Thursday, August 10, 2006

a true story.

this is going to be a long post.. zizo and lialy hope ur gona read it.
im wirting this as i listen to "even the best fall down sometimes"
im numb at the moment.
i feel this thing building up in and on my chest and i want it out NOW.
it starts like this:

i was getting rid of some old stuff in my bedroom.
so i found this dusty box under the bed. it was "stuffed" with letters, papers, pics, and cards. i also found my 16 year old diary! i dont even remmeber having a diary at that age.
so i smiled, i opened it and started reading, some pages got me to tears coz there was alot stuff bout my mom that i even forgot about.
mostly was about highschool and my friends..highschool days are so laaame!! anyways ..
theres one thing u need to know about me. my friends are MY LIFE. if im friends with someone, i know theyre worth my friendship they always always come first.
i have a huge huge circle of friends al7imdellah they are my treasure.... so ...

one of my highschool friends is 7bebty "fay" my diary was all fay this and fay that and it broke my heart that now for almost 7 years i know nothing bout her totally lost contact after she got married and had kids, thats what i hear from other friends. i dont talk to her or have her number.

last page of my diary was all phone numbers of my friends. they were all house numbers. so i thought i want to call and ask for her mobile number... now i really really wish i never made that call!

before i go any further i must tell you alittle bit bout my fay. ithink shes the bravest girl i have ever met in my life. shes been slit cut since the day she was born, shes been hurt in every way u can imagine physically and emotionally. i have no idea how she survived and was even able to smile. fay been through shit that i dont even see in movies, fay fought like a warrior, her life is a horror movie, fay been through one crisis to the next and had the strength to help her other friends through their silly shitty problems. fay had the biggest heart on earth biggest kindest heart and the most beautiful personality.

so i call, the phone rings and my heart beats raise..... her father answers the phone:

no3ik: alsalam 3laikum 3ami, this is flana liflaney.. im very sorry for calling u like this, but could you please give me fays mobile number coz i lost it?
father: hala fech wallah, whos fay?
no3ik: im sorry isnt this bait "..." arent you buflan?
father: yes it is, but whos fay?
no3ik: 3ami im very sorry again but fay ur daughter!! im her friend from highschool i just want to say hi, could you please give me her number?!
father: - sudden change of tone- oh u mean fay the b*tch!!!!
- ok so now u can imagine the shock on my face specialy that we were speaking in arabic, so it sounded more revolting and sick!!!!-
no3ik: huh!!! excuse me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
father: fay the b*tch, the slut, the animal ... etc ..... - his voice started raising - SHE IS NOT MY DAUGHTER DONT U EVER SAY THAT SHES MY DAUGHTER U UNDERSTAND!!!!
no3ik: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so sorry!!!! what is wrong????
father: i said dont call her my daughter shes not, and btw she was adopted shes not my daughter not my blood her family name isnt "..." shes a whore shes not mine anyways shes not my daughter shes a b*tch........
no3ik: - i started crying - 3ami please can i have her number now. where is she now ???
father: i dont know where that b*tch is i threw her out the house years ago!!! shes probably dead or with some ass. i dont know...
no3ik: what about her kids???? where are they?????
father: thrown out with her, theyre all bastards... they belong in the street.
no3ik: ..................!!!!
father: if u ever see her in the street tell her I DONT SAY HI.- then he laughed- !!!!!
no3ik: .................!!!
father: that whore. my advice just forget she ever existed thats what i did.
no3ik: i have to go now bye.
- and i hung up-

im still shocked!! i still cant believe what i heard.
shes like any one of us, shes a girl who used to laugh had friends, had dreams, had a heart.
i have no idea why im telling you all of this, i know ur comments wont help or solve anything, i know u have nothing to do with this, i just need it off my chest.

after all what shes been through!!!! AFTER ALL WHAT SHES BEEN THROUGH!!!!!!!
now i know it was nothing, now i know shes been through worst!!!!!
i have no idea where she is, i have no idea if shes alive or not.
shes my friend, one of my good friends.

they say when u fall, u get up and move on.
but what if u fell in the mudd, got all covered up with mud and dirt, u do get up but u need someone who would help u wash it off, u simply need help.
her parents, her father gave her away. he fed her to the wolves!! and hes blaming her for does he sleep at night!!!!

how can some parents be so cold dead hearted! no matter what she did, no matter what, shes family, shes amother shes got 3 kids!!!!! how could u just throw them away! and not care.

i cant stop crying i dont want to imagine the things shes been throught. i dont want to think about it, i dont want to know.
right now i have one of her pics right next to the laptop. were together sitting together in our uniform and shes smiling! i feel so guilty, i feel so sorry.
i miss her i dont want to know anything i only want one thing right now.
i just want to hug her real tight. i just want to hug her. :`(

FAY where ever you are ... im still here ur not alone.


