Monday, August 14, 2006

No3ik, bella and jiji - kiss kiss-

soooo the famous bella no3ik annnnnd jiiji finally MEeT!

lastnight at exactly 8:15 Maki (BIG MISTAKE)

(first off what to wear?)
I was planning to be a female and wear a skirt for the second time in my life in honour of meeting with jiji.....
No3ik: jiji mn gadich ra7 albislich tanoora .. ba9era mara ;p
jiji: lol no3ik ay shay just be yourself wear what ever u usually wear.
No3ik: well jiji i think i was born in a jeans i never wear anything else, i cant ;p so are u sure.
jiji: eeee yl habla wear jeans 3adi, and btw im polishing my nails red so theyd go with my red lipstich ham 3ashanich ;)
No3ik: yah yah yah mn gaddi .. yallah see ya in a few hours inshalah.

No3ik: bella ana bara yallah 6il3eli
Bella: ok ok ...
- bella enters the car - kiss kiss -
Bella: no3ik tara ive never done this befor meet a blogger, i was excited this morning but now im just ... nervous!!!
No3ik: lol yeah i remember that feeling, dont worry u will like her, it will be weired coz its different but u will get used to it in like the first 15 mins or so.
Bella: inshalah ;) bs if i dont speak tara 3adi, u know im shy.
No3ik: e i know... wa7ilwich .. dont worry ana mawgooda afa 3laich ;)

(red light red lipstick)
arrive 3nd al eshara malat showbiz:
-no3ik calls jiji-
No3ik: wainich ??
jiji: Wagfa 3l eshara 7amra al7en.
No3ik : me to i can see that, i actually can see ur big lips kaf5at,hum al eshara al7amra to!!!lol
jiji: looool la wallah wainich wainich
No3ik: ana warach matshofeeni .. yalah see ya in a min inshalah

(to valet or not to valet)
No3ik: should we give it to valet?
Belaa: kaifich?
- then we look at eachother laugh -
No3ik: loooooooool 7ada no ga9en 3laina bya5thon dinar 3l fa`6i lol ill just park anywhere.
Bella: loooooooooool badda3tay e wallah 9a7 kalamich girl ;p
No3ik: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cheaaaaaaaaaaap ;D and PROUD!!!

-jiiji ga3da bl zawya 7ada `6alma -
No3ik: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii jiji shlonich OMG a5eeran!!
jiji: eee 7bebty wallah
- kiss kiss kiss all over the place -
we order food ... yeah sure!
i look at the menu go through like 10 times lol i dont get a thing!! girls shraykum ta6lbon li waftak
hehehehe ok ,,,
jiji and bella discuss their fav dishes !! im like :s what the f* i have no idea what theyre talking about im so not a fan of jap foood ... bs yalllah ma3a al 5aaail ya om sha3ar aswad ;p

( watching others eat)
food arrives. i look at it.
they start eating
im still looking at it
No3ik: question, how do we eat this???!!
- ili 9ar b3dain mala da3i -

almuhim as us girls we couldnt stop talking not for one minute we even got very loud at time, when the gossip got steamy ;p
Nnunu .. 7adha cute!! tinks tyanin !! zizo 7ada embadi3 hl yomain ;p ma5ala a7ad matziwiga:p
commen would make a gr8 stripper :p ... etc wl bagi ill keep for myself 3shan lay9er 6aag ehne lol
`7`7`7`7`7` 6ab3an ma 5alaina a7ad .. abshirooo ya gama3a thnoobkum 7ataat inshalah ;p
it was really fun and great. we had a good time great laughs but not soo good food!!!!

my long post better end now ..

inshalah inshalah next time lialy tkon mawgoda 7bebty:***

and i still insist on YOOM AL BA7AR !! A7EEEEEH 3L NA5AY WL BAJILA ;p
hatha al akil wela balash!!

cha chaw!

i wore my beautiful red shoes, but flats not heels ;p coz im only 158 and i wasnt trying to hide it
like b3`6 al nas ;p hehehehehe.


Common_Sense said...

Meeeeeeeeee 11111111111111st,,,

now I'll read :p

No3iK said...


common badda3t :p

mabRok mabrok :D im so proud of u!!

Common_Sense said...

ok now te7asaaft, loo gareeha first wayed ashraafly .. ana stripper yaaaa strippers :@ '7aaala9 I 'll remove my comments kelhooom ;p

bs yalla yemkeen not that bad tra, womens, money with no commitments oo 3awar ras, *thinks about it*

loool 158 - weeek weeek :)

Last thing, 3lgolat Zizoo; mno a7la wa7daa kanat, we want the truth ;p

NuNu™ said...

LOL!!! 3ajeeba!! Glad you girls had so much fun =D

Ashwa 7ashaitaw feeni eb shay zain! Am I really cute?! Hehehe ;P

Thanks 7ubeeeeeeeez ;*

ScarlO said...

yal midget :-p
oo yal treacherous, kellekom, laish ma t7eshoon feeni ana? ya3ni 3ashan i'm half irish mo tarsa 3ainkom? No more cookies for you and JiJi-O ..

