonna, Nana, Banabeeno

Princess said...

3ashat il asami hun and my name is showg :)

ananyah said...

my name is michelle (no im not a guy!) and i get called: masha3ael, mimi, meshoo, micha, chelle, belle, mickey, moo, chichi

Your Battlefield said...

my name dana; dandoona; dooda; deedee; danielle; danooo ;P

a pleasure to meet you :")

Bloo said...

keep ur self anonymous. its good,

Carlsb3rg said...

My name is:
01000001 01100010 01100100 01110101 01101100 01101100 01100001 01101000


No3iK said...


3adil 3dil ,,, chithe !! SHOW THEM GIRLS!!

3ashaw al banat
most guys are WUSSES ;p yeh u heard me right ;)


bana!! wow i love it :)

u soo passed love u to sweets.

3ashay ayamich shawaga ;*

heeey u! where have u been ?
anyways 3ashat al asami sha3ol:*

danooooooosh 7bebty :** fanx babes

yeh yeh boohoo ;p

loser 00110011 L00S110E001R

i_live_in_Q8 said...

and my favorit when mom is angry 3abadoooh

Honey™ said...

my name is
Faj faj

feeh b3ad waied bs twni ga3da min il noum o mali 5elg akteb ;>

ScarlO said...


Sounds like a russian whore's name i know, thank you very much.

Fedo said...

Nuba, hmmm? Lovely. ;)

The name's Fahad, Fahood, Fhaidan, Fedo, Feeds, Fudz.

Dandoon said...


Bet you weren't expecting that:P

Oh and 3ashat ilasamy:) Bas ilsara7a I didn't expect you to be a Zainab! Hehe madri laish:p

Fedo said...

There's more to it:
Cuffy, Foodi (or Foody, for those being anal on spelling), C Daddy, $noopy, and Pooh Bear.

Chai-7aleeb said...


jiji said...

my name is "q80 q7"

edal3oony 6alool, jalal, jiji, bo eljeej, om 7omra 7amra, amma na3eema..

as a matter of fact i dont know if now ppl actually DO call me with my real name! no ones seems to be doin this anymore! i should protest!

carlsb3rg said...

thank you :D

Soud said...

أسمى العربى سعود

in english my name is steef ;p

3baid said...

Mine is the hardest! :P

Fallen Angel said...

My alias name is:

Maximilian or just "Max"

Forget about real names...just what's your alias name?

Common_Sense said...

I said it in my blog bs ashkara u aren't following ;p

ana Mr. Ahmad, 7mada, 7mood, 7madeen, a7medoo, bo sh'hayeb , bo shhab and thats it for ur blog ;p

comment moderations 7agy anaa :S wala zemaan

No3iK said...

cool u changed ur nick name ;)
3ashat lasami wallah :)

mashalah fe b3d!!
ok when ever ur sober get back here ;p

u and whores and strippers!
whats up with that ;p anyways i luuff ur name babes :*

yeh nuba ;) thanks though

anyways 3ashat al asami ya abu al feeds i liked ur collection very creative! ;)

really! heheheheh laish shino layig 3lay ? ;p
btw i love my name ;)

*chai 7aleeb:
winni3im ;)
mn a7san al asami wallah.

aham shay ur life story is ur name ;)
got it! thanks girl :*

any time ;)

3ashat lasami !
ok steeef shako! :s heheheheh

heheheheheh u cracked me up!

*fallen angel:
or max ;) as i said its not bout the name it self here ...
anyways i like the name max
my alias name! ummmmm i dont have one.

aham shay ani not following ;)
i know ur name!! shfek dayi5
anyways fanx maan!
o moderation ;p well lets just say

"3ashaw 3ashaw 3ashaw, 6a6aw 6a6aw 6a6aw"
ehda2 ;)

SpiKeY said...

well after reading all of those....hmm..

its a7mad...7amood...a7medooo...a7madany..

but still call me spikey...there is alot of a7madz in this world :P

-OT- said...

Omar, OT, Tamtam, Mouri, O, 3amouri, 3amour, Mouri, Oatis... LoL

Soulwater said...

Tutti gli uomini non sono Wusses!, sono troppo caldo solo da esporre a tutte le donne ;p~~

S said...

Spikey and CommonSense i love ur names ! a7ib esem a7med..

anyways No3ik what are you trying to point out here ?

My name is : Wed.. Often called Wado0odah or by my idiot brothers Do0oda !
Other names are Dubaash, a6o0o6a, wedaa, BdbaaSh.. ;Pp~

No3iK said...

wini3m bush,haaaaaaaab ;)
thanks for sharing
and yes dont worry we all still love our nicks and want to keep them :)

u mademe real happy
thanks for sharing o 3ashat lasami bro ;)


*s :
welcome to my blog
i love esim a7mad to :)

and u should meet dooda then u know
the funny blogger ;p
3ashat lasami sweets

i will inshalah clear everything out in the coming post :)
thanks again.

Transparently II said...

Its Nasser, you know the related nicknames. A new one I aquired was elni9ry! lol that was just funny. I'd like to see where this is going :P

No3iK said...


nice and i loved al nissry cute ;)

anyways thanks and u will :)

AmoOoRa said...

LOL sorry btw S was me. just so you know..

No3iK said...

*amooora - s :
;) thanks for clearing things out :*

AmoOoRa said...

Inzain No3ik theba7teena..
What are you trying to point out here ??

No3iK said...


i like how curiuos u are :*

anyways come back here this friday
and read the post ... ;)

i promise :)

gortita/fatima said...

hi there my name is FA6MA,
i have many different names
4.fatoosh (boys at school)
6.fatima atima

and that's it :)