Sunday, August 27, 2006


as i was about to sleep.
as my eyes were about to shut.
as my lungs were about to numb.
as my thoughts were about to die.
as my heart was about to finally stop.
as my line was about to turn flat.

you came


15/09 said...

sometimes things happen a little too late, but sometimes late is better then never...nice post me likes

ScarlO said...

back seat :-\

I love, I love, I love.
Uh, you keep writing and send him my way when you see him again. I'll return him to you, I swear.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel.

Orange Juice said...

finally when u thought it was all over u were picked up again

wow amazing It's simple
I just love it.....

Bloo said...

fantastic touchable pieace. ur doing it right

jiji said...

akheeeeeehhhh!!!!! ow ham a7eeeeeeeeeeeh

badly.drawn.woman said...

interesting piece... i think it's ur best so far... :*

Fuchsia Spunk said...

Awww..that was really sweet!
Me like 8)

Anonymous said...

very nice =)

Honey™ said...

who came !!
me !!
b3ad 3umri wallah !! le haldraja you miss me !!
i miss you more 7ayatie :****

AyyA said...

Ah, it is that time that I hate the most to be awakened :p
Nice, very sentimental

Fuzzy said...

as i was fuzzy wuzzy

do0da said...

Me likey alot =)

I love its simplicity.

Marzouq said...

Sometimes patience pays off! Like! :)

Princess said...

awww it is so sweet, simple and sweet :)

shba9a said...

wooOoOoow it's great i like it very much .. Nice post it's very Simple :):)

No3iK said...

*the 1509:
heeeey welcome back!
uve been missed ;)
anyways better late than never, ummmm
yeah id agree with that.
thanks im gladu likes ;p

- loser , back seater - ;p
i love love love u :* o thanks for z help dear.
who do u want me to send? u mean superman??!

im sure u do ;)

*orange juice:
thanks orange
and yes thats exactly what it says!
good job.

thanks hun, ur to ;)

alah karem ;p

hala walah bl dalal kila :*
b3d 3mre entay thanks,.
i know how busy u are so thanks for pasing to. and if u think its the best!! im speechless and just very flattered thanks 3mre :*

*fuchsia spunk:
w\7ayach 3mre, thanks. :)

thanks girl ;)

lool yeh yeh its u :p
only if iwas a lezbo its u ;p

oooh yes, u would know wouldnt u :)
if u wouldnt i dont know who would.
awakening time. when ur most delicate most fragile.
i know.

wuzzy shooo >??

well love is that simple, its either there or not.

well said ;)
im glad u do.

thatnks, its sweet of u.
like i said love is supposed to be simple really. ppl tend to complicate it in their heads.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. :)

(Don't have much to say today.)

-OT- said...

Superman comes to save the dayyyyyy... Wooohooo *Jumping and Cheering in joy*

Farashat il Nowair said...

no3ik ..

nader matlagen a7ad yes-tahal ..
o nader matlagen a7ad iyqader ..
o nader ma ina iykon fe a7ad yestahal yentheker ..
o nader ma il salfa teswa men il asas ..

my aim is to control what comes to me .. mu 3ala kefa he comes .. wain kan we u needed him ... wa3alaya 3alena .. 9aber 5ayaly o ta7amul 5ayaly .. alah iy3een

magool ila .. am a surviver ;/

Beautiful piece :)

p.s: 9ayra wayed at7al6am hal ayam :PPPPPpppppPPPPPpppPPP

do0da said...

Glad to see the "a" there =P lol

do0da said...
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Fuzzy said...

wuzz a bear :P

No3iK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No3iK said...


im very sorry dear i forgot to reply u

thank u very much im gladu liked it
and welcome to my blog :**

cute nick! ;)

yeeeh i know its that time of the month ;p i understand.

and how do u know bout my superman!!
does everyone knows now :s!!!
heheheheh bs yeah its my superman :*

*farashat al nowair:
t7al6imaaay kithr ma tabeen !! we all need to ;)
any ways what u said is true and right
where was he when she needed him?
thing is he never knew her before
hes her ... hes her last chance i think!
that is if she decides she wants to give it another try.

Carlsb3rg said...


simply wonderful...

my heart pumped harder with every sentence anticipating the sentimental conclusion..


ZiZoTiMe said...

Wain el takmelah? :P

ZiZoTiMe said...

Wain el takmelah? :P

Anonymous said...

By the way,
What happened next?

No3iK said...

the "a" will always be there inshalah dont worry

ana bathib7ik ! ;p

inshalah soon :)

7bebty, its on the way inshalah :)
just as ur stroy is on the way to ;)

Common_Sense said...

Who Came, Ma te3arafna 3leeh :|

Common_Sense said...

Who Came, Ma te3arafna 3leeh :|

Common_Sense said...

Who Came, Ma te3arafna 3leeh :|

*PerdU* said...

i loved it :)

phoenix said...

Compliments to the writer!

Chai-7aleeb said...


No3iK said...

* carls:
that is the most beautiful comment so far.
and the longest comment u ever wrote to me :p so congrats and thank u.

yooz o 3n a ligafa;p

thanks dear :)

aaawww !! thats sweet of u :* thanks hun.

*chai 7aleb:
i reallly think u mean something else ;p
u didnt get it did u.