I'm marrying Common Sense.. you're soooo NOT invited to our wedding, it will be held in his blog, the comments section, and .. and you're not invited :-p

jiji said...

no33333iiikkkk loooooooooooooooooool i reallllly had a great timmmmeeeeee!!!!!!

u forgot to mention tesedi7 ;p and a7la make up ow 7enna ;p loool

beeeh beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh i wannnnaaa go out with u guys agaaain!

emmm to valet or not to valet.. thats why i waited like 10 minutes extra bro7i dakhil!! CHEAPOS!!!

-scarlo: walla el3atheeeem we said inich t`hableeen ow leetich weyana! and we discussed the "plan" where no3ik bella n i will come pick u up from ireland.. then go take lilacs from canada. then go down to Arizona to meet laialy ;p

plus wut a way NOT TO invite us ya mashukha ;p

No3iK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No3iK said...

loooooooool yl maynon!!

e7na strippers ya shagol!! qaweya ya gilel al 7aya hehehehe

anyways kaifik strippers are cool btw ;p
shino weeeek weeeek ;p kaify im petite and i like it this way dont weeek weeek me ;p

a7la wa7da ana b3d mino y3ny ;p
kilna 7elwaaaaaat haaaay mayabeela kalam!!

7beeebty enty aked cute!! mo kaifna a9lan .. lo bin7ish fech mako shay nigdr engola ;*** salom dalboch
inshalah next outy with u ok ;)

loooooooooool midget b3ainich!!!
ana wareeech wallah 7ashaina feech
bs ana glt i want to cut it short ;p
we said ur writing is too much mashalah
its tooo good specialy for someone ur age!! mashalah tof tof tof

o 3irsich mo kaifich yayeen yayeen inshalah

a9lan ana o jiji o bella planed a tour well go visit lialy first bl us b3dain entay b3dain lilacs walalh thats our plan ;p

looob u 7ubi

loooooooooooooooooool ee zara3nach ;p
eheheheheh 3adi 3adi get used to this tara ana abrad mn al ice.
anyways me had funs to obviuosly since i posted about it.
anyways goli 7g shsimha scarloo madre shfeha 3alay :```(
3ad walllah a7ibha marrah!! marrah

ee i also didnt mention the :" ur not eating coz ur inlove" !!! NOOOO3IK hehehehehe
i had to skip alot coz mata3ib al readers u know ;p

jiji said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! THE LOVE PART!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL malaat 3alaa 7awajba elwaiter!!!!!!

3amaa eb 3eena :P

and hey... yooo!! gelaaabty el W W TOur ;p awal shy scarlo ;p ends with laialy ;p

ana i wanna post.. bs madre min weeen abdy ween antehy!!!!!! khalas kafy u did it :> ill just write shy min my prespective ;p looool...

lol... i still remember how fachachty the glass u had ;p

Bella Color said...

LoooooooooooooooL no3ik sawaitiha!!!!

LooooooooooooooooooooL ambay we had sooo much fun.... bas y did u leave the goood part out, such as the love thing, the 7enna thing, & the most important of all how u ate the fushion!!!!! looooool....

ooo looooooooool 3ala il parking thingy... we changed the parking like 3 times... 7adda el3reeeeeej 6ela3 :P

Great post to remember the goood times we had with each other... We r definitely going out again with jiji!!!!

carlsb3rg said...

heheh im glad you had lots of fun :)

Marzouq said...

hahahahah! Mit 3alaikum min el thu7ik! Especially valet! I dont valet 3alashaan I know they will do something to the car! And sometimes they dont know how to drive manual! loool!

Shakulkum istaanastaw! inshalla kil marah mistaanseen! I know the slight wierd feeling meeting people for the first time, then woohooo!

Anonymous said...

ahem shay the eating part was drool while eating? did you spill some of that weird looking sushi sauce all over your nice skirt?

glad u had fun ;)

midget. :P

oh it's me Mini R....dunno what's wrong with the stupid git.

do0da said...

How could you have not enjoyed Maki ?! i like worship that place bes yala ma3alaih =P atleast you had fun.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

inshalla next time youm el ba7aar ... lakin 3asaa bss ma ekoon e'3baar :P

√írange Juice™ said...

