Sunday, August 06, 2006

Do u have it in you ?

i love how inventive they can be.
how alarming, smart and just creative.
they are so simple, so real that you can actually feel them, they are way more convincing than the stupid stiff sh*t we usually use.

anyways, if ud protest, bout anything, anything inlife !.. what would it be, and what would it say on ur SIGN?

my answer:
1- HANG stupid traditions! (get a life)
2- i want a Green subway in kuwait. (a real subway not the resturant)
3-open Dunk'in Donut already! (so i can watch superman 3dil this time)
4-TIRIQIM is harassment, throw them in jail. (3ashan al dera tif`6a)
5- F*CK WAR! (never gonna happen, as long as we have men ruling it)
6- girls, stop wearing MAKEUP like Whores do! (they really do)
7- ya7okoma baskom BOOOOOG!!! ( :x )
* update* thank you Carls for the link, now people watch this:
8- DEMOCRACY, my ***! ( no3kum )

this one cracked me up!


reema said...

my fav sign is (7koma baskom bog) lol

ok my answer is:
1-we WANT krispy kreme, we WANT krispy kreme :P

2- WE want more burger places

3- NO MORE pizza hut no more piizza hut it sux! lol 7ady yo3ana mo?
4- oil fields project (7qol elshamal) isn't for sale. if u know the story.

5- as for the tarqeem (did someone leave ur cage open?) CLOSE THE ZOO CLOSE THE ZOO :P

6- we want more women clubs than nadi elfatat! thaim

7- APPLE store and virgin stop stealing ashkara! tara elashy;a eb amazon nis else3er :P


9- entertainment city? WHAT A SHAME!

ScarlO said...

-donuts are fattening. and whats wrong with the superman i told you about ? ;-p

No3iK said...

7beeebty enty 7adich yo3ana :*

aaaw .... all ur signs are cute! 7adhum entay...!
i liked ( 4 ) most. ur right.

ay superman!!!
tara ako wayid be more specific ?

No3iK said...

lol scarlo ok i get it now ;p

`7`7`7`7`7` .. noooo3ich !

i need to get fat girl :) so i need dunkin .

SpiKeY said...

hehe goood one the post..

well i would answer as follows

1- no more you have to be married to get an apartment or house ( i need sum freedom u know)


3- SELECT ALL -> DELETE -> EMPTY RECYCLE BIN (for some entities in Kuwait)

4- basna tradition !!!! ( u said it )

5- GURLS AND GUYS CAN TALK also not just date !!!

6- GUYS tara mo kela wa7da in the street wants to be followed ( yal ga7a6 )


NuNu™ said...

Eeee Pleeeeease KATHRAY min el dunkin ;P

Marzouq said...


2) Race track

3) More Burger places (with reema, im hungry)

4) Open up tourism already

5) Fire the useless people from their jobs in the 7ukuma!

6) Tarqeem guys should be thrown in jail, and if your a guy and your hair is larger then your forehead then you should also be tossed in jail!

7) Normalize the damn prices already.. not everything has to be expensive!

8) Open up Krispy Kreme before Dunkin Doughts! LOOL!

9) Let Motorcycles get some respect on the road please! I dont need people trying to run me over if Im not flying!

لمياء الحالمة said...

The only protest would be to you people:

لما إنتو كويتيين, ليش ما تكتبون بالعربي؟

على الاقل حسبوا حساب إللي مثلي وإللي بالغصب خلصوا محو الأمية

لا .. وإنجحو جوازاً


7tenths said...

'Stick the damn cigarettes up your butt - it'll do you less harm & attract more attention!'

Anonymous said...

'No alcohol, no tourism'

Anonymous said...

1- Chlorinate the human gene pool.

2- Let's have pet humans.

3- Send off useless humans into slavery in some Chinese coal mine.

4- Exile useless humans to another planet. (Without any oxygen of course.)

5- To all the supposed Apple 'stores' in Kuwait: Burn in hell.

6- Let's use our surplus oil to create huge flaming pools into which we can toss all the useless people in. BBQ baby!

7- Marry those tarqeem guys to a few single goats, camels, get the picture now?

8- Let's steal some nukes & nuke Israel/Palestine & Iraq off the map. Then them into one large playground for our kids.

9- I want a pet Jew. In a cage.

