Thursday, August 03, 2006

no longer a choice

your hands were warm

the touch of a hand could mean many things.
a touch of a hand could kill or give life.
a touch of a hand could mean the end of something or the start of something else.

a touch is the most human thing about us.

finger tips! are amazing, how delicate, soft yet sensual. like pads of a cat.
skin is mysteriuos! it covers us like a magic veil, let us feel every single detail.

a touch has the power to stop time (sometimes)

i love skin, i love how my skin feels, i love how its able to feel every bit of life that passes by.
when we touch we don't only feel, we leave our fingerprints on the other.
and you cant wash them out.
every time we touch and i leave a print on "you" i know im alive, i know ur more alive.

a touch can never lie.

eyes can lie, but a touch can never lie.
when you touch someone and your heart starts to bang like heavy rain on roof tops.
when you can feel your blood pouring through your body , you could feel your veins expand.

when breathing easily is no longer a choice.
you know its real you know its there.

your hands are cold


ZiZoTiMe said...

kaseeeeee7aaaaaaaaaT el aLGhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!




ZiZoTiMe said...

Kalaaaaaaaaam kbeeeeeeeeeer ely bel post!! Bs ya tara hal ohwa ehda2? o 7g meno? ;)

U can touch my picture if u want :P

Rimyoleta said...

amazing choice of words:)
great post:)

Carlsb3rg said...

I'm speachless..

reema said...

amazing just like you. but for some unknown reason, i felt sad after reading this post.

Anonymous said...

wow..beautiful mashallah I really like this!

Keep it up!

My hands are HAWT!

Chai-7aleeb said...




Your Battlefield said...

every line describes a scene; a play with words you create this flaming fire on a sheet of paper(post) from your ingredidents of loves i adore the simplicity which within it lies a thousand complex feelings...:)more more more

waiting for ur next post

Fuzzy said...

a Touch translates into different emotions you're right

No3iK said...
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Zalabya said...

I felt sad too
o ana ba3ad 3ala 6raif !

No3iK said...

people people calm down !!


please im NOT in love !!

i like to imagine things, im a poet! i tend to use little details from my life and exaggerate them into poetry.
things that could be nothing but do inspire me.

so ,, yes i was with my niece today touching her cuddling untill she fell asleep in my hands,
this is only one source!!!
so i have a hectic life full of people and supermans :p

so u guess you know now where i get these things from ,,

so AGAIN AGAIN ,,, fictional ;p


Delicately Realistic said...

I liked this post :)
Great work, keep it up.

ScarlO said...

Zizo, hon.. calm down. And are you camping on this blog, always the first to comment?

I don't trust touches. You never know where one put their hand before they touch you.. so .. yeah.. me and touches never get along. *coughs* but I can feel you..

Lovely post, hons :-D

No3iK said...

hehehehehe shfeeek !! a39aaaab ?
lol walah `6a7aktny yashagol :p

almuhim, alkalam mo ehda2 7g anyone!
coz no one yistahil klam kber chithe :p

i want to rip ur pic into pieces :p

thanks dear! i try and use words my readers would be familiar with.

hey u ... ur comments are always the shortest :p

thanks 3mre, i dont want u to be sad! dont be ok. inshalah ba6al3ich this week, prepare ur self for superman :*

*mini r :
wow! u actually like it! no jokes this time :p
im really honored and flattered, u have no idea ;)
thanks bro, hands hawt?

*chai 7aleb:
u think we need to be cured from love!

i think this world needs love to be cured!! sob7ana allah.

i swear if i collect all ur comments together,
thatd be a post!! one of the most beautiful posts, i love ur commets
they are wittty and deep.
and u did notice the simplicity!! wow
enty 3ageeeba :* mashalah 3laich.

not everyone knows what real a "touch" really supposed to feel like. shame!

:* esmila 3laich
see u sat inshalah .

*delicately reaslistic:
thanks hon, inshalah iwill :*

awal shay thanks for ur help :*
thany shay ... a touch is not bout the where, its more how ?
u should learn to trust it with the right ppl only.
other than that:p DONT! hehehehe
esmila 3laich.

Bella Color said...

Great post babes :)

Just remember, Nacho Libre

No3iK said...


Shit girl!!

i swear to God wallah wallah ..

ba6ny shaaaad 3alay!! e3awirni o my left hand for some reason shada 3lay o ga3d t3awirni @@


7bebty enzain shako Nacho bl post ;p
shaklich lail7en fa9la :*

NuNu™ said...

For me, a hug can never lie

Bella Color said...


oooooooooffff 7adddi.... I cant sleeeeeep min kether ma ana fas6la!!!!

2day is a memorable day & it will never b 4gotten!!! Wallah same here.... I never laughed this MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv ya sisooooo :********

-------> butt scene!

Bella Color said...

esmealllah 3alich :)

I think ur body parts are fas6leeeeeen tooo ;)

ZiZoTiMe said...


hathy el kalemat te7taj el enfe3al el shadeed wel z2eeer ba3ad :P

ooooooh don't be so hard on my cute pic


Mo te6alagna? ba3ad eshtabeen meny! Mako nafaqah :P

Bella Color said...

woooooooooops i mean fas9la/fas9leeeen and not fas6la/fas6leeeen..!!!


Tinkerbell said...

i'm graving the feel of chubby little fingers for the 1st time..i'm craving the touch of a strong hand holding me..i'm craving the feel of soft warm hands caressing my face..i can go on :P

Fedo said...

One word: Ouch. Especially with parts like "your hands are cold" and "like pads of a cat."

BaSSeM said...


Your hands are cold <-- that made me :(
i know the feeling

*~MiSs-Un¡Quέ~* said...

weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!...wat a long post!!...have'nt commented here in awhile :P

Sedna said...

Simple. Yet so touching...

BaLqEeS said...

واايييييد قوييي هذا الكلام

اثر فيني وايد
بس يا ترى من المقصود؟؟؟

NewMe said...

i miss that simple touch which made me experience the butterfly effects all over my skin!!!
amazingly written
made me remember things i ought to forget :$
be as great as u r always

Marzouq said...

I got cold hands! So what does that make me! Damn it! hehehe!

The way I see it is.. Cold hands Warm heart! Like you said holding someone's hands has a lot of meaning to it! :)

No3iK said...

a hug , is all about touching again, just in anothe way.
i really wanna hug u 3ad ;*

my bodyparts... lol 5aleha 3la allah ;p

lol aham shay al za2eeeer
at7aftny 9ara7a ;p
ur pic!!!
-grrrrrrrr- rips it into little pieces, then swallow it :D aaaaaaa7 .. lazeeez!

wow girl slow down there ... lots of craving going around ... ;)
yes please do go on ... ;p

ouch! thats my word ;p
"pads of a cat" i personally loved it to.

i never had cold hands.

*miss unique:
i know we miss u here, good to see ya 7bebty *

thanks, very simple :)

thanks 7bebty i really loved how u felt about it. butterflys are the best!

dont wory doesnt mean anything.
it differs from one person to the other.
like u put it, if u have a warm heart, then cold hands mean nothing really :)

Wowel said...

mmmmmmm, I know what you mean, a touch can do wonders, even if its just holding hands ;)

Яeema said...

spechless as will :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl! I miss you! *hugs and kisses*

No3iK said...

* ww:
if u really know what i mean, then ur lucky :) and rare ;)

aaawww .. 7bebty :*

i miss u to 3mre, kani yayitich :*

feelgood said...

U need to get laid :P

No3iK said...

urrmmmm ...

maybe u do ;p