I had fun reading this post

No3iK said...

i know i left out alot!!!
bs glt mabi agrig 3l 3alam,, wanted it to be as simple and short as possible

anyways def def def going out again isnhalah.


we miss ur blog!
thanks ... ;) hope ur having fun to.

ee i know, u cant trust them!!
specialy sometimes the switch the ac on!! madre shisawon fe !!!
anyways, maki ma3ndhum salfa thak alyom lol like can fe alot of empty spots!! plus ohwa alplace bro7a tiney!!! u can easily walk to it!! shd3wa alribada!! ;p

wayhik hathi 7ooobti ;p a7san
i hate jap raw food !! o sea food :s 7imdela wl shikir. anyways aham shay the girls enjoyed it :)

welcome to my blog dude!
and yeh im very very very picky with food and resturants!! thats why ;p

:************** inshalah
t3alay wagt al shita inshalah al jaw mo6abee3i ekon ;)

*orange juice:
babes im glad u had fun :*

Delicately Realistic said...

7ashaitaw feeny? :P

*big smile*

No3iK said...

mini sorry 7adi em`6ay3a !!

dood ili gali shlon u dont like maki mo enta :p

ee ee lol i drool i wish it was as simple as that!!! 9ig 9ig fashalt al banat misaken

lets just day i didnt go by the rules!! i enovate ways of eating that !!! @@ i cant even call it food ;p

btw! i didnt wear the skirt loser! go read the post again:p

ZiZoTiMe said...


Jap food... Ewwwwww!! That's not even a food!

Wanasa to meet other bloggers... Nice idea... Bs eshraykom el marah el yayah etkon mix :P

Ma geltay shino 9ar lama yt el fatora? Meno ely tewahegat bel e7sab!! ?? :P

Banat o ma yedfe3on 7g el Valey! la yal Cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap :)


Loool ee wallah bs nby en3aref etha 7elwat wela la? Et7es sowalef moraheqen hehe :P

Honey™ said...

i hope that ma 7ashetow feeni !!

amoot o a3arif what did u order bel jap ??

158 is short ??
what about 150 ??

No3iK said...

b3d 3mre , bkil 5air wallah ;)
missed u around :)

ashwa anik 7as feeni!! thats what i tell them
jap food taste like rubber! or plastic with sauce something like that
really really bad smell b3d :s

anyways yl maynon it was suday makan za7ma o maki bro7a mititr b mitir!! valet 3la shino bullah!!
e7na ma 3ndna dala3 banat ;p wala tifilsif kwaityeeeen ;p 3ayashoon 3ayal. and i frickin parked it exactly bl inch right infront of the door!!!! what else do u want me to do ?

ur 150 @@ mashalllah 7adich nig6aa ;p
5ala9 ra7 a6la3 weyach 3shan aksha5 y3ny a6wal minich y3ny ;p
al order i have no idea
bella ordered for me !! it was a small glass stuffed with stuff!!

jiji ordered muneera chena o shoog?? wallah madre bada3aw b hl asami ;p

Anonymous said...

Who's the hawt blonde in the middle anyway?

3arfeeni 3alaiha :P

Honey™ said...

LOL !!
ok i know how it feels to find some one is shorther !! which is hard 2 me 2 find =/

but ok ,, i know it will be fun going out with !! so dear ur welcome any time :> ,, but nunu should be with us ,, and tinks ..
i would loe 2 meet her ;>

Honey™ said...

and about common sense is he really a stripper !!
next time i wanna join and judge on him if he is a good one or not ;p

jiji said...

lol no3ik!!! ma tadree elmaskeen shino 6alabna ;p

honey.. we had fusion, 3esa, yara and manayer :>

No3iK said...

shes ur ex !! u fool :p
3aib may9er bs 3ad cham mara !! ? ;p

7bebty def enty comeback o binheet kilina inshalah

bout common, hes the best!! -sighs-

6a 6a 6a alasami allah e5aleech!!
dasha maki wela dasha fireg 9waile7 ana ???

Anonymous said...

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So could you all please spread this?

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No3iK said...

most girls are looking for men here!
and ur looking for a dog @@

lol the irony! sorry couldnt help it ;p


Anonymous said...


15/09 said...

lool really??? ;p

Common_Sense said...

No3ik I require u stop this ****,, I am not a stripper,, my rep is getting shesamoona, bel wa7el :P

ok maybe private stipper bs fethaa7toony chthy :@

Fallen Angel said...

*Die laughing*
That was girls are the dynamic trio LOL. You sure are a fun group ^_^

Tinkerbell said...

awwww i'm glad u girls had fun! and thanx for the "tinks etyanin" part :P

No3iK said...

`7`7`7`7`77`7` i do it when im being naughty or evil ;p
welshom to mois blog ;)

be mo specific? lol really 3la shino?? heheheh

as u wish!!!
u dont know being a stripper is a cool thing,ive been getting lots of calls from girls ;) if u know whati mean.
so ok, ur my pvt stripper i will call u " JASON JIZZY " loooooooooooooooool 7adda 3ageb :p ok common is JASON JIZZY ppl ;p
thanks scarlo :****

*fallen angel:
3asaaaa doom laughing ;)
sanxyo im gladu think so bro.
o 7ayaaak to my bloggi ;)

ur welcome albi
next time well have fun with u inshalah :***