(Scarlo/No3ik: baskum 7ash!)

Carlsb3rg said...

-donate the country to someone who CAN run it- :D

Anonymous said...

mini r

if those were true yud b dead already with ur goat beside you

Anonymous said...

anonymous: obviously i'm still alive and don't worry that goat is still bleating out your name repeatedly. Poor thing misses you.

Carlsb3rg said...

Here's something to protest about ;p

Chai-7aleeb said...



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No3iK said...

anony: im very sorry
either use a nick or write good and nice loving mushy wushy comments :)

other than that,, i really cant ..

minir .. another beep 3n the goat and ur going straight to your room!!!
understood ...!

so stop fighting over the fricking goat!! im taking her shes mine end of story ..

now u two hug .. :*

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jiji said...

*sings money money moneeey moneeeeeeey moneeey moneeeey*

ZiZoTiMe said...

Noooooooooooooo jiji

no3ik yalla Sing:

Daaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaa!

No3iK said...

im glad u likey ..

no1 ... 7adda !!! i couldnt agree more!!! when do we get to be just free and independent .. answer is: NEVER.

no5 shinsawe mo shayfen 5air lol ma3ndhum shay esma respectful friendship ;p

thanks spikey very well said.

inshalah soon ;P ya rub soon malat mn al na6raaa !!

5 lol are u talking bout me ;p

8 nooooooooooooo way !!! athib7ik if it happened 3ad ana 7agza gablik ;p

* lamya2 al 7alima:
lol 7bebty malomich

its much easier to express in english sometimes..
b3dain arabic font bl blogs is very difficult to read.


i dedicate what u wrote to :
mini r & dr.lost & Carls & iliveinq8

thanks u 7ny, no one couldve said it better than u did ;)

a3oooozzzooo billlah mn ma 7arama allah :) 3ana ma 9ar 3ndna tourism.

*mini r:
lol yl dayi5 ent o protestatik kilaha day5a weyak !! lol

straight to the point!!! i love it.

again thanks for the video i loved it!!! 3ageeeb lol

*chai 7aleeb:
laish dont tell me u like the makeup :s ugly @@ scary masks of colors that dont even look human!!

money money must be funny in the rich mands world ;p always sunny ... aywa aywa ... ;p

15/09 said...

Loool, "donate the country to someone who CAN run it- :D" hehe I second that ;p mini I want Seinfeld to be my pet jew ;p I for one have just seen superman and would like to protest that they made him too hot, ga3id ekhaarib 3alaina ;p

Sedna said...

OH FUN POST!! <-- chinny t7mast showay??

Ok ok I have some =D


- I souport publik edikashion

- Why do people with closed minds always open their mouths?

Can't think of more :P But yes, open dunkin' donuts already. We're all hungry!

LaiaLy_q8 said...

OMG the vedio is sooooooo funny

SweetesT SiN said...

seeee i went through the dunkin' donuts thing till i got my uncle to open it (heheheheheheh) so im over that

ill add one to the list (refers to KSA)

men should be locked in theri houses and women should be the ones which go out and get the job done seems to like we always tend to do a betrter job at it n e ways

same here democracy my A!@#$%

and since it 3ayb that we go out in mixed place OPEN MORE PLACES WHERE WOMEN CAN HANG OUT DAMNIT

thanks no3ik for this nice post ( got some stuff of our chest )

Your Battlefield said...

1. stop building shopping malls; try to build a future.

2. stop destroying the sea; my gandchildern will suffer form your negligence.

3. in decline; a brain- a spirit- a something about it!!

4. where the f**k do i find a dose of respect and kindness! (all i see is rude and temperments)

5. where's my hungry bunny' i want hungry bunny' hunnnngggry bunny..(does it show how hungry i am this moment :P)

6. stop making resturants or malls; we want something worth our wall; something inventive and ORGINIAL.

great post no3ik :P i shall have donuts donuts donuts delievered to you and the delivery man shall be SUPERMAN ;p

Your Battlefield said... bad typos :(

Bella Color said...


Interesting post, bas i gotta admit that there is more action in the comments themselves!

hmmmmm... well, the thing that annoys me that most is the ppl in our country 'mooo chayeeefeeeen 5hair' min kel ilnawa7i!! My solution, poke their eyes out! ;p

Aurora said...