ScarlO said...

Thats sad indeed.
But hey chin up, whatever she did I'm sure she's happy. More happy than living with a father that calls her names like that, anyways. So don't torture yourself like that.

SpiKeY said...

damn..maskeena walla..hope shes fine...didnt think people have n feelings like that....yeah some people dont respect their children

15/09 said...

Whenever we hear that some person did this or that we always are quick to judge and say "they deserve what they get" however hearing the story from this point of view makes us think that no one deserves to get what she got. I just hope that some of her other family members stuck by her side and helped her out through this. O allah ekoon eb3oonhom enshala

Chai-7aleeb said...



Anonymous said...


ZiZoTiMe said...

So sorry to lose your friend that way and i hope u'll find a way to catch her soon

Maybe he was saying the truth... Maybe she's not he daughter and i hpe this is the right thing... Otherwise he's not a father and he doesn't deserve a daughter like Fay

Hope she's doing fine and as Scarlo said: She's more happy than living with a father like that

Cheer up and don't worry enshalah she's having a great life as she's beeing away from this monster

I actually read it and this is the longest post "comment" i've ever wrote until now :P

Etha 7asaitay eb '6ej eb 9adrech just scream by saying:

oooooooooLLLLLLLLLooooooooooooo ;)

Wowel said...

This is so sad and touching, If I were u i'd do all that I can to find out where she is living at at the moment. KUwait is a pretty small country and you'd easily find her if you do ur research well. It hurts to see a father treating his own in such a harsh way. 7atan law adopted she is still his child. ALah esam7a enshala, and if you need any help or advice in trying to find her I am more than willing to help you out.
Goodluck and don't cry, la'ana kel min eb hal 3alam yenwelid o rizga ma3aah.

NuNu™ said...

WAY3A!!! Sorry but I really can't believe people of this kind exist, specially here in Kuwait!

صج لي قالوا لما تشوف مصايب الغير تهون عليك مصيبتك

الله يكون بعونها ويصبرها

Bella Color said...

7abebti cheer up... dont b sad, i know it hard not too. But, i agree with zizo, maybe she isnt her daughter... I have a friend who is adopted, but her 'father' and she herself doesnt know; but, every1 else does...

Bas even though, she is not his daughter, doesnt he have fatherly feeling toward her? How cruel is that?!?! Even if u have a dog in the house, a person would be sad if something bad happens to it!

I think he's mad!

Bas, lets hope that she is living a better life with her children then the life she lived b4...

Bella Color said...
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carlsb3rg said...

that was really shocking to read..
i cant say anymore. i dont want to be judgemental, especially since the story is a mistery.

skunk said...

some people shouldnt be allowed to have kids.

jiji said...

family is not just ppl carryin ur blood! its ppl who love and care abt u! ...

wherever she is.. u must b certain that it is best for her.. rather than living with that man-beast.

Òrange Juice™ said...

That was really touching I don't really get emotional but am litreally in tears right now.
Thanks for sharing the story with us.
It changed they way I look at things.
I'll put her in my prayers tonight May god be with her and don't be 2 hard on yourself cheer up.
She's far better now than where she was imagine the psychological effect it would have on the 3 kids.

sobrietybreedscontempt said...

Hey... We dont know the whole story, guess you dont either but maybe she is just better off without him ya kno.. Hang in there..

Tinkerbell said...

i'm so sorry darling :( hope ur friend's ok and i'm here for u if u need anything

Zalabya said...

7ayati no3ik.. i know all what what we're saying here may7el shay o maysa3id eb shay bas tara kel men gara el post 7as feech o feeha.. allah ya7feth`ha o ezeed men ajerha ameen..

dont feel sad and guilty .. this life got u both apart from each other makan shay beedich believe me o el dalel ena u still care about her and u called.

remember this.. ur friends are always around u :* we love u so much

Anonymous said...

This looks like a good one. Will sure read it later and comment on it. Don't have much time now, just thought I'd drop by and say something...

Your Battlefield said...

لا حول ولا قوة الآ بالله

the cruelty in this world is unbearing...may god be protecting your friend inshallah she's somewhere living a happier life apart from that unfeeling creature her father.

