Saturday, August 12, 2006


its very dark in here
i stare at my hands but i cant see them
i roll on to the next pillow
its surface is crisp cold
my body temperature rushes to warm it up

i lay back and i stare again at my hands
this time closer
but i cant see anything yet.
its as dark as my hair

i sit on the coffee table,
i look at the chair, the sofa
my feet touching the marble,
i move it to the carpet
feels funny, how soft the marble is, lush the carpet is

i hold my cup
its almost done
i sip and its not hot anymore
so i drink up.

im standing waiting inline
its crowded , people are talking and shoving against eachother
its really hot.
but i feel calm and quiet
i dont feel like moving at all
i just stand
i never move.

i still want to see my hands, i can see them typing right now
my hands are typing. beautifully
i had a dream i was typing on a pizza instead of a keyboard
smeared cheese and tomato sauce on my fingers.

if i cant see something
doesnt mean its not there.
i see it right infront of me, my coffee mug
doesnt mean its really there.


Anonymous said...

You mean you weren't drinking from the coffee mug?

No3ik, I miss you. Your recent posts have been quite dark. Hope your days are bright.

Marzouq said...

you want to laugh.. this is how it went while I was reading it..

"oohh its dark" yeah thats how it was when I passed out.. felt like passing out.. I need more sleep


"lines" damn work.. that guy didnt finish what I wanted him to finish! I need to check up on him!

from the keyboard you went to Pizza, and now Im hungry! loool!

What a poem I went through a bunch of thoughts while reading it! hehehe! Good job!

Anonymous said...

mmm lovely poem as always :)

keep writing!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Y3ny kenty ga3da taklen Pizza while you're typing this post!!

Ok tell us what kind of pizza was it? Plz say it was Domiinnoooozzzz

Etha el title 3n shy thany then i'm lost as usual :P

Tinkerbell said...

i luv how u take the mundane events of ur daily life and weave them into something so beautiful

ScarlO said...

Your last four lines are killers..

I likes :-D

A Daydreamer said...

so many things we cant see, but we know they are there. unfortuantly, we somtimes keep our eyes closed.

love it!

Carlsb3rg said...

hmmm... im kind of lost with this one hehe.. couldnt figure out what ur saying :p , but it did bring me back some memories :)

Bella Color said...

Nice poem as usual bas i gotta say the 'pizza part' cracked me up!! LooooooooooooooooooL..!!

Me likey ur last 4 lines!!!!!!!!! Soooo true, sooo real...

the eyes (& mind or 'inward eye' as Wordsworth would call it) can play tricks on u sometimes....

No3iK said...

loooooool first off i really didnt expect anyone to get it. for that im glad, coz it means its really good.
my professor called me yesterday telling me this is my best piece sofar ;)
i know its complicated and diff so im very happy u even tried :) thank u kilkum walah ;)

anywaysssssssssssssssssssss lets start:
its not about the coffee mug 3mre,
imagery and symbolism.
this post is not dark, its gray.
its life. 3adi ;* dont worry bout me bnaya :)

loool u cracked me up
ur such a guy, that was such a guy guy comment !
im glad it got to you in someway ;)

*mini r:
thank you, sure inshalah.

yl dayi5 the pizza keyboard was a dream!
and i loved it. ur always lost sunny! lol inshalah b3dain agolik al salfa 3dil ;p

i love u o enty ili beautiful thanks 3mre :*

yep, they wrap the pic.

beautiful way in seeing it.
a poem can always be interpret in many different ways ;) good one.

simple daily chors im sure anyreader would relate to it ;)
im sure u related to the pizza part :p

lol are usure u mean wordsworth or wentworth !!!

im confused girl ;p

Bella Color said...

LoooooooooooooL...!! WENTWORTH, errrrr, no i mean Wordsworth :p

ScarlO said...

wordsworth is a whore ..

ScarlO said...


(ha! 13 comments, bad omen)

No3iK said...

lol bella :p

eeee ashwa ;p glt ana ymkn lail7en fa9la mal ams ;)

scarlo!! u believe in that shit:p?