HEAR HEAR for 4 5 6 and 7!
My answer would be:

2 People do your jobs for something other than the salary you get each month
3 Where have all the good men (and women) gone!

Thats all I can think of right now :P

jiji said...

*stuffs kbab fe 7alj zizo*
no3ik ma3aleech min zizo tara 7aQid lesh i sing better than him ;D

*picks up singing where zizo interrupted*

um-miT3ib said...

1- Loose the gay.. Bring the men
2- Men can be friends
3- Entertainment isnt only food
4- 50% of Q8 should be Italians
5- Gharama 200 KD likol shab yaz3ej bnaya

w salamatkom ;p

Common_Sense said...

the most important sign that we must raise is the Dunk'in Donut. Tra akeed feh shay cause its not normal bel Kuwait makoo @@

khala9 ana ayeeblokom ayah wala tez3lon bs I need 1000 tawgee3 3shan el wekala ;p

Marzouq said...


No wasnt talking about you! Im talking about the guys who are rude to every person walking up to them who needs a stamp and someone who just stops working so they wont get anything done! Thats what I dont like!

And at the rate DnD is going Krispy Kreme will be open at some point before them! LOOOL!


I also think the 7ukuma would have to stop paying a family for each time they have a child! Why are they encouraging men to have more kids so they wont work! What thought process is that!

No3iK said...


"seen superman and would like to protest that they made him too hot, ga3id ekhaarib 3alaina ;p"

for admitting it ;)

oh and i want natalie portmen to be my pet ;p

7ayach 3mre ....
get excited shwarach ?
aniiiiiiiiii weeez ...
so their mouths are like literlay always open!! hehehehe that explains alot.

and dunkins ... we really should protest!

i know!! u think well get sued for watching it? ;p

*swet sin:
get all the shit off ur chest darling when ever u feel like it ;)
anyways ,,, ento bl ksa
u should protest forever ..
coz seriuosly a lot of things really need to be done!!!

alah e3enkum ,,,
i do believe things will change soon inshalah :)

Fedo said...

Here's a pic of the Lebanese protest in Berlin. Very creative!

G.Q.™ said...

What we should:

1) We should have Disney Land - Kuwait.
2) We should have really fast internet connection for 10 KD a month (like USA).
3) We should have a better color for dawriyatna!
4) We should have more movies at the cinemas!
5) We should drop the loans instead of giving other countries.

What we should NOT:

1) we should NOT have a summer this long in Kuwait!
2) We should NOT go to work in Ramadan!
3) We should NOT pay for phone calls.
4) We should NOT compare Kuwait to real advanced countries.
5) We should NOT have these many Starbucks' in Kuwait.

Fuzzy said...

الحمدالله على كل حال وماقول اللا
يمهل ولا يهمل

نبي بين كل مطعم ومطعم كوفي شوب
وكلهم يسوون ديليفيري
ونبي أفلام مو مقطعه واللي يستحي يشوف لقطات بوس يغمض عينه او يشوف الفيلم بجمعية الاصلاح
هاهاهاها والله طلبات بسيطه ! لا خلاص نغير الطلبات
نبي سلام في العالم كله
ونبي نقضى على الفساد
ونبي مدارس تنافس اكسفورد وهارفرد
ونبي مستشفيات أحسن من مايو كلينيك
ونبي قطارات بين المناطق
ونبي فيلا 2000 متر لكل مواطن
ونبي انترنت بسرعة 8 ميجابايت والاشتراك ما يتعدى 10 دنانير
ونبي ايميل لكل مواطن مثل ما وعدنا وزير المواصلات السابق :) يحليله
ونبي .. لا بس جني قرقت وايد

ميخالف شاري كيبورد يديد وقاعد أجربه

Anonymous said...

1-Kill 9a3ayda!!!
They're country is too full of them it threw them all up on kuwait !!! +O

No3iK said...

money honey !! 7adha cool !! come on!

any ways wala tiza3al ....