SweetesT SiN said...

nooooo3ik :* hugs u * ( ma agdar agool shay i hope a hug is enough

Dandoon said...

What a wanker. I don't care who's "fault" it is but there was no need to talk about her like that with you (or anyone). I can't believe he had the heart to throw her out. I hope she's safe x

BaSSeM said...

لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
الله الحامي يا رب تكون بخير

"hugs you"

NewMe said...

i am shocked and horrified!!
do they call themselves humans??
oh i am so furious at this f**ked – up father!!
i hope you somehow get to hear good news about fay :/

badly.drawn.woman said...

allalh y3eenhum 3ala nafs-hum o allah y3eennah 3ala dinyana... bumps in the road and stones being hit at her... you.. us.. allah yastir bs...

sweetie... since you probably don't know where she is... pray for her and her kids' safety o allah ysahhil inshalla...

it's sad to hear about her..
it's shocking to hear it happen so soon in her life..
it's revolting to hear a human talk about another this way... regardless of their blood/adoption relation... it sickens me... he has no right... but i guess cruelty is there for the taking and anyone can take a stab at it...

no3ik, for once i'm out of comforting words... i really hope you feel better and mend ur heart... losing a friend breaks a heart to more pieces than it was made of... try to seek her out... ask about her... try the phone directories... i don't know... but don't forget her in your prayers... always know that she, even for a fraction of a second, thought of you and a smile brightened her face with the memory of you...

ps, i think no3ik is "the bravest girl i have ever met in my life and has the biggest kindest heart and the most beautiful smile. best personality."

Marzouq said...

no3ik, it saddens me to see something like this.. 3alashaan there are some physcotic men in kuwait like this.. I have seen a few.. and I dont know why they are like this and heartless..

bes inshalla she is better then when she was with him. I could only imagine what she went through at home when she was young, did you try asking for the wife? try calling during a work day and try talking to the mother of the daughter, maybe she has a different attitude about it.. I dont know.. If you want to find out about her Kuwait is pretty small and you could track her down..

I just really hope that she is in a better place o inshalla allah ga3ad esaa3idha o who ever else 3inda thameer min ahalha.

Its good you posted this because at least you wont be the only one feeling the way you do.

i_live_in_Q8 said...

لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! I am so shocked by what her father told her. Wait not her father. No father can be as heartless as he is. Even if your friend, Fay, is just adopted he cannot be so... Geez! I cannot find the word for it. Oh my God! Allah y3een Fay wherever she is. O May God be always with her and her 3 kids. I hope you hear from her, No3ik... :( 7addy mit2athra...

No3iK said...

for all of you !!

wallah im speechless
ur words are so kind and comforting

first of all i forgot to mention
that shes not adopted coz ive seen her pics since she was a baby with her fam
and she looks exactly like her brother and her family,.
fa the adoption part is just bull.

thany shay,
i have tried calling all my friends they only gave me more bad news
bottom line, no one knows how to reach her.
they even said shes maybe not living in kuwait anymore.

anyways shes still in my prayers
and i thank you all for everything
it means alot :* so thank u.

jiji said...

7beeeebti wala :** wut are friends for :**

*big hug*

Zalabya said...

No3ik :*

R7eeq said...

ambeeh :((

shno hatha ..way 3rte qalbe ..

3fya 6mnena ..:\

allah ykom bel 3on

3ala qalbch ..:**

Anonymous said...

Damn..that's cruelty at it's weakest. A friend told me about this guy who was with him in school. His dad stapled all his fingers together for doing bad.

A lot of parents here are..hmm..can't find the right word for them but I think you can get my meaning.

Cheer up I'm sure you'll find her soon enough. :)

No3iK said...

alot of parents are not supposed to be parents in the first place.

thats what ur trying to say.

a molester is not a parent
a rapist is not a parent
a drunk is not a parent
an abusive person is not a parent
an animal is not a parent.

in reality, they are parents, they harm their kids every single day and nobody can do anything about it.

AmoOoRa said...

I feel bad sweetie, ur story made me sad. inshalla ya rab shes safe and living a better life than before. Allah y9aberha o0o inshalla u find more info about her on how to reach her.

"Some bonds are stronger than BLOOD"
Thats all i gotta say.

teagirl said...

Lets assume the worst, she did do soemthing horrible.. if the dad were smart at all he wouldnt go around spreading the news. He'd say soemthing like "she died" or "please dont call here anymore" but this way he's only drawing more attention to what ever she might have done.

what a horrible situation