- 6ig erguba - ;)

aaaaah !!! with the shopping mallss
were the most materialistic country in the world if u ask me!!!

they are numbing our senses ,, and kind of sense by materials. by being shallow !!

and hungry bunny ako wa7d b7awali ohwa taqleeed but theyre good ;p try them....

baby if superman delivers donuts !!!! i never thought of that!! the image alone is killing me girl :(

girl u keep surprising me! u reminded me of kill bill 2 @@ NASTY!

good women !! well im still here ;p
good men , ill call superman for ya if u want ;p

see aldinya still is fine :*

la la la kkl shay wala zeeeez 3ad ..
9ig 9ig 3ad daaa daaaa daaa a7la mn money money money ;p

*om mit3ib:

3ala nom 4 + 5 !!!!! thiba7teeny bl italians girl ;p

*common sense:


yeah exactly i always thought it weired!!
kinda un ethical!! bring babies for money!!! shit!!! it sounds terrible actually.

i had goosbumps!!! but ur sure theyre not really dead!
a`7eeeeeh 9ig mo3abira wit3awr al galb. thank u.

heey shlonik?? wainik ?? min7ash ;p

anyways i loved ur list@@ klshay glta i agreed with wallah ;)
i like the no5 should !!
and all the shouldnts were very very good specialy the starbucks one@@ its like were being invaded or something ...SCARY!

mabrook 3l new keyboard ;)
lol kl ili glta en6awfa

bs shyab kl kuwaity email lol
shnabi bl email ballah !! hehehehe

t9adgen 3ad i dont see much 9a3ayda!
madre ma7is anhum wayid
akthr shay 3ndna hnod o falaban thats what i see anyways ;)

Eng.fahad said...


من زمان ما زرتكم ..
يمكن لانه بعض الناس اشويه يتغلون
بس ما عليه ;)
اليوم برد بطلاقه

احنا لو اندور على اللي نبيه وما نبيه
يمكن كل الدنيا تنمحي ..
والسبب لانه
الناس ما يعجبها العجب ولا الصيام برجب
ولو بناذخها بوازع ديني

نطالع الغرب يطبقون غايته واحنا
نلتسم اثره
بنفس الوقت ...
الشي السلبي دوم عندنا

No3iK said...

eng fahad .... one word:



G.Q.™ said...

Hala No3ik hala ... yuba ana esmi g.q. (G.Q.) .. mo g.g.

sawaiti esmi chinna esem raqi9a!!

um-miT3ib said...

ana thab7a el3alam kila bil italians ! :P A7EBHOM 7UB EL 3AMA !!!!! ily0om imhadeda oboy batzawaj wa7id min il italain mafia 3ashan ma yigdar yarfetha or yithbi70ona! :P

Common_Sense said...

Your answer is in my Blog :)
loool this post is dedicated to u ;)

No3iK said...

* G.Q:
wala tiz3al ;p b3dain shfehum al raga9aat :p misaken tara 5oosh nas!

*um mit3ib:
3dilll .. chithe al banat!!
3fya 3laich .. anyways when ever u get ur mafioso hook me up with his bro or someone hotter than him :p coz i had a thing for talians gablich tara! ;p
i want an italian with a "corpo provocante gradevole attraentte"

ya waaaily 3l dedication
grazie grrazie !! :)

LiLaCs said...

Buuuuuuuuuuuush and Haaaaaarper are the saaaame the only difference is the naaame..Down Down bush.. lol

Noooo3ik ya duba waniach ma nisma3 I5'barich?

um-miT3ib said...

wela ehemech athabe6lich okho ;p bs sorry ;p mamnoo3 hotter:P!

BaLqEeS said...


No3iK said...

my no.9 is:
- bring snow patrol this hala february ;p !!!

- shit! i cant stop listening to them!! amazing -

lol duba !! wain allah yisma3 minich ;p

anyways i miss u 7ail, o bush ;p
screw HIM thats all i can say bout that!

*om mit3ib:
i DEMAND hotter ;p

3asa dom smiling sis.

Fuzzy said...

شلون يعني ما أعلّق على البوست اليديد هذاك ؟ عموما

ان شاء الله يغفرلج ويغفر للجميع

No3iK said...

aameen inshallah.

i think the post speaks for it self.
thanks fuzy.

Marzouq said...

The post above is really good.. I thought I would post here about it! eraye7 o inshalla alah esaa3idhum!

No3iK said...

marzoq exactly, wayid erayi7.

sob7ana allah.
the reason i didnt allow comments
is because i didnt want to shift the attention from the du3a2 and they way it makes u feel after reading, to the comments..
u know what i mean.

something should just come alone.

anyways im very glad